Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to the Present

But first, a couple more catch up stories...

Pie-oneer Picnic
Friday night was the pioneer picnic. It ended up being inside the gym at church because of rain but it was still fun. I spent most of the day baking. I baked a pumpkin pie and a peach pie. Surely no one else will make a pumpkin pie in July I thought. Wrong! I think there were about 3. I didn't win the pie contest, but we did have a lot of left over peach pie- ummm, breakfast.

We went to Kohl's early bird sale and got some deeply discounted beach towels. It's fun to go shopping as a family. I enjoy it even if shopping is not Bob's favorite way to spend his time. We had dinner group on Saturday (actually it was a lunch group this time). We brought chips because "surely everyone will bring dessert" (we were supposed to bring a side dish or dessert). There was one dessert and plenty of chips. I think people were 'cooked' out from the pie-oneer picnic. But it was good. We had hamburgers and hotdogs and the kids played happily without much adult intervention.

We had some friends over for dinner and to play games. We played Saint Petersburg while the kiddos played. They thought our game was much more fascinating than their toys but not quite as fascinating as "playing" with the sleeping baby.

And finally the present
We've got some ambitious plans for the week. It's my hope to get the painting of our bedroom finished before the month ends (that's on Tuesday). Saturday evening we worked on it quite a bit. We tore out the ugly cheap laminate vanity thing. I patched the resulting holes and we primed the walls. I need to do some more patching, a little more priming and then a bunch of painting. I think we might just get it done.
Next month we tackle the bathroom!

"Best Birthday Ever!" Here's to the Birthday Girl

My little girl turned 3 on the 21st. She's been sooo excited about her birthday (and birthday party!) for a long long time. Jaide really loves birthdays! She's even excited now about Bob's birthday (in a couple weeks he'll be 30!!!)

We were in Palmyra on Jaide's birthday. Aunt Emmy and Uncle Travis made dinner and some birthday cake in dutch ovens that night. Jaide didn't want to eat the pineapple upside down cake but everyone else liked it. (it was really good!)

Jaide got a bunch of disney books from Aunt Emmy and Uncle Travis for her birthday. They were wrapped up in a Harry Potter poster. This other picture is from Dutch Wonderland- Bob and Jaide on the bumper cars (forgot to add it to the last post).

The Big Red Birthday Party!
We had a birthday party for Jaide on the Tuesday after her birthday. This is the first real party we've ever had for her. We did a Clifford theme. It seemed to be a success. We had 10 kids, including Jaide. Thanks to the DeGraws who let us use their house for the party!
We had Clifford ears for all of the kids and played doggie theme games. We had cupcakes with red frosting and some Clifford cupcake toppers. Jaide wore her Christmas dress without the little Santa coat. Some days she's very girly and into wearing dresses.

It's Been a While

I've been slacking at posting stuff! A lot has happened.
We went to the Palmyra Pageant the weekend of Jaide's birthday. We met up with Bob's sister and brother in law (they came down from Boston). On our way up to NY we stopped at Dutch Wonderland Amusement park in Pennsylvania. It's a park that's very kid friendly. We had fun even though there were a few rides I couldn't go on. I took a lot of pictures of Bob and Jaide on the rides I couldn't go on.
Some of the rides were only for Jaide. When we left, Jaide said, "i wasn't finished yet." She calls Dutch Wonderland "dinosaur" because it has a princess/dragon/castle-y theme.

Jaide and I rode the gondola together while Bob rode the rollercoaster that Jaide wasn't tall enough for. When the gondolas got near the station they got pretty low to the ground. Bob said he could grab people's feet. So he put this theory to test when we got near the station. He nearly pulled my shoe off!

Pregnant ladies aren't allowed on the big slide :(

I think the best part was that it was only about $50 for all of us to go. Bob got discount tickets at work and kids under 3 are free. Lucky for us Jaide was 2 years and 364 days old the day we went. Much better than last year when we went to Sesame Place a couple weeks after Jaide turned two and two was the adult price there.
After the amusement park we drove up to our campground in NY. We ended up getting there at about 11:30. Travis and Emily ended up getting there about 5 minutes after we did. It was cold that night! And I didn't bring any long sleeves or coats. Fortunately Bob brought a jacket, so I wore his jacket!
Saturday (Jaide's birthday!) we did some sight-seeing and went to the pageant. We met up with a family from our ward who was also up there. Jaide got to play with one of her favorite nursery buddies.

