Monday, August 27, 2007

The Cheerful Bathroom

So this weekend was the big bathroom paint-a-thon and I have to report that I'm pretty pleased with the results. We still have a few tasks to finish in there (putting up towel hooks, the shelf/ledge thing, hanging a picture or two- oh and putting stuff back in there or not). Painting all the trim might happen some time in 2008 or maybe 2009. The whole house needs the trim painted and I'm sure that will be loads of fun.
I documented our bathroom project fun pictorially. Enjoy!

Here's me at the start of the fun. I got to take down all the fun bathroom stuff like the shower curtain rod and the towel racks.

Here's what Jaide was up to while we were working- trying to play a computer game.
Like daddy, like daughter. There's just something about making funny faces when there's a camera around. Bob's enthusiasm for the project is quite evident in this one.
This picture doesn't quite capture the true ugliness of our bathroom in it's previous state, but you kind of get the idea. Just pretend you can see the numerous screw holes in the wall and dents and lumpy repair jobs on the door. Oh and hair and junk embedded in the paint.
This is after priming. The walls look kind of whitish because primer is white. We didn't paint the ugly bathtub as Bob suggested though. This picture doesn't quite capture it's full ugliness, but you kind of get the idea.
Look at that crazy hair. Oh wait, no- look at that yellow paint I started above the tub.

Well, we finished painting (or panking as Jaide calls it). You get some idea of how it looks with the green towels and I'd even put the shower curtain and the hand towel hooks back up. The flaming yellow blob on the left is due to the light.
We took the light covers off the bulbs for ease in painting and so it kind of looks like fire or like an angel is about to appear or something. Another handsome face on that handsome husband of mine.

It's hard to get a good picture of the bathroom since it's so small. But here's a shot taken from the doorway in our room. You get to see the green we used in that "closet" area of our room and the bathroom all in one, what a deal! My favorite part of this picture is the clearness of the floor (no pile of bath toys, ugly plunger, ugly trashcan, etc, etc) . I guess we'll see what we can do about trying to keep this kind of look and also keeping our bathroom gear in the bathroom. I'll have to write later about today's day of shopping adventures. I got a picture frame for the bathroom that I think looks pretty good.

Bob's Birthday

Here are a couple of pictures from Bob's big 3-0! We didn't have thirty candles or a 3 and a 0 candle, so I just stuck all the birthday candles we did have on his cake. It sure took a while to light them all and we did it twice following his family tradition of lighting the candles and singing as many times as the birthday boy or girl wants.

This other picture is of the Luna moth I saw the other day. I would have gotten closer, but it was on someone else's house.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pictures to illustrate the previous post pulled from the internet

It looked like they were digging a moat around the temple. I'm not sure what exactly they are doing.

I learned on the Chick-fil-A website that they're closed on Sundays. That's cool. Their chicken nuggets are really good.

Have you ever noticed how ugly most of the "back to campus" stuff they come up with is? I didn't mind these plastic totes too much though. We got two with the kinda turquoise lids. Only $4.88 at Target through Saturday. They're big!

Sorry for the lack of pictures

Man, it sure was convenient to download pictures to the ol' laptop. It lived in the living room as does the camera cord and the camera (usually). I promise I'll download some pictures soon! I took one the other day of a luna moth. I was really excited to see one, Jaide was pretty indifferent.

Today Jaide and I went to story time at Chick fil A. It was the last one for the summer. Jaide was not nearly so rambunctious as the other kids there. She got a toy and a lollypop and on top of that they gave every kid that came to story time a free ice cream. I was already planning to have lunch there using her free kids meal thing from the summer reading program, so we had free ice cream along with our lunch.

After some playtime in the play area there we headed over to Target since they had plastic containers on sale. I bought two of the big ones I had seen advertised and two smaller ones with handles on the lids. These are for Jaide's toys. One of the handled ones is now home to all of Jaide's loving family dolls and accessories. I put all of her kitcheny toys in one of the big containers. The others are still empty. I've been impressed seeing the toy storage systems some of our friends have going on and I'm hoping to get Jaide's things a bit more organized now that she has collections of different kinds of toys. I guess the other thing besides being cool and all organized is that it will make it easier (in theory any way) to keep age inappropriate toys away from the squeakuel when she starts getting into stuff.

Tonight Bob and I went to the temple. We're going to try and do the once a week thing the bishop has invited our ward to do. We switched off babysitting with another family in the ward. Jaide got to play with her buds Jacob and "will-wy"(Lily that is) two days in a row now. It took a little effort, but I was able to get my temple dress zipped up over my expanded torso. Maybe when I get a new dress I should just get one without any zipper in the back. That's kind of a dumb idea any way and even more dumb when you're pregnant.

