Monday, June 25, 2007

More Silly Toddlerisms

This picture of Jaide was taken at the Civilization Museum in Canada.
Jaide is a funny girl. It's fun talking with her these days because you can actually have a conversation. Not always a "normal" conversation, but there is a back and forth.
This morning we headed out to church early. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the relief society newsletter, so we had to go back and get it. That made us late.
On our second arrival at church, I asked if she needed to go potty. She said no, so I said okay. Then she got mad and said, "i doan wanna go potty!!" I was already a bit frustrated at having to go back home and now being late to church. I tried to explain that just because I asked if she needed to go, it didn't mean that I was going to force her to go. Honestly, you can't force a kid to go potty. I tried to explain that when I said "okay" that meant I was fine with her not having to go- that I believed her. But you can't really reason with an almost 3 year old.
During sacrament meeting Jaide kept shooshing a little boy from her nursery class (he's only like18 months old) and they weren't even sitting by us. It's hard though for a toddler to understand that her "shooshing" is only contributing to the noise and doing nothing to stop a littler kid from babbling.
One of the songs we sang today was I am a Child of God. Jaide pretty much knows the first verse so she sang loudly to her own little tune. She made up some words for the 2nd and 3rd verses and sang loudly again during the chorus. I didn't mind her singing. I was proud that she knew the words and was excited to sing along. It was a lot less embarrassing/funny than the day she decided to belt out the same song while the sacrament was being passed and it was completely quiet.
On the way home from church, Jaide was talking about snacks (her very favorite part of nursery!) "baby wants snacks" she told me in a very serious tone. "Oh, so baby wants snacks?" I said. "me too!" she quickly added. Poor Bob had to deal with me telling him "the baby" needed this or that to eat when I was pregnant with Jaide. Now I guess he'll have two of us using the baby to get the treats of our desires.
Twice today Jaide tried to tell me that it wasn't Sunday any more- so we could watch any movie she wanted. The second time I asked her if she was trying to trick me. "Yeah" she said and quickly went on about movies and some unintelligible stuff (she's still unintelligible some of the time).
The other day we were watching one of the world news programs and they were talking about Iraq. Jaide asked me what that was and I told her a little bit about it. She sat and watched for a little while and then turned to me and said, " i have a's in the car." Sure enough she does have a rock in the car that she found the other day.
Today Jaide told me thank you for something and I wasn't paying attention so then she got a stern voice and said, "say you're welcome mommy!" I guess those lessons about manners are sort of kicking in?

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Hules said...

Oh, Jaide- She's so adorable.