Here's our campsite. The next picture was taken at the Smith farm. Jaide abrogated the front seat in our friends' double stroller. Her buddy Megan is in the back with the little one. That's Danelle to the left and me in the floppy archaeology hat and pregnant belly. The other picture is in the Sacred Grove.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The aches and pains of pregnancy

Today as I was sitting at the computer, the baby let me know she was upset about my bladder filling up. Every 10 seconds or so I REALLY had to go. So I finally did. Now baby is a bit calmer. My kiddos sure seem to like their personal space.
One morning fairly early in my pregnancy with Jaide I was kind of leaning part on my belly, part on my side. Jaide didn't like that much. She let me know. She whomped me pretty hard. She was still pretty small so I kinda laughed inside myself. "hee hee, the baby kicked me" But I didn't move so she did it again. And then she did it a third time. Finally I moved and she was happy.
There are a lot of annoying, gross, and whatnot things that happen during pregnancy that you don't usually hear about until you're actually pregnant. I'll spare the details on my experiences with those type of things- (multi-flush potty trips for example) but I think I'll take this opportunity to whine about my leg.
Woe to me! My leg hurts. Jaide has started saying her leg hurts- probably because I keep saying it. But my leg really does hurt. Once upon a time I had a massive DVT in my left leg. Now I have two metal stents as part of my left iliac vein as souvenirs. When I was pregnant with Jaide, my leg hurt, especially near the end. That part of my leg is also where I felt the contractions after I got the epidural. But it seems like this time around my leg is hurting worse and possibly earlier than it did last time. I've had to take ibprofin a couple of times. At least that helps. I told the doctor about it at my last visit and asked about getting compression stockings. He got me a prescription and I went over to the pharmacy there in the building. Unfortunately, the person who measures for stockings wasn't there that day and I haven't made it back since. So woe to me!
And I didn't even mention the daily shots!
I guess I'd better get to packing for our trip this weekend. I've gotta pack my nest of pillows (well not till after I've slept in them tonight) and all our other fun stuff. I'll be ending my five year embargo on camping Friday night so wish me luck!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Grandpa Came to Visit

Last week, Bob's dad came out for meetings and so he spent the evenings with us. Jaide was a little scared of Grandpa at first but then she had a lot of fun playing with him. He took her out in the backyard to play ball a couple of times. The morning after the first night he was here, Jaide asked where he was. When I went to open the shade on the window in her room she asked, "is grampa in the backyard?" (her window overlooks the backyard).
Jaide took the first picture with a little help from mommy. We played games with Grandpa most of the evenings he was here. This one is Carcassone: Hunters and Gatherers. Usually we played after Jaide went to bed, but that evening Jaide fell asleep really early (before dinner) and didn't wake up until a few hours later. Of course then she didn't want to go to bed.

Jaide the little Diva
These last two pictures were taken two nights ago. She likes wearing sunglasses (although she's broken at least one arm off of each pair she has- hence the lopsided look). This pair of sunglasses have Clifford on them. Jaide also loves putting "purses" over her shoulder.
Here's some of what Jaide has had to say recently:

"don't be mad!" said to mommy when mommy was getting frustrated with her constantly saying she was hungry but not wanting any food offered to her.

"we need to go upstairs" 'But we are upstairs' (we were in my room one morning) "no, we need to go to the hungry upstairs!" ie the mainfloor where the kitchen is!

Jaide has a little friend from nursery named Megan who's about the same age as her and who also has short dark hair. They were playing together all during nursery and a little bit after church today. Jaide was very sad when Megan and her family left and we did not go to their house with them. A little while after they left I asked Jaide, "Did you have fun in nursery today?" "no, I don't have fun! I wanna play with Megan."

Here's one that's typical of Jaide and her recent terrible two whiney-ed-ness
"I wanna watch Clifford dog" "No, Jaide, not today. It's Sunday." "NO! You said YES!" (cue whining and crying)

I made a hat
I decided to try and figure out crocheting again. I kind of learned how to do it back in Savage Mill ward. We had an enrichment activity one time making hats for newborns or preemies. So I took that knowledge along with two books on crocheting from the library and gave it a try. I bought some yarn and a few more crochet hooks at Michael's on Saturday. That night I started making a hat. I started looking at the directions in the book I had but then I got confused and just started doing my own thing. It seemed to work so I kept going. Last night, Bob put the hat on one of Jaide's baby dolls. He said it looked like a Russian hat (???) So this morning I was working on it some more and Bob suggested I give it a little brim. That wasn't hard to figure out. I just did two stitches (is that what it's called in crochet?) in each one hole and it made it flare out I thought it needed another row to finish it off so I did two in each hole again. That made the brim ruffly. I think it looks kind of cute that way, although it does remind me a bit of the toilet paper roll cover my little grandma has sitting on the back of her toilet. Maybe if I make another hat, I'll just make a brim without ruffles. I finished the hat this evening and Jaide's baby doll wore it for a while.
Bob was so kind as to pose this picture for me (hence the mini football).
I guess I get into this kind of thing when I'm pregnant. I cross stitched a few baby bibs while I was pregnant with Jaide. I gave two away at baby showers. I guess it might come in handy since there are so many ladies at church who are also expecting in the next couple of months. But most of them are having boys and Bob said that crochet hats "aren't manly" "Maybe if you crochet them out of leather..." he added.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dah- da da dah! Pictures!

These are all of the squeakuel's face. She looks like a little mummy in these pictures- the first one especially. You can see her nose a lot better in these pictures than in the last ones. Hard to say if it's a Jaide nose or not though.

