Thursday, June 28, 2007


meg's favorite
Here are some pictures from the big ultrasound!
This first one is my favorite. The squeakuel had her hand over her face in just about all the pictures I think. In this picture you can see her right hand with the thumb over her eye. On the other side of her face is her leg and foot. She was all folded up when they took this picture. This one kind of reminds me of Jaide. She likes to cover her face when we try to take her picture sometime too.

And here are the rest . . .

not too bad

look, an ear

yup, that's a baby

worst ultrasound ever

And it's a..............

Healthy baby! The ultrasound went well. Unfortunately they couldn't get one particular view of the heart so we have to go back in two weeks. The squeakuel is breech right now and apparently in a position that makes it difficult to find that particular part on the ultrasound. They tried after a potty break and after a lunch break but baby wasn't moving.

So here's what you really want to know, yup, the baby weighs about 12oz and more importantly the placenta moved up to where it's supposed to be (yay!)
Okay, I guess that's not the part you really wanted to know.


Oh, okay- the gender. Well, that reminds me of a story. A story about the last couple of days. A while back I was feeling pretty confident that this one was probably a boy. I even had a dream that I went to the Dr's office and at the front desk, they handed me an ultrasound picture and said, "it's a boy!" But the last couple of days, I kept having these feelings like, 'what if it's a girl?' And I was watching this show that had a lady on it who was pregnant and she said 'I'm having a girl' and it kind of stuck out to me. And I've been thinking about girl names.

Think you know where I'm going with this?
Well, you're wrong! Oh wait, no, you're probably right. You're too smart :)

We are in fact having another girl!
I was a little disappointed about being wrong but not about having another girl. I'm 0 for 2 on prenatal gender guessing-at least when it comes to my own babies.

Well, at least this time Little Grandma was right. I gave her a call tonight to thank her for the anniversary card she sent and she ended up telling me I could tell her what we were having. I was happy that I could tell her she was right.

Kathy called earlier this evening because she was dying to know. She was quite glad that it was a girl. We both like the name Toby, so she doesn't want me to have a boy so I won't take that name. Well, I was joking with Bob this afternoon that maybe we should name the squeakuel Toby any way. It could be a girls name. We laughed heartily about that. Jaide then scolded us repeatedly saying, "stop laughing!" in a very serious tone.

At one point during the ultrasound, they were looking at blood flow in some part and the machine color coded it with yellow/orange/red colors and the colors kind of moved and flickered. Bob helpfully quipped, "there's a fire in the oven" and then proceeded to say "the baby's on fire." So then of course Jaide said that the baby was on fire and then she got kind of worried. She hid her face in my arm and said, "i scarry fire! oh no!" I told her repeatedly that the baby was not on fire and that daddy was silly.

Jaide got quite bored during the long ultrasound (it was quite long actually) but her interest perked up when the technician handed her the strip of pictures. Then she was all excited- "it's baby!" Most of the pictures they printed for us were the 3D kind. A little freaky looking, but so are regular ultrasound pics. There was only one regular ultrasound picture printed and it's a little disappointing- just the head and you can't even see any features, just the outline of the head from the front. I'll have to scan and post the 3D pics. Two of them turned out pretty cute. The squeakuel has her hand up by her face "don't take my picture!" and in one of them, there's also a foot up by her face-yup, her foot.

So those of you who guessed girl, you win! Good for you. I'll have to go through Jaide's old things now and figure out what we'll still need for our little November girl.

5 Years and Forever

Today is our fifth anniversary. The three of us spent the entire day together and it was fun. Bob got home from his trip to San Diego around 2am this morning. We were very glad to have him back home. This morning I made breakfast and Bob slept in a bit. Jaide didn't really want to let him though. Jaide wanted him to open his present! Jaide just loves presents, even if they're not for her. I got Bob a somewhat big George Foreman grill. I wrapped it up in Simpsons wrapping paper (only $1 a roll at Target!) while Jaide supervised. When Bob called last night to let us know he was about to leave, Jaide told him "daddy we got a present to you!" Good thing she didn't remember what it was or she probably would have told him that too. Bob got me another skinny white gold band to go on top of my engagement ring. That's what I had told him several times I wanted for our anniversary. He had the inside engraved and it says "Bob and Meg 5yrs and forever" Bob's a pretty funny guy. He hid the ring inside the wrapper of a bar of chocolate he had bought in Canada. So now Bob had bought me three rings- the same number of rings I've bought him (but he's only still got one of them).
We went out to dinner tonight and we wound up going "out to lunch" at Johns Hopkins hospital cafeteria. We were there because that's where we had the big ultrasound and that's what took a lot of our day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Girls Night Out

