Sunday, August 12, 2007

Random Musings

First off, happy birthday to two of my friends! Julia and Amber! I hope it was a good day for both of you.
Bob's birthday is on Tuesday- the big 3-0. He'll be 10X Jaide's age. Also, he'll be the same age his dad was when he was born. It will be a few more years before I'm the age either of my parents was when I was born (but shhhh, don't try to do the math, my parents are baby boomers and they'll never be old *rolls eyes*)

Today I taught Relief Society. I was just filling in due to people being out of town. We skipped ahead to lesson 15 (13 will be taught in like a month or so). The lesson was on reverence. I hope I did a good job. We were in the gym because the a/c in the RS room is busted (still). It's harder to have class in the gym. I was good and didn't share any "non-example" stories- as in stories of when I was irreverent. Like the time my siblings and I were at the church building during the week for some reason and we went in the chapel and turned on the microphones and started singing and stuff and continued until mom came in because she heard us over the speakers in the hallway. Yeah, no stories like that.

My baby continues to beat me up internally. We went to Ikea on Saturday morning and walked around quite a bit. I really think the baby was trying to make me wet my pants to give herself some more room. But we still had fun at Ikea, at least while Bob's threshold for shopping lasted. We had 99 cent breakfast, took Jaide to smaland (I think that needs some dots above the "a" or something- but it's the play area) for 45 min of kid free shopping (more like browsing). We spent a bit of time looking at their closet systems. We have some big plans for the closet in what is now Jaide's room (it will be our room eventually). We plan to switch rooms in about a year or so. Our room will be the girls bedroom/playroom. I want to set up a little play kitchen/cafe/market in one half of the room. I even made some drawings. I made some plans for our new room using this really cool thing online at the Better Homes and Gardens website. It's called arrange-a-room. You just put in the measurements of your room and then it lets you move furniture around inside it. You can adjust the size of the furniture too. is the site, you need to search around a little to find the arrange-a-room link. You can even print out your room when you're done. So fun!

So we've been trying to decide on a class to put Jaide in. The county offers a bunch of different fun little classes, most of which are one day a week for an hour or two. Right now it's looking like we might be going with a dance class for Jaide. She seemed to like the idea when I was looking up ballet shoes online and she saw the pictures of kids in leotards and ballet shoes and whatnot. Jaide really seems to like dancing around and these classes sound like they're fun and non-pressure. Several are just for 3 year olds. I might sign up for the crochet class so I can learn the right way to crochet. I found a dress pattern in a library book and I'm going to see if I can crochet a baby blessing dress for the squeakuel. I guess we'll see about that.

We've set a date (weekend actually) to paint the bathroom. Not this upcoming weekend, but the next one. Hopefully the weather cooperates. It's been hot and humid lately (August+pregnancy=not fun, in case you were wondering). I think we might try to get the kitchen done over Labor Day weekend. I'm fast approaching the third trimester, hopefully that doesn't dampen our home improvement project plans (hmmmm)

Our bishop has invited the ward to attend the temple once a week now through October. I think we're going to try and switch off with another family in our ward for babysitting. Wish us luck!

We're back to two cars again. Our friends that just moved back to Utah felt like they should give us their second car and so they did and we're really grateful. We need to get a few things fixed to pass the safety inspection, but once we do, we'll have two cars. That will be nice in a lot of ways.

"i think Jesus likes cookies" -Jaide


Hules said...

I love the August+pregnancy equals not fun! I just went to a baby shower & when I walked in it was like, "Pregnant tummy, check!" We were ALL pregnant in the room! Although, I feel for them much more because they are all due now & in September. I had one August baby & said never August again.

I love all the home repairs you have up your sleeve. Thanks for the birthday wish. 30 is old... but Bob will probably handle it better than I am.

Oh, and I did receive the Avon package Saturday. It was on my doorstep when we got back from our Atlanta trip. Again, such perfect timing! Thank You!

Anonymous said...


i finally logged in as jaide so i could post on your blog. :) happy birthday to bob. sorry we missed it yesterday. i hope you guys had fun.
kathy and rusty

Meg said...

I changed it a while back so you can post anonymously. hmmmm

Anonymous said...

oops! yes you did. i guess i missed it. :) happy birthday to bob anyway. our newest nephew max missed sharing a birthday with bob by 13 minutes.