Monday, August 27, 2007

Bob's Birthday

Here are a couple of pictures from Bob's big 3-0! We didn't have thirty candles or a 3 and a 0 candle, so I just stuck all the birthday candles we did have on his cake. It sure took a while to light them all and we did it twice following his family tradition of lighting the candles and singing as many times as the birthday boy or girl wants.

This other picture is of the Luna moth I saw the other day. I would have gotten closer, but it was on someone else's house.


Hules said...

Happy Birthday Bob! All those candles just make me laugh. I guess by 30 you just have to improvise. Last year when we had to buy 2 candle packs to get to 29 I just wondered why they can't come in packs higher than 24. Not very flattering to have to buy 48 candles! I love your creative style!

Tracy said...

How fun! I used to think 30 was old until I past it. Enjoy being so young! Happy Birthday!

Meg said...

I passed the birthday wishes on to Bob. His birthday was actually the 14th but we hadn't gotten the pictures off the camera.
We had the 2, 9, and 6 last year for all of our birthdays but I slacked off this year. I had just used some crayon candles I got at Target for Jaide's birthday. One year I got Bob a Bob the builder birthday candle. Maybe I'll have to go back to that one special candle approach so we don't burn the house down. :)