Jaide and I went out to eat tonight. I try to do something fun when Bob is out of town to make it seem less sad and Bobless. We were a little stir-crazy today. I tried to get stuff done around the house this morning since I figured I'd probably be taking one of the ladies I visit teach to work this afternoon (her car's in the shop and we did take her to work yesterday and today). So we headed to the gym after dropping her off. I really needed my 2 hour break from Jaide, and I think she needed a break from me too. Jaide really likes the nursery at the gym. But it was funny, today when I asked her about it she told me that those kids were not her friends. Now usually, any and every small person she can see with her eyes is her friend, but apparently not the kids there today. I don't know what happened. Later she told me that there was a baby and the ladies were touching it and putting it in a chair. Um, okay Jaide.
So anyway, I figured today would be a good day to go out to eat since we got out of the gym a little after 5pm. I asked Jaide what she wanted to eat and of course her first response was juice. (still hasn't gotten the hungry-food/eat, thirsty-beverage/drink idea down yet) I named off a couple of things and she agreed to pizza. So we went to Bertucci's. We had never been there before. It was pretty good, but a little expensive. They make brick oven pizzas. Jaide saw the brick ovens and said, "oh no, fire!" Her other interesting declarations included, "there are people over there" (referring to the table of people on the other side of a tiny wall from us), "I think there are people behind me now!" (said loudly when some people were seated behind us, and "what's that?" "A paddle to get the pizzas out of the oven" "it's not working" "Probably because it's on the wall like a decoration"
She was a pretty good girl most of the time. She did crawl in my lap to sample my soda and spent the last part of the meal lying on her back on the bench with her feet up. They gave Jaide a small ball of dough to play with. It smelled like pizza dough, but the paper it was wrapped in said 'kids dough- nonedible' There were also some crayons and the children's menu. She said she wanted to take the crayons (and she did-oh I hope they don't melt in the car!) and the menu- but I don't think we took the menu. We did take leftovers home in a box. They made the whole car smell like pizza. I explained to Jaide what I was doing when I was paying the bill. She really liked the slot in the folder for the credit card. She wanted to leave the credit card in it but I insisted on taking it with me.
So that was my first experience dining out with just Jaide at a little classier place than our more usual "classy" places (ie McDonalds and the like). But I sure am glad that Bob leaves for home tomorrow!

Monday, June 25, 2007

More Silly Toddlerisms

This picture of Jaide was taken at the Civilization Museum in Canada.
Jaide is a funny girl. It's fun talking with her these days because you can actually have a conversation. Not always a "normal" conversation, but there is a back and forth.
This morning we headed out to church early. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the relief society newsletter, so we had to go back and get it. That made us late.
On our second arrival at church, I asked if she needed to go potty. She said no, so I said okay. Then she got mad and said, "i doan wanna go potty!!" I was already a bit frustrated at having to go back home and now being late to church. I tried to explain that just because I asked if she needed to go, it didn't mean that I was going to force her to go. Honestly, you can't force a kid to go potty. I tried to explain that when I said "okay" that meant I was fine with her not having to go- that I believed her. But you can't really reason with an almost 3 year old.
During sacrament meeting Jaide kept shooshing a little boy from her nursery class (he's only like18 months old) and they weren't even sitting by us. It's hard though for a toddler to understand that her "shooshing" is only contributing to the noise and doing nothing to stop a littler kid from babbling.
One of the songs we sang today was I am a Child of God. Jaide pretty much knows the first verse so she sang loudly to her own little tune. She made up some words for the 2nd and 3rd verses and sang loudly again during the chorus. I didn't mind her singing. I was proud that she knew the words and was excited to sing along. It was a lot less embarrassing/funny than the day she decided to belt out the same song while the sacrament was being passed and it was completely quiet.
On the way home from church, Jaide was talking about snacks (her very favorite part of nursery!) "baby wants snacks" she told me in a very serious tone. "Oh, so baby wants snacks?" I said. "me too!" she quickly added. Poor Bob had to deal with me telling him "the baby" needed this or that to eat when I was pregnant with Jaide. Now I guess he'll have two of us using the baby to get the treats of our desires.
Twice today Jaide tried to tell me that it wasn't Sunday any more- so we could watch any movie she wanted. The second time I asked her if she was trying to trick me. "Yeah" she said and quickly went on about movies and some unintelligible stuff (she's still unintelligible some of the time).
The other day we were watching one of the world news programs and they were talking about Iraq. Jaide asked me what that was and I told her a little bit about it. She sat and watched for a little while and then turned to me and said, " i have a's in the car." Sure enough she does have a rock in the car that she found the other day.
Today Jaide told me thank you for something and I wasn't paying attention so then she got a stern voice and said, "say you're welcome mommy!" I guess those lessons about manners are sort of kicking in?