Tomorrow is the start of the big painting project or actually the season of painting as it were. We (I'm not sure how much Bob is aware of this, but...) are planning to get the bathroom done this weekend (okay, Bob should be fully aware of that one) and to get the kitchen done over labor day weekend. The plan is to try to not use the bathroom so it will be dry and so it can be strictly a work area while we're working. We'll just have to go to the gym on Saturday and shower! Hopefully we'll be all finished and everything will be dry by Sunday morning. The kitchen will be tricky to not use, but I think it will be manageable. Just move the microwave to the temporary kitchen- maybe the toaster oven too. Use the little George Foreman grill and what not.

Bob and I finished listening to the 6th Harry Potter book on tape the other day. So I guess we can't listen to it while we paint, but we didn't really want to wait for paint day to finish it. I guess we'll see how long we can hold out before we read the last book. The audio of the 7th book is on holds at the library for about a year- that is what Bob figured based on what number in line his hold is for it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pinky the Laptop

Pinky the laptop is dead, for the most part anyway. Also known as the e-squeaker, the laptop was purchased sometime ago (probably earlyish 2005). It served faithfully since then standing up to abuses ranging from being dropped to being walked on repeatedly by a toddler. 3 different power cords were destroyed in its lifetime. The laptop earned its "pinky" moniker when a few months ago the screen turned pink. Everything white was pink and various green blobs showed up on most pictures viewed on it. A few weeks ago, the screen went dark and the laptop became pretty much unusable. Bob hooked it up to a monitor to rescue some info of it and it had been interred underneath the couch since then.

I started this blog on Pinky. I guess that's why I chose the plainest looking background. It was bright pink on my computer! So in honor of that I changed the background to pink. I don't know how long it's going to stay this color. This is actually a much tamer shade of pink than what it looked like on Pinky.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Survey Time!

I saw this on Jenny's site and thought it might be kinda fun.

Jobs I've held:
1. education intern at Lincoln Park Zoo
2. Tomassito's Pizza worker
3. amazingly bad temp
4. MTC Cafeteria worker
5. Freshman Academy Peer Mentor
6. Customer Service rep at Convergys
7. Avon lady
8. Mommy extraordinaire

Movies I can watch over and over again (and have):
[this is a hard one when you've got a movie lovin' toddler]
1. Encino Man
2. Simpsons TV shows on DVD
3. The Scooby Doo live action movie (this one was for Jaide but I didn't mind watching it several times)
4. The Harry Potter movies (as a whole, although I've only been watching the first two lately, see the [] above for explanation)

My Guilty Pleasures:
1. chocolate in various forms
2. surfing the internet
3. sleeping late

Places I have lived:
1. Chicago, IL
2. Rexburg, ID
3. Chicago, IL
4. Provo, UT
5. a tent in the wilderness (Escalante, UT) Jenny left this one off her list!
6. Columbia, MD
7. Elkridge, MD

TV Shows I enjoy:
1. Lost
2. interior decorating shows on cable (we don't have cable, so I enjoy seeing whatever I can when I can)
3. The Simpsons (though I haven't been watching the newest episodes lately)

What were likely the 1st things you thought when you saw your significant other for the first time?:
He's tall. He's kinda cute. That punk won't talk to his grandma?!

Places I’ve Been on Vacation (other an the U.S.):
1. Ottawa Canada and that's it

Favorite Foods:
1. Delicious Chicago pizza
2. mushrooms
3. chocolate
4. bean burritos
5. ice cream with candy in it
6. slightly burned bagels with cream cheese
7. chicken
8. hint of lime tortilla chips
9. guacamole and/or plain avocados
10. peach pie (especially for breakfast!)

Websites I Visit (almost) Daily:
3. this one too

Nicknames I’ve been called:
[let's see? nicknames right, not insults....]
1. Meggaggy
2. Babe
3. Mommy or Mama
4. Dahmmy or Moddy
5. Megster
6. Megich
7. Maggie
8. Megan
9. Vice Mom
10. Kath- Mick- Chew-...
11. Meg

Spoil Your Kid Day

I don't know if such a day exists but today was kind of in that vein. That's what I get for going grocery shopping while hungry. I ended up buying a huge thing of animal crackers (we were at BJs) and a mercifully much smaller box of nutty bars. Remember nutty bars? Well if you were in primary in our ward when my mom was teaching you probably do. They're peanut butter wafer things covered in chocolate. They're not the most delicious thing ever, but they're pretty good. I guess I was a bit surprised that that was what Jaide wanted out of the whole display of little debbie stuff. That and nostalgia weakened my tough mommy resolve.
We did start the day off at the gym after taking Bob to work. Jaide enjoyed playing with the kids and I watched cable decorating shows while feeling the burn (well not too much burn). Then came the BJs trip and the nutty bar that undid any workout calories burned. Then we headed over to Chick-fil-A for Jaide's free summer reading program ice cream. We missed story time by about an hour and a half but Jaide was excited to go play in the play area. The play area there is one of those ones that is mostly vertical. Jaide has always been too scared to climb up those types of things and I've always been too fat to take her up, but today Jaide just did it all by herself. I was really proud. I guess she really wanted to go down the slide. There were some tears over something about the slide. A mean little boy or something. It's hard to get straight answers from a 3 year old. But overall it was a success.
We stopped at Food Lion to finish our grocery shopping with non-bulk items and for some strange reason, Jaide seemed to think I was going to give her "george" fruit snacks, fruity sugary cereal, and whatever else she asked for. I quickly let her know that was not going to be the case. (I wasn't as hungry after the nutty bar and free icecream!) And thus spoil your child day was over. But Jaide got over it pretty quickly and we went home.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Random Musings

