Monday, August 27, 2007

The Cheerful Bathroom

So this weekend was the big bathroom paint-a-thon and I have to report that I'm pretty pleased with the results. We still have a few tasks to finish in there (putting up towel hooks, the shelf/ledge thing, hanging a picture or two- oh and putting stuff back in there or not). Painting all the trim might happen some time in 2008 or maybe 2009. The whole house needs the trim painted and I'm sure that will be loads of fun.
I documented our bathroom project fun pictorially. Enjoy!

Here's me at the start of the fun. I got to take down all the fun bathroom stuff like the shower curtain rod and the towel racks.

Here's what Jaide was up to while we were working- trying to play a computer game.
Like daddy, like daughter. There's just something about making funny faces when there's a camera around. Bob's enthusiasm for the project is quite evident in this one.
This picture doesn't quite capture the true ugliness of our bathroom in it's previous state, but you kind of get the idea. Just pretend you can see the numerous screw holes in the wall and dents and lumpy repair jobs on the door. Oh and hair and junk embedded in the paint.
This is after priming. The walls look kind of whitish because primer is white. We didn't paint the ugly bathtub as Bob suggested though. This picture doesn't quite capture it's full ugliness, but you kind of get the idea.
Look at that crazy hair. Oh wait, no- look at that yellow paint I started above the tub.

Well, we finished painting (or panking as Jaide calls it). You get some idea of how it looks with the green towels and I'd even put the shower curtain and the hand towel hooks back up. The flaming yellow blob on the left is due to the light.
We took the light covers off the bulbs for ease in painting and so it kind of looks like fire or like an angel is about to appear or something. Another handsome face on that handsome husband of mine.

It's hard to get a good picture of the bathroom since it's so small. But here's a shot taken from the doorway in our room. You get to see the green we used in that "closet" area of our room and the bathroom all in one, what a deal! My favorite part of this picture is the clearness of the floor (no pile of bath toys, ugly plunger, ugly trashcan, etc, etc) . I guess we'll see what we can do about trying to keep this kind of look and also keeping our bathroom gear in the bathroom. I'll have to write later about today's day of shopping adventures. I got a picture frame for the bathroom that I think looks pretty good.


Meg said...

A very, very big thank you to Bob who got these pictures downloaded onto the upstairs computer for me. Apparently it's not equipped with the right software and what not to make it easy to do. Bob kept telling me that it would be easy to download them onto the basement computer but I kept telling him that this one is the computer I use now and I like to have all the stuff I need on one machine which made him laugh because he often has to turn on multiple computers to do stuff.

Hules said...

Wow, I can't imagine tackling such a monumental task at this point of pregnancy. Kudos to you!- Love the illustration of photos.

Tracy said...

Your bathroom looks great! You are working way too hard with a bun in the oven! Sit down and relax!

Anonymous said...

meg, your bathroom looks great! i'm glad you put some pictures of your house up (and of jaide playing that game. she is getting to be such a big girl!)

Brenda said...

Hey Meg! Congrats on your baby! So happy for you. Good luck with that big project too! We need to get our bathroom done soon also!

Meg said...

Thanks guys! I feel so productive. Well, not really since we're in the midst of "project kitchen" right now. There's just something about cooking random food in the microwave and having to grab spices out of the living room and mixing bowls out of a big plastic bin that's a bit disheartening. Hopefully we can get it all done on Labor day (how appropriate). All of this moving around and doing stuff rocks the baby to sleep so she can't try to forcibly empty my bladder- right?