Little (Great) Grandma

I talked to some family members over the past week. We call my one grandma Little Grandma. When I was pregnant with Jaide, Little Grandma didn't want us to tell her if it was a boy or girl, she wanted to find out when the baby was born. Well, my mom was not very good about watching what she said in front of Grandma and she let several "shes" slip out. But even with that, and the pink clothes that Bob's mom brought for us that were left out accidentally when Little Grandma came to see us, she somehow was convinced the baby was a boy- that mom had said something that it was a boy. Well, she was surprised when Jaide was born. Little Grandma doesn't want to know this time either but she told me she thought it was a girl. She asked me what we thought and I told her she was in the minority- Bob and I think the baby is a boy. We'll find out Thursday but remember, don't tell Little Grandma! She wants to be surprised.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

From the Mind of a Toddler

Bob and I usually try to write down the funny things Jaide says on the calendar but I guess now I can post them online!
Bob and Jaide got a hardcover book from the library about the Disney princesses. Someone decided to decorate the inside cover with pencil drawings before we borrowed the book. Each time Bob has read the book so far he's commented on how someone else was bad and had written in the book. Well yesterday night Jaide kind of went off about how she had to stop those kids from writing in the book. She seriously went on for like 8 minutes about it. I told her we'd get out an eraser and take care of it tomorrow. I guess she wanted to go back in time and stop the kids who wrote in the library book?? Toddler logic is pretty interesting.
Tonight I had a relief society presidency meeting here. Bob was going to have to do stuff, hence we met here so he could have the car, but his plans fell through. So Bob played computer games and Jaide attended parts of my meeting. Afterwards she asked me, "did you have fun with the girls?" "Yes, Jaide I did." "did they go home?" "Yes" "they went to their house for the bedtime. i had fun with the girls too."
Earlier tonight I called my little brother (happy birthday Mick!) but Jaide didn't want to say happy birthday. She later said she wanted to call Kathy so we did. She started chatting away while the phone was ringing. I told her she had to wait for someone to answer. Maybe she got scared when Rusty answered the phone, because then she wouldn't talk. Of course when I started talking to Kathy, then she wanted the phone but not really to talk. Then dumb me, I shut down the computer while on the skype phone and then wondered where Kathy went. duh! Speaking of birthdays, today Jaide said, "it's not my birthday" but didn't follow up with 'it's not today!' She, like all toddlers of a certain age, is so hyped about birthdays. Hers, her friends, as long as she gets some cake I don't think she really cares. She keeps saying, "my birthday is Sunday" I told her yesterday, "your birthday is on a Saturday this year, Uncle Russel's birthday is on a Sunday, because it's the day after yours." "no! my birthday is on Sunday!" "Jaide, your birthday is next month." This was during the same car ride to pick up daddy where she was emphatic that we were picking up mommy. She also used the s-t-u-p-i-d word. She was a naughty little girl!
I've asked Jaide what she wants for her birthday and she tells me "i have a cake and blow the candles! ...and the best birthday party ever!" I try to ask her about particular presents, but then of course she wants anything and every thing I suggest.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Taking a Toddler to a Baseball Game

Friday night we went to a baseball game. It was "Mormon night" so we got tickets from church. There were a whole lot of missionaries there. A bunch of elders sitting together were shown on the big screen and all the LDS people cheered. The home team lost, but oh well.
Jaide was excited to go to a baseball game (not that she really knew what baseball was or anything). She likes going places. We tried to get there early which was a good thing since we didn't have enough cash for parking. After we found an ATM we headed back to park and walk over to the ball park. We got to our seats in plenty of time to see the first pitch and the mascot dancing all around and all that. Jaide really liked the mascot. Midway through the first inning Jaide said, "let's go home." She just wasn't that into watching them throw balls and trying to hit balls and so forth. Maybe if the mascot had been pitching...
Well we told her we couldn't leave yet. The vendors started coming around. Of course Jaide asked me what each one had and when I told her, of course she wanted whatever it was. No beer guys though, I don't know whether they're not allowed to sell beer that way anymore or if they just figured that section was mostly Mormon and didn't bother. I'm thinking it's probably more the former. I told Bob we were probably going to have to buy her something to keep her happy at some point. We, stupidly, didn't bring anything with us even though you're allowed to bring stuff (we didn't know and didn't think to find out). We did eventually buy a pretzel. The people behind us bought Jaide a cookie. Another lady in our section was selling big homemade cookies for an Eagle Scout fundraiser. Fortunately for us they weren't poisoned or anything. Nobody's sick and we all ate some of it.
We somehow made it all the way through the game. Bob took Jaide up to where one of her little friends was sitting with his dad a couple of times. Jaide also had fun playing on the chairs and clapping and cheering when everyone else did. We asked Jaide if she wanted to stay for the fireworks and she said she did. I don't know if she knew what fireworks were or not. We've been kind of bummish the last few forth of Julys just watching fireworks on TV. She seemed to enjoy the fireworks.
By the end it was about 11pm and Jaide was pretty hyper. She gets that way when she's really tired. But she did fall asleep on the ride home. Didn't stay asleep when we got home, but oh well. I was impressed at how quickly we were able to get out of the parking lot and back onto the interstate. Maybe we'll have to do it again sometime. Our next planned adventure is going up to Dutch Wonderland and the Hill Cumorah Pageant. And it will include some camping! Five years is all it's taken for me to consider camping again. Well there ya go!
We (of course) forgot to bring the camera to the ball game, so no fun pictures :(

