Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Been a While

I've been slacking at posting stuff! A lot has happened.
We went to the Palmyra Pageant the weekend of Jaide's birthday. We met up with Bob's sister and brother in law (they came down from Boston). On our way up to NY we stopped at Dutch Wonderland Amusement park in Pennsylvania. It's a park that's very kid friendly. We had fun even though there were a few rides I couldn't go on. I took a lot of pictures of Bob and Jaide on the rides I couldn't go on.
Some of the rides were only for Jaide. When we left, Jaide said, "i wasn't finished yet." She calls Dutch Wonderland "dinosaur" because it has a princess/dragon/castle-y theme.

Jaide and I rode the gondola together while Bob rode the rollercoaster that Jaide wasn't tall enough for. When the gondolas got near the station they got pretty low to the ground. Bob said he could grab people's feet. So he put this theory to test when we got near the station. He nearly pulled my shoe off!

Pregnant ladies aren't allowed on the big slide :(

I think the best part was that it was only about $50 for all of us to go. Bob got discount tickets at work and kids under 3 are free. Lucky for us Jaide was 2 years and 364 days old the day we went. Much better than last year when we went to Sesame Place a couple weeks after Jaide turned two and two was the adult price there.
After the amusement park we drove up to our campground in NY. We ended up getting there at about 11:30. Travis and Emily ended up getting there about 5 minutes after we did. It was cold that night! And I didn't bring any long sleeves or coats. Fortunately Bob brought a jacket, so I wore his jacket!
Saturday (Jaide's birthday!) we did some sight-seeing and went to the pageant. We met up with a family from our ward who was also up there. Jaide got to play with one of her favorite nursery buddies.

Here's our campsite. The next picture was taken at the Smith farm. Jaide abrogated the front seat in our friends' double stroller. Her buddy Megan is in the back with the little one. That's Danelle to the left and me in the floppy archaeology hat and pregnant belly. The other picture is in the Sacred Grove.

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Julia said...

"Dutch Wonderland, Dutch Wonderland.. gonna ride the rides gonna get wet, gonna meet Duke the Dragon what y'a bet... It's a kingdom for kids....."
Sorry... they have the catchiest tune of any theme park & my girls still sing it.

Wish we could have gone back with you! Looks like you had a great time! I love Pennsylvania. Someday we're all going to fly back to PA & hit all those great places again.

I love your Sacred Grove photos too. Yet, another place we'll have to go back to again when the girls are old enough to remember.

Glad you had a great vacation- you guys deserve it!