Sunday, December 30, 2007

Russell's Wedding and Tradition! Tradition!

Here's the story of our trip to Russell's wedding.

Our flight to Vegas was delayed about an hour and a half. But it was still okay. Kiree slept almost the entire flight. She was crying when we got on the plane and a rude, shrill woman moved from the seat behind us because she didn't want to sit by a baby! I think she made far more noise than the baby did during the flight (so good thing she moved!)
We drove up from Vegas to Provo. We actually passed Bob's parents and sister Becky on I15. We gave them a call to let them know we passed them. One thing we learned on this trip is that apparently our cheapo prepaid cellphone doesn't accept all calls (not from our calling card, not from Bob's mom's cellphone- but it did call to her cellphone- weird)
We managed to get to Provo before the snow got really bad. We only had to go about 40ish miles in the snowstorm.
We stayed at Kathy and Rusty's place that night and had waffles with them in the morning. Then it was on to Mom's. We dropped off our stuff, sort of wrapped the presents we were giving out that day, and had lunch with mom at her favorite place- McDonald's.
Next we headed up to Cindy's place since we heard that was the place to be. Well, Cindy, Rosie, Becky, and some roast were there. We hung out with them until it was time to go to the prewedding dinner (sadly back south- see my plan was to just make one loop) in Sandy. It was fun to see people. Bob and I sat at a table with his youngest sisters, Jen's sister, and some younger cousins. Jaide sat with three of her second cousins and their parents.
After the dinner we watched the now traditional slide show of pictures of the bride and groom and, sadly, I wasn't in any of the pictures. I was in one picture in Emily's slideshow. Bob and I being the pioneering kids to get married didn't get a slideshow (although I did scan some cute pictures of little boy Bob one Christmas while we were at his parent's house). We also did the traditional introductions to get to know one another thing and I introduced myself as the president and founder of the inlaws club. I think next time I will have to print out a certificate or something for the new member of my club.
There ended up being a volleyball game played with a pilates ball. I watched but didn't participate. Bob had fun playing and I didn't even resent the fact that we stayed out too late. I had fun chatting with the women folk who didn't have the right shoes, outfits, or desire to play.
The next day was wedding day. We got up early to go to the wedding (although it doesn't seem early when you don't get to sleep in anyway). Jaide and Kiree were watched by their Aunt Rosie and Aunt Becky at the visitor's center. I hear it went well except for when Kiree was crying.
As I guess is usual, I sat between Bob and Cindy at the wedding. Travis and Emily sat on the other side of Cindy. This time no one told me I was loosing a son or daughter!(though we did have a bit of a hard time finding our daughters after the ceremony) It was a lovely wedding performed by Bob's grandpa. That is another tradition we missed out on as they were serving their mission in the Lima, Peru temple presidency when we got married.
At picture time we took an inlaws picture. I had said that I wanted to since the tradition since our wedding has been to take a siblings picture while I stand on the sidelines. At least I've had more people to stand with each time. I don't know what Jen thought about it- taking a picture with people she hardly knows who are married to her husband's siblings- but the rest of us thought it was pretty cool. I didn't stay out for more pictures after that. My toes were getting froze and my mommy warning system was telling me it was time to feed Kiree. Bob and I went to the less busy visitor center and found an out of the way spot to nurse Kiree. Eventually the rest of the family caught up with us and we made plans to get the traditional post wedding tacos. We had tacos at the mall-less food court across the way from Temple Square. The poor guy working there was all by himself. He had to make tacos for 12 people all at once. Russell and Jen didn't make it to tacos before we left although they did get tacos on their own. After tacos and discussing where to go to get icecream, we somehow decided on a place and went there. The icecream tradition (not quite so old as the taco one) dates back to Allen and Hannah's wedding when we went and got frozen custard.
After icecream we headed over to the reception. I spent some time in the mother's lounge (I didn't really feel like doing the blanket thing there as I had been doing the rest of the time). Fortunately, I got some other people to carry Kiree around when she was just being fussy. We entertained ourselves by playing "the super fun game." Jaide, true to form, was tired and crabby at the reception (for some of picture taking as well). She did eventually run around crazy with some relatives.
Once we left the reception with Kathy and Rusty following us, we headed back to Mom's for early Christmas. We opened presents, ate Christmasy dinner, and watched BYU win the LasVegas bowl (but not in that order).
Kathy and Rusty decided to stay at Mom's and we all went to church together Sunday morning. We had leftovers for lunch and packed up our stuff. We drove down to St. George and stayed with "Joshie and Esther's Grandma and Grandpa" Sadly, Kiree didn't want to sleep that night unless she was on someone's chest (usually mine). So I was a bit tired. Fortunately, Bob had had Kiree in the snuggly for a little while so I could get a head start on sleeping that evening.
The next day we had breakfast and headed off to Las Vegas. We returned the car just in time and made it to the airport in plenty of time. We managed to come home with less stuff than we came out with (on purpose even!). The flight wasn't full so Kiree got her own seat which is probably a good thing considering the state we got Jaide's carseat back in after checking it! They gave us a $100 travel voucher at least.
Our wonderful home teacher picked us up from the airport (on Christmas eve!) And we found our house just the way we left it. Our nice neighbors had taken in the centerpiece the florist had dropped of at our door while we were gone.
We were a bit tired, but the plan worked out! We managed to get the kids to sleep until 10 on Christmas day. It did involve nursing Kiree in bed a few times, but hey that's the way it goes.
Now who's gonna get married in April? How about getting married in Hawaii or something? Really, I'm in no rush to attend another wedding. But I'm free in 2009 :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Plesants

