Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sorry for the lack of pictures

Man, it sure was convenient to download pictures to the ol' laptop. It lived in the living room as does the camera cord and the camera (usually). I promise I'll download some pictures soon! I took one the other day of a luna moth. I was really excited to see one, Jaide was pretty indifferent.

Today Jaide and I went to story time at Chick fil A. It was the last one for the summer. Jaide was not nearly so rambunctious as the other kids there. She got a toy and a lollypop and on top of that they gave every kid that came to story time a free ice cream. I was already planning to have lunch there using her free kids meal thing from the summer reading program, so we had free ice cream along with our lunch.

After some playtime in the play area there we headed over to Target since they had plastic containers on sale. I bought two of the big ones I had seen advertised and two smaller ones with handles on the lids. These are for Jaide's toys. One of the handled ones is now home to all of Jaide's loving family dolls and accessories. I put all of her kitcheny toys in one of the big containers. The others are still empty. I've been impressed seeing the toy storage systems some of our friends have going on and I'm hoping to get Jaide's things a bit more organized now that she has collections of different kinds of toys. I guess the other thing besides being cool and all organized is that it will make it easier (in theory any way) to keep age inappropriate toys away from the squeakuel when she starts getting into stuff.

Tonight Bob and I went to the temple. We're going to try and do the once a week thing the bishop has invited our ward to do. We switched off babysitting with another family in the ward. Jaide got to play with her buds Jacob and "will-wy"(Lily that is) two days in a row now. It took a little effort, but I was able to get my temple dress zipped up over my expanded torso. Maybe when I get a new dress I should just get one without any zipper in the back. That's kind of a dumb idea any way and even more dumb when you're pregnant.

Tomorrow is the start of the big painting project or actually the season of painting as it were. We (I'm not sure how much Bob is aware of this, but...) are planning to get the bathroom done this weekend (okay, Bob should be fully aware of that one) and to get the kitchen done over labor day weekend. The plan is to try to not use the bathroom so it will be dry and so it can be strictly a work area while we're working. We'll just have to go to the gym on Saturday and shower! Hopefully we'll be all finished and everything will be dry by Sunday morning. The kitchen will be tricky to not use, but I think it will be manageable. Just move the microwave to the temporary kitchen- maybe the toaster oven too. Use the little George Foreman grill and what not.

Bob and I finished listening to the 6th Harry Potter book on tape the other day. So I guess we can't listen to it while we paint, but we didn't really want to wait for paint day to finish it. I guess we'll see how long we can hold out before we read the last book. The audio of the 7th book is on holds at the library for about a year- that is what Bob figured based on what number in line his hold is for it.


Hules said...

I didn't know Chick-fil-a had story time. The girls got about five different Kids Meals & Ice cream from their reading program, but Chick-fil-a wasn't one of them. I guess that's another reason to go visit (despite my diet) & support the LDS owner for his choices.

Hules said...

Oh, and are the Smiths headed to Georgia anytime soon?

Anonymous said...
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atomicblob said...

I don't think the Smith's are headed to Georgia anytime soon. They recently bought a condo/townhouse down the street from us, basically right across the street from where they used to live.

We went to Chick-fil-A for Meg's birthday last year and they had a cow dressed up like Santa Claus. I guess it's name was Santa Cow or something. They asked if we wanted to get Jaide's picture on Santa Cow's lap, so we agreed. She has this look on her face like "Why am I sitting on the lap of a person dressed up like a cow dressed up like Santa Claus?"