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flag Day Flag-tacular!

Hey, today is Flag Day! I wonder if anyone found true love.
We're just two weeks away from anniversary number five and the squeakuel's 20 week ultrasound. So if anyone wants to guess (boy/girl) you'd better guess soon. So far Bob and I think it might be a boy (I've had one dream that it was a boy). Jaide mostly says girl but often says whatever you say last when you ask ('is baby a boy or a girl?' 'a geeaarrrll' 'is baby a sister or a brother?' 'a brother' ) She's starting to wise up to that kind of questioning though.

It was a pretty uneventful Flag Day for us. I went to the gym and Jaide had fun at kidspace there. I did a lot of Avon stuff- deliveries mostly. We went to the thrift store because I'm looking for something I could use as a night stand. I didn't find any furniture I wanted but I did end up buying Jaide a VHS tape of Cinderella. She's really become quite fond of Cinderella lately. I saw mom's old column lamp at the thrift store today- actually a pair of them! I didn't buy them though. I don't know what I would have done with them if I had. But I had to point them out to Jaide.

I think I felt a little kick this evening. I think I've also felt some other baby movements over the last little while. That's always fun until the baby gets big enough to tap dance on your bladder and karate kick other internal organs. And hiccups, that's the weirdest thing ever. I remember one night while I was pregnant with Jaide she had the hiccups and there was nothing I could do about it. I wanted to go to sleep, but something in my belly kept hiccuping.

My belly is poking out.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Home Again

Just when we were starting to "go Canadian" it was time to come home.
I tend to pick up other people's accents when I hear them enough times and I found myself recently saying 'abowt,' and 'owt.' Not 'sore-ey' though. We tried some ketchup flavored Lays potato chips. The print on the back of the bag said something about how Canadians love ketchup. I didn't think the chips were too bad. They had a kind of salt and sour combined with tomato flavor. Bob didn't like them, but he doesn't like anything that tastes anything like vinegar.
We visited a few of the museums in and around Ottawa during our trip. Jaide and I went to the science museum, the culture museum (actually across the river in Quebec), Byward Market (a cool outdoor market), the agricultural museum, and Bob joined us at the nature museum. The cool thing about all of these museums was that Jaide got in for free. Most of them started charging at 3 years old so we made it by a little over a month. The nature museum , culture museum, and agricultural museum were definitely the most little kid friendly.
The culture museum includes a children's museum. The agricultural museum is actually a farm with animals and it had a playground (which do you think Jaide was most interested in?) We saw one cow there that was born the same day as Jaide, a cow named Jade, and a cow named Kathy. They also had an icecream making demonstration and tasting the day we were there. The nature museum had dinosaurs! Jaide, for some reason decided that Canada had dinosaurs and we were going to see them. I didn't know about the nature museum, but fortunately we found out about it when we got up there. It was actually the closest to our hotel (or 'the building' as Jaide called it). We walked the 1km to get there on Saturday. Unfortunately, one of my flip flops broke at the beginning of our tour of the museum and I had to walk funny to keep it on my foot.
Just about every morning after breakfast, Jaide and I watched some Canadian cartoon shows. During the shows on one station they featured a different "Kid Canada" every hour. They would say (in a super hero voice) "Kid Canada!" and Jaide would say "Canada!" One of the cartoons we watched was called "Slim Pig." It had a very catchy and kind of annoying theme song that was mostly the words "slim pig" over and over again. I've had that song stuck in my head a lot of today. Uh-oh, now it's stuck in my head again! "doo de doo de doo de doo doo Slim pig! doo de doo de doo de doo doo Slim pig!"

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Littlest Photographer

Jaide really likes taking pictures with the digital camera. See if you can guess what she captured:

Pictures in Canada

1 and 2: At Valleyview Little Animal Farm
3: Jaide pushing her baby doll in the stroller along the Rideau Canal
4: stopping on a bench near the canal
5: The big Senators flag outside the city hall building (they showed the game yesterday on a big screen out here also).