Thursday, June 7, 2007

Home Again

Just when we were starting to "go Canadian" it was time to come home.
I tend to pick up other people's accents when I hear them enough times and I found myself recently saying 'abowt,' and 'owt.' Not 'sore-ey' though. We tried some ketchup flavored Lays potato chips. The print on the back of the bag said something about how Canadians love ketchup. I didn't think the chips were too bad. They had a kind of salt and sour combined with tomato flavor. Bob didn't like them, but he doesn't like anything that tastes anything like vinegar.
We visited a few of the museums in and around Ottawa during our trip. Jaide and I went to the science museum, the culture museum (actually across the river in Quebec), Byward Market (a cool outdoor market), the agricultural museum, and Bob joined us at the nature museum. The cool thing about all of these museums was that Jaide got in for free. Most of them started charging at 3 years old so we made it by a little over a month. The nature museum , culture museum, and agricultural museum were definitely the most little kid friendly.
The culture museum includes a children's museum. The agricultural museum is actually a farm with animals and it had a playground (which do you think Jaide was most interested in?) We saw one cow there that was born the same day as Jaide, a cow named Jade, and a cow named Kathy. They also had an icecream making demonstration and tasting the day we were there. The nature museum had dinosaurs! Jaide, for some reason decided that Canada had dinosaurs and we were going to see them. I didn't know about the nature museum, but fortunately we found out about it when we got up there. It was actually the closest to our hotel (or 'the building' as Jaide called it). We walked the 1km to get there on Saturday. Unfortunately, one of my flip flops broke at the beginning of our tour of the museum and I had to walk funny to keep it on my foot.
Just about every morning after breakfast, Jaide and I watched some Canadian cartoon shows. During the shows on one station they featured a different "Kid Canada" every hour. They would say (in a super hero voice) "Kid Canada!" and Jaide would say "Canada!" One of the cartoons we watched was called "Slim Pig." It had a very catchy and kind of annoying theme song that was mostly the words "slim pig" over and over again. I've had that song stuck in my head a lot of today. Uh-oh, now it's stuck in my head again! "doo de doo de doo de doo doo Slim pig! doo de doo de doo de doo doo Slim pig!"


atomicblob said...

Kid Canada!

Hules said...

Welcome home for real this time! I'm glad you had a great trip.... and hmmm, I just bought some tomato flavored chips on a pregnant craving whim in honor of your Canadian Ketchup chips.

Hules said...

Oh, and if Jaide liked the dinosaurs in Canada- then have you been to the Natural History Museum in DC? Best thing is it's free.