Jaide has this cute habit of making "r" sound like "l" in many words. Jaide is at a very cute age for Christmas. She has been very, very excited about it. It was really fun to see her open her "plesants" (and Kiree's and helping us with ours as well). Jaide is such a sweetie. She absolutely loved everything she got and was so excited about it. She spent time playing with each thing. Jaide had asked Santa for a piano and he brought her a keyboard. She was so excited about it she tried to carry it upstairs to show daddy.Bob tries on his Christmas present sleep pants
Kiree on the other hand was not so into the Christmas thing. She cried. But we did get some cute pictures of her sleeping. Jaide's 1st Christmas sleeper didn't look too big on her although Jaide was five months old her first Christmas. The hat did look big though I'll have to admit.Kiree poses with her presents the day after Christmas.
Grandpa C. apparently had a "senior moment" and forgot Kiree's name. Too bad he sent her a personalized blanket animal thing. Well, it is one letter off of Jaide's middle name.
Know anybody named Ellyn?
It was quite pleasant to be home for Christmas. It's like I got five extra days of January before January starts.

Gotta love that baby mohawk!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We made it home from our short trip out west and had a very nice Christmas at home- for the first time since we moved into our house.
So now I can sing like Dora the Explorer
We did it! We did it! We did it! hooray! lo hicimos! we did it!
We went on the airplane and drove in a car, yeah we did it! We did it!
We went to the wedding and saw relatives from both sides, yeah we did it! we did it!
And we didn't go crazy!
doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo.....
We did it!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Family Christmas Photo

We took some family pictures today in front of the Christmas tree. I had planned a long time ago (back when I was buying matching little girl dresses) to go to Target or something, but I changed my mind. So we took our own pictures with our new camera. (ps, Cannon actually paid for us to ship the old one back to them, they fixed it for free, and they shipped it back to us- and the warranty was way over-what a deal!)
But of course, no timed picture taking session would be complete without an inadvertent movie picture (see the video below for that gem and watch Jaide). Here are a few photos that weren't the best, but they're kinda fun.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Old People Don't Know How to Drive

Saturday afternoon we all went grocery shopping at Food Lion. But before we could get inside we had to park the car. Well, Bob always pulls into one of the aisles that are farthest from either door and those aisles for some strange reason have the handicapped parking spaces.
We pulled into the aisle as a car was starting to pull out of one of the handicapped spaces- a little, red PT cruiser. Well Bob stopped because he saw they were pulling out. But the little old man driving the car apparently wasn't looking back at all while he was backing out. As he got quite close to our car, Bob honked the horn. But that didn't stop little old cruiser man. What did stop him was the front of our car. He stopped for a bit and then pulled forward and left. I think the Food Lion employee who was out getting carts and watching the whole thing was more angry than we were. We parked and I got out and looked at the car, but it was fine. (I think the other car was fine too, but I didn't have much time to notice as they were already gone). The employee asked a couple times if our car was damaged and we told him no.
So then we went in to shop. Bob was pushing the car and Jaide was hindering helping, I think. The cart started veering into a display. I said without thinking, "be careful, we don't want to run into things" then added "unlike certain old people in the parking lot." We shared a good laugh.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Someone is 27 today