Some kinda day

Yesterday we went back for another ultrasound. They were able to get the views of the heart that they needed to and they printed off more pictures for us. I'll have to post them soon.
Jaide is still sick and it's been pretty miserable. She's very cranky. It's making us cranky too. Yesterday I had two cranky babies (Jaide and Bob!) Here's hoping for a better day today!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

That's so random

We've been up to some pretty random stuff lately. These first few pictures were taken at the play area at the airport the day we dropped Bob off to go to San Diego. (I just barely unloaded a ton of pictures off the camera).

The other picture is in our backyard. We've managed to grow quite a few weeds back there- even where we added dirt to low spots. Bob is busy "whacking" them. Maybe next year we should try and grow some vegetables or something.

We built a teeny-tiny patio out of some paver squares (about big enough for two tiny chairs). I didn't have enough sand when I first put them out, but we bought another bag and they seem to be somewhat level now.

Bob and I came up with a plan the other day for getting several home improvement projects finished before the Squeakuel comes. I really appreciate Bob's willingness to be put to work- he just wants to know what to do. We did finish up the major part of painting our bedroom on Saturday. Next month we'll tackle the ugly bathroom. We also hope to paint the kitchen and fix/paint the railings outside.

I was bonding with the Squeakuel last night. I was lying down with my hands on my tummy. I asked if she was awake and then she kicked me. I kept talking to her and she kept moving and kicking.

We're very excited because Grandpa is coming to town for meetings and we'll get to spend some time with him. Jaide remembers that he took her to Chuck E Cheese the last time he was here.

We thought we were going to spend the 4th with Bob's cousin and family, but I guess we should have talked to them about it or something. We ended up doing some things around the house and then we drove to find some fireworks. We stopped in Catonsville but then it started to pour rain. Then we drove to Columbia but were confused if the fireworks were happening or not. They did happen. We watched for bit in the mall parking lot then Jaide said she wanted to go home. So we headed out. By the time we got on 29 it was the finale and we found out that on 29 was actually a really awesome place to watch the fireworks. There were many cars parked along the side of the road. We never stopped, but traffic was going so slow we just puttered along and watched the fireworks practically over our heads (yay for sunroofs).

Jaide seems to have a cold. She keeps coughing and sometimes her voice sounds kind of funny. We brought her to church, but didn't let her go to nursery. She was very sad about that. Fortunately Daddy brought her some Scooby Doo fruit snacks to eat.

Monday, July 2, 2007

An Interesting Story

Here's a link to a story about 7-Eleven turning a few of their stores into "Kwik' E Marts" to promote the Simpson's movie. There's one in Maryland- maybe we'll have to go see it.>1=7703&

Naming Babies

Once you know the baby's gender, the next question everyone asks is "have you thought of any names?" or "what are you going to name it?" Well, I don't know what we're going to name the Squeakuel. Bob and I have talked about a few different names, but we want to wait and see what she looks like before we decide. That's what we did with Jaide too.

When I was pregnant with Jaide, one of the girls at work asked me about what we were going to name her and so I told her what names we were thinking of and she basically disparaged every single one. So I thought to myself, hmmph, see if I share that kind of info again in the future! Now I suppose if I had said, we're naming her Scooby Doo and if the person I was talking to thought I was serious, they probably wouldn't badmouth my name choice. Although I could be wrong since some people might try to convince you not to name your kid whatever. But if you hate the name I have chosen and that's already on the birth certificate, well, you just keep it to yourself. But before the baby's born, every body has an opinion and feels free to tell you what they think.

We don't have a clear plan to naming children like some people do (Bob's cousin and children A through D for example). But we have considered a few things.

1. 5 letter names- that way you can sing their name to B-I-N-G-O. I don't think we'd thought of this before Jaide was born, but I did sing J-A-I-D-E several times to baby Jaide.
2. Initials that spell things- this is the exact opposite of what Bob's Mom tried to go for. She did not like initials that spell things although she and Jaide have the same initials (although I think she actually uses her maiden name's inital to avoid spelling a word)
3. In my Italian Family History class at BYU, learned that Italians often used family names to name their children, often in this order: 1st boy named after paternal grandfather, 2nd boy named after maternal grandfather, 1st girl named after paternal grandmother, 2nd girl named after maternal grandmother. So far we've followed this with the middle name. We might just keep this one up.
4. Middle name kind of named after multiple people- this just happened to work for Jaide. Her middle name is Allyn like her grandma's middle name. She also has an uncle Allen and a great Uncle Allen. I think there might actually be a lot of Allen's in the family tree. If we use the middle name Marie or Mary it would be connected to multiple family members as well. Even if we used my Mom's actual middle name (which she hates) that would also cover multiple family members. I don't think this would work with boys though- Wayne or Lee? Well, I guess Wayne is also Bob's middle name.... (but I don't really like that name.)

Of course amid all the baby name discussion, Bob has to come up with several silly suggestions and Jaide even got in on the act last time. I don't remember what she said but I do remember she said "how 'bout" before saying some name.
The other fun thing is telling some of the names to Jaide to hear how she says them. She also lets us know what she thinks of the names- see, everyone's got an opinion!