First off, happy birthday to two of my friends! Julia and Amber! I hope it was a good day for both of you.
Bob's birthday is on Tuesday- the big 3-0. He'll be 10X Jaide's age. Also, he'll be the same age his dad was when he was born. It will be a few more years before I'm the age either of my parents was when I was born (but shhhh, don't try to do the math, my parents are baby boomers and they'll never be old *rolls eyes*)

Today I taught Relief Society. I was just filling in due to people being out of town. We skipped ahead to lesson 15 (13 will be taught in like a month or so). The lesson was on reverence. I hope I did a good job. We were in the gym because the a/c in the RS room is busted (still). It's harder to have class in the gym. I was good and didn't share any "non-example" stories- as in stories of when I was irreverent. Like the time my siblings and I were at the church building during the week for some reason and we went in the chapel and turned on the microphones and started singing and stuff and continued until mom came in because she heard us over the speakers in the hallway. Yeah, no stories like that.

My baby continues to beat me up internally. We went to Ikea on Saturday morning and walked around quite a bit. I really think the baby was trying to make me wet my pants to give herself some more room. But we still had fun at Ikea, at least while Bob's threshold for shopping lasted. We had 99 cent breakfast, took Jaide to smaland (I think that needs some dots above the "a" or something- but it's the play area) for 45 min of kid free shopping (more like browsing). We spent a bit of time looking at their closet systems. We have some big plans for the closet in what is now Jaide's room (it will be our room eventually). We plan to switch rooms in about a year or so. Our room will be the girls bedroom/playroom. I want to set up a little play kitchen/cafe/market in one half of the room. I even made some drawings. I made some plans for our new room using this really cool thing online at the Better Homes and Gardens website. It's called arrange-a-room. You just put in the measurements of your room and then it lets you move furniture around inside it. You can adjust the size of the furniture too. is the site, you need to search around a little to find the arrange-a-room link. You can even print out your room when you're done. So fun!

So we've been trying to decide on a class to put Jaide in. The county offers a bunch of different fun little classes, most of which are one day a week for an hour or two. Right now it's looking like we might be going with a dance class for Jaide. She seemed to like the idea when I was looking up ballet shoes online and she saw the pictures of kids in leotards and ballet shoes and whatnot. Jaide really seems to like dancing around and these classes sound like they're fun and non-pressure. Several are just for 3 year olds. I might sign up for the crochet class so I can learn the right way to crochet. I found a dress pattern in a library book and I'm going to see if I can crochet a baby blessing dress for the squeakuel. I guess we'll see about that.

We've set a date (weekend actually) to paint the bathroom. Not this upcoming weekend, but the next one. Hopefully the weather cooperates. It's been hot and humid lately (August+pregnancy=not fun, in case you were wondering). I think we might try to get the kitchen done over Labor Day weekend. I'm fast approaching the third trimester, hopefully that doesn't dampen our home improvement project plans (hmmmm)

Our bishop has invited the ward to attend the temple once a week now through October. I think we're going to try and switch off with another family in our ward for babysitting. Wish us luck!

We're back to two cars again. Our friends that just moved back to Utah felt like they should give us their second car and so they did and we're really grateful. We need to get a few things fixed to pass the safety inspection, but once we do, we'll have two cars. That will be nice in a lot of ways.

"i think Jesus likes cookies" -Jaide

Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Trip to the Dentist

Bob and I had dentist appointments today. We both had no cavities! Yay for us. We were both having our teeth cleaned at the same time (two hygienists at our office) so Jaide sat in on my teeth cleaning. She was a good girl and very well behaved, but she sat there frowning. She doesn't quite like medical type people using strange tools on her mommy. She did get a sticker of "mermaid" though at the end.

Tut-tut it looks like rain
I guess we won't be heading to the outdoor pool any time soon today. The one closest to our house closes this weekend. There are a few others that will be open until Labor Day. The summer has kind of flown by. The kiddos in our county schools got our really late and they still start up this month. Jaide really wants to go to school and we might be putting her in some kind of kiddie class but I'll have to write more about that later. I've got Avon to deliver.