Homer: I can't believe it. I'm being mocked. By my own children. On my birthday.
Bart: It's your birthday?
Homer: Yes. Remember, it's the same day as the dog's.
Lisa: Santa's Little Helper, it's your birthday? Ooh, we've gotta get you a present. Yes, we do. Yes, we do.
Bart: We love you, boy.
Marge: Good, doggy. Good, doggy,
Homer: Lousy lovable dog.

Good thing we don't have a dog.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Is this evil?

Or just really funny?
The other day I got another one of those annoying young men that come to your door and try to sell you magazines so they can win points in some moronic contest. It's for a trip and for college and for charity, blah, blah. This one told me it was so he could win a trip and money for college for books and beer. Yeah, that's really winning me over there.
Last year the first one that came by said that if I bought from him that would stop more from coming. And I didn't buy from him and more did come. Isn't that extortion or something? Well, anywho, yesterday another one came by but I didn't answer the door. (I figure it was one of them because of the annoying way they knocked and then immediately rang the doorbell). And then I got an idea. Why should I be sitting in my house being quiet and not answering my door when I could be having some fun.
I thought, wouldn't it be funny to go upstairs, open the window and drop something on said annoying solicitors? Water in the cold would be cruel. Hmm, maybe I could find a recipe online for fake bird poop! Now, I haven't actually done that yet. I told Bob and he laughed but then he said that was mean. But he laughed first!
Well, I probably won't have any of them come by today in this weather any way. We'll have to see what happens.

I can't believe it's snowing

I looked out the window and what did I see? Snow! It's still snowing. Maybe if I ever watched the news it wouldn't have been so shocking but... My first thought was, snow in November? hmm. Oh, wait, it's December. It's my birthday tomorrow.
So of course Jaide wanted to go play in the snow. I didn't really want to take Kiree out though. Eventually I let Jaide go out on the porch while I stood on the porch with Kiree bundled up in her cut little pink bear suit thing. That lasted for all of 2 minutes and then Kiree and I were ready to go inside. Maybe if Kiree had been asleep instead of crying then Jaide wouldn't have been the only one who wanted to stay outside.
I made some more pumpkin bread, this time with chocolate chips. Yeah, we didn't quite wait for it to cool before we started eating it. (And that's not the royal "we", Jaide helped me)

Spit Happens
Well last night I did some searching online and found a pretty good site with some info about spitting up and reflux and some ideas on what to do about it. I think last night went pretty well. Sunday night we tried keeping Kiree upright for longer after feeding her and that seemed to help. Monday night we just let her sleep in the baby seat. Last night I tried feeding her on one side only and not putting any pressure on her tummy (roll on side at diaper change instead of lift legs, etc). She was spit free until about 7am which apparently I'm not allowed to sleep past these days even if I'm dead tired. That doesn't stop me from trying though! Big sister Jaide continues to come in our room during the night and sleep on our couch. So now the baby wakes her up (or daddy does) but at least she can go downstairs and turn on PBS kids.

Curves Ahead
So tonight I have an appointment at Curves to start my free year membership there. I won it from Avon (what a deal! Although I'd like it better if they had childcare- that's the best motivation for me to go to the gym!). I was looking forward to it, but I've been kind of grumpy today (snow changing my plans, whiny kiddos, etc) but I think the chocolate is starting to kick in. So maybe it will still be a good day.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A few more pictures

Jaide feeding "baby dog"

Two Girls Who Didn't Go Shopping With Me

Pictured to the left are Jaide, age 3, and Kiree, age 3 weeks.

Saturday morning I went shopping all by myself and Daddy got to spend the morning at home with his little girls.

And what did I buy? Well not clothes- I need to shrink a bit more for that. Nope I bought smores ornaments and a smores nativity set. Most of it was on sale!

