Thursday, July 19, 2007

The aches and pains of pregnancy

Today as I was sitting at the computer, the baby let me know she was upset about my bladder filling up. Every 10 seconds or so I REALLY had to go. So I finally did. Now baby is a bit calmer. My kiddos sure seem to like their personal space.
One morning fairly early in my pregnancy with Jaide I was kind of leaning part on my belly, part on my side. Jaide didn't like that much. She let me know. She whomped me pretty hard. She was still pretty small so I kinda laughed inside myself. "hee hee, the baby kicked me" But I didn't move so she did it again. And then she did it a third time. Finally I moved and she was happy.
There are a lot of annoying, gross, and whatnot things that happen during pregnancy that you don't usually hear about until you're actually pregnant. I'll spare the details on my experiences with those type of things- (multi-flush potty trips for example) but I think I'll take this opportunity to whine about my leg.
Woe to me! My leg hurts. Jaide has started saying her leg hurts- probably because I keep saying it. But my leg really does hurt. Once upon a time I had a massive DVT in my left leg. Now I have two metal stents as part of my left iliac vein as souvenirs. When I was pregnant with Jaide, my leg hurt, especially near the end. That part of my leg is also where I felt the contractions after I got the epidural. But it seems like this time around my leg is hurting worse and possibly earlier than it did last time. I've had to take ibprofin a couple of times. At least that helps. I told the doctor about it at my last visit and asked about getting compression stockings. He got me a prescription and I went over to the pharmacy there in the building. Unfortunately, the person who measures for stockings wasn't there that day and I haven't made it back since. So woe to me!
And I didn't even mention the daily shots!
I guess I'd better get to packing for our trip this weekend. I've gotta pack my nest of pillows (well not till after I've slept in them tonight) and all our other fun stuff. I'll be ending my five year embargo on camping Friday night so wish me luck!


Hules said...

Oh, I totally hear ya! These little ones are so worth it... but if only we could just somehow fast-forward the 9 months and bypass all the things that happen to us during pregnancy. Sorry to hear about your leg.

This baby is totally a "My Space" baby too. Even before I was supposed to feel movement my baby wouldn't let me lie on my right side either. Baby "J" would push & push- just causing huge pressure. & then when I went in for my 14 week checkup & 1st ultrasound I wasn't surprised at all when I knew exactly where the baby was... I'm feeling all the kicks now too... so much fun. Oh, if only I could get an ultrasound. It feels unfair to be at 19 weeks and still have to wait 3 more. Ah, patience.

Jenny said...

I am so with you on the annoyances of pregnancy. I can barely function right now I'm so queasy all the time (hence very little blogging). And, I'm at that awkward stage where my regular clothes don't fit right anymore (and are uncomfortable) but I'm too small for maternity clothes. Blah.

Meg said...

We sure put up with a lot to bring these kiddos into the world! I keep telling Bob he can carry the next one (I said this when I was pregnant with Jaide) but he keeps refusing.