I also went to the bank to make some deposits and no one asked for any candy- what a deal.

Spit, Grumble, and Cry
Kiree sure does spit up a lot. Out the mouth, out the nose. I think it'd come out her ears too if she could manage it. I've tried propping up her bed, elevating her head while she's eating, holding her upright after eating, burping, not burping. Does anyone have any other suggestions? If it was just spitting up that was going on that'd be okay but it seems to bother her. Her eyes get all red and watery and if she's sleeping she wakes up and cries. She also seems to get some stuck in her throat and/or sinuses and gurgles and sputters a lot.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Thanks-tacular

Thanksgiving is a special holiday for us. Here's a little bit about that.

Thanksgiving 1999
I was a freshman at BYU. I didn't have any where to go for Thanksgiving so my roommate Cindy invited me to join her and her two older brothers at their Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom's house. I had already met 5 of Cindy's siblings and her parents. This was the first time I'd ever met her brother Bob. I knew he was tall and he had played volleyball. I think I'd also heard some other stories about this Bob guy (mean older brother type stuff- these stories stopped being told to me once I got to know this guy for some reason).
I thought Bob was kind of cute but I wasn't impressed that he didn't seem to want to talk to his grandma (his grandma that reminded me of my little grandma). After dinner we went to Bob and Allen's apartment and played games. I think there was a little flirting going on but after that was pretty much the last I saw of Bob until the next school year.

Thanksgiving 2000
Kathy and I both worked at the MTC cafeteria this Thanksgiving. Bob and Cindy went to St. George so this was a Bobless thanksgiving. I was Cindy's roommate at the Raintree and Bob also lived in the Raintree that year. We were all in the same FHE group and Bob started hanging out with us and we became friends. Four days after Thanksgiving was November 27th (I had to look this one up online) that's Little Grandma's birthday and it's the day Bob and I officially started dating.

Thanksgiving 2001
Bob had just come home from his 6 month internship in Virginia. We had decided to "date other people" while he was gone but neither of us really did. We had brought up the "M" word and thought that we'd pretty much know if we wanted to get married when he got back. Well, we still really liked each other. We went to Bob and Cindy's Uncle Richard's house for Thankgiving. About twoish weeks later on my birthday Bob proposed.

Other Thanksgivings of note-
2003- I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy with Jaide. We made a whole turkey and whatnot. Our only guest for Thanksgiving was my vegetarian sister Kathy. I got really sick of turkey really fast.
2007- first Thanksgiving since I was pregnant with Jaide that I've really been looking forward to eating Thanksgiving food.

Right-Thanksgiving 2005 with the Smiths

Left- Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving present
We hung out at home and had chicken instead of turkey (Bob's not a big turkey fan). We went and had pie with Bob's cousin Mary and her family. Jaide sure loves her second cousins!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

More Pictures

Jaide had her last ballet class on Thursday. I had kind of hoped to come to it with the baby out of me and so I was glad that it worked out that way. The other moms were excited to see the baby.

Here are a couple of pictures of Kiree. I need to download the rest of the pictures from the camera- there are some cute ones on there.

Kiree went to church for the first time today. She was a good girl and slept a lot of the time. She shot milk out of her nose twice. Her umbilical cord stump came off at seven days old and her belly button has been bleeding a little bit. I guess we'll have to have them check it out at her appointment tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to enjoying Thanksgiving at home this year. I'm actually excited about Thanksgiving food again. It's only taken 4 years (since I was in early pregnancy with Jaide over Thanksgiving and came to really hate the Thanksgiving leftovers). Thanksgiving is a special time for us but I'll have to post about that later.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Meg Update

We've had two nights at home now and so far things are going well. I feel like a human and not a zombie! I'm cautiously optimistic that I won't have as hard a time with this little one as I did with Jaide. I've got some things going in my favor this time- we're not moving across the country in a few weeks for one. Also, this labor and delivery weren't nearly so traumatic. Bob and I seem to have figured out how to work together to take care of the baby and get some sleep. My wonderful mother in law is here with us and is a huge help! She's vacuumed, cooked, done laundry, played with Jaide... It's been a really great help! Kiree nurses like a champ. It sure does help to have done this before.
I've asked people after they've had their second child if they feel like they're so much less dumb as parents the second time around and if it's easier. Everyone I've asked had said that it was easier with the baby because of the experience from the first, but then you have two to deal with! That is true. I'm trying to not make Jaide feel like I've been taken away by the baby. It's hard though. Jaide is really loving having Grandma to play with. I think she's going to be very sad when Grandma has to go home.

A tale of two labor and deliveries
Well, here's the story of Kiree's birth. I found myself constantly comparing it to Jaide's birth. I think overall this time was better.
Wednesday morning I had a doctor's appointment. I had my 12th ultrasound and Dr. Esposito scheduled my induction for the 13th. I was hoping for earlier. I was thinking of praying for the baby to come on Friday but it turned out I didn't have to. Wednesday afternoon Jaide and I went to the gym. I worked out (and I use the term loosely since I wasn't really exerting myself, it was more about watching cable tv design shows than exercising) and Jaide played at kidspace. I got dressed afterwards and was about to head up to get Jaide when I felt a little plop. I thought my water may have broken but I wasn't sure since not much came out at first. I went and got Jaide and I felt more wet. Good thing I brought the sample adult diaper we got in the mail in my gym bag (okay, for some reason somebody thinks I'm old, like I get mail offers for AARP members. I don't know how that happened). It became obvious to me that my water had broken (gushing and such). My water also broke with Jaide so I had experience. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) my body doesn't seem to care that the water is broken and it doesn't start contractions. It was a good thing at first since I had to drive to Bob's work and get him. We then stopped at home to get a couple of things and to drop Jaide off with a family in our ward. They would also pick up Bob's mom from the airport (she got in at 5pm that evening).
My doctors never told me what they wanted me to do if I went into labor. I guess I was supposed to call them and have them check me out first before I went to the hospital. But I knew my water had broken so we just went to the hospital. They waited for a while to see if I'd start having some contractions but I didn't. They started me on pitocin. I really think with Jaide they just cranked it right away but this time they increased it slowly. I went for about 4 hours before I got my epidural. Bob did a great job of keeping me distracted and rubbing my back and stuff. I didn't like my epidural as much this time. I got the epidural pretty early with Jaide and it was good- I wasn't in much pain but I could still move and tell when I was contracting. This time it hurt like crazy going in (I was having strong contractions by this point and had a couple while they were putting in the epidural). They also made Bob leave. So I was hunched over the nurse while the anesthesiologist did her thing. The pain relief was very good but my legs went almost totally numb. I could only curl my toes under. Then my right hip, back, and right part of my stomach still hurt. I told the nurse and she had me hit the button. I didn't want to since I was so numb and I shouldn't have hit it since it didn't help the pain (I didn't think it would) and it made my legs and toes completely numb.
But about 6 and half hours after the start of pitocin, Kiree came. Bob and the nurse had to hold my legs since I had no feeling what so ever. I didn't feel Kiree coming down the pipe (I had felt Jaide). I got to watch Kiree's birth in the mirror. I got to see Jaide starting to come out but then my doctor pushed the mirror out of the way when he came in. It was really great to spend Kiree's first hour with her. I got to nurse her and she did great right away. That probably would have been helpful with Jaide. I had to stay in the delivery room for a while after they took Kiree. My legs were still totally numb. Bob and the nurse had to hold me up to help me into the wheelchair. I was still fairly numb when they moved me to my room. The nurse had to scrounge up some food for me. Bob got me one of every kind of cookies from the snack room. I hadn't eaten since 11am and Kiree was born at 12:49am on Thursday so I was very hungry. Jaide was born in the morning so I was just in time for breakfast with her.
It took us a while to decide on Kiree's name. I kept changing my mind as to which of three options I liked best. We finally decided Thursday afternoon.

Still smiling during labor. I started a granny square to take my mind off the pain. I missed my last crochet class since it was the night of the 8th.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kiree in the House

Guest Blogger Bob: Well we finally got to bring Kiree home today. We were going to leave yesterday but the nurses and midwives were really busy with a full hospital full of new babies. Evidently everyone else wanted to get into the baby-birth action. We have a bunch more picture so we will post some for you guys.

The movie is pretty big (~30MB), so download at risk of boredom.