Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hooray For Bob! and more

I have a great husband! Here's a picture of him when he was a little boy. See, Jaide does look like Bob.
There were several daddy/daughter evenings this past week as I had a lot of things that took me away from home.
And then Saturday Jaide went to a friend's birthday and Bob went with her since I went with some of the other ladies from church to a massive used kid stuff sale. It was nice to get to spend the day together today (no morning meeting for Bob, combined RS/Priesthood mtg, I love 5th Sundays!)

The Big Sale
The nearly new kids sale was at the fair grounds and there were a bunch of people there selling stuff. Some of it did not seem any where near new, but I did find a couple of good things. I even came home with $15 still in my wallet! I got a second base for the "baby bucket," a coat for Jaide and a couple warm things for the squeakuel. I also got some magnet pole puzzles and Dora stuff for Jaide (shh, don't tell her, I think it will be a Christmas present).

RS Broadcast and Dinner
Last night was the General RS Broadcast. Our stake has a dinner before it each year. They had several men there putting out food and going around filling up water glasses. They were so thorough that I think a lot of us drank way too much water. I found myself having to run to the bathroom during one of the songs. Too bad I was sitting against the wall on one of the benches and had to climb over a row full of people. The broadcast was really good. I was furiously scribbling notes during Sister Beck's talk. She just laid out so many things and was basically like, 'these are the things that are important.' She also had some things to say specifically for RS presidencies. So we're having a meeting this week to discuss! I also really liked President Monson's talk (I really liked all of them). He talked about the importance of studying and about being more observant to look for opportunities to serve others.

We had ultrasound #8 onThursday- this one was a biophysical profile (basically watching the baby and seeing what she was doing) she scored 8 out of 8.
Jaide started calling me "sir." I started calling her "little sir."
Memo to self: Don't take Jaide to the mall!
The plumbing is acting up again. Roots in the line? At least we can flush the upstairs potty, we think so any way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Disappearing Toddler

It was bound to happen sometime I guess. Every mother has this experience at some point, right? Darling Jaide was (I thought) playing pretend to go to school. She had her little back pack, a pen and a notebook. She said, "bye mom, I'm going to school." Bye, I said. Then some annoying telemarketer called and wouldn't take no for an answer. I was also upstairs in my room at the time, so I didn't hear the door ding when it was opened. I came down and didn't see Jaide. The front door wasn't closed all the way so I opened it but Jaide wasn't on the porch. So I ran down to the basement to see if she was there, calling out her name. No Jaide. I noticed when I came back up that there was a telephone book sitting in a bag right inside the door. Now the telephone book delivery people don't usually try your door to see if it's unlocked so they can throw the book in your house, so I knew Jaide must have done it and she must be outside. I ran outside and I didn't see her. I called her name and I heard her voice but I couldn't see her. Some random guy was walking down the street and he said "she's over there." I thought he was pointing to the other side of the parking lot, but he was pointing across the busy street. Dear Jaide had put on a pair of shoes (no socks and on the wrong feet, but hey, they did match), left the house and crossed the busy street. She was just standing on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. I asked her what she was doing across the street and she told me she was going to school. I was quite mad, but I couldn't yell at her. She started crying when I told her how scared I was when I couldn't find her and how dangerous it was to cross the street by herself. She told me over and over how she wanted to go to school and asked me if I could hold her hand and cross the street and go with her to school. So any way, after getting her to promise that she wouldn't go outside by herself and that she would never cross the street without holding someone's hand I told her maybe she could go to school in the winter. So here's hoping there's some kind of preschooly type thing starting up in the winter!
(the above picture was taken a couple of weeks ago)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another Jaide Post

Last weekend Jaide got some fish- her first pets ever. I asked Jaide what she wanted to name the fish and she said some unintelligible stuff and then finally in frustration she said, "mom, can you name the fish please." So we named the biggest fish Malfoy and his two silver buddies Crabbe and Goyle. They kind of bully the little guys who all look alike and are collectively called the Weasleys. Ever since we got the fish, Jaide has been sure to mention them every time she prays. She often forgets about asking the bless the food, but almost always mentions the fish. She loves to tell me that the fish don't like certain things or that they love certain things (like the movie she wants to watch). She also really loves to feed them.

Other Jaideisms
Today in the car Jaide didn't like Bob's tone of voice when he had to repeat himself (I hadn't understood what he said). She said, "daddy, no yelling. you have to be nice to mommy" And when Bob protested that he wasn't yelling she said, "are you going to be pains?"
This evening Jaide was quite emphatic that we needed to go get some kids. "can we go get kids? Baby, Megan, boys, and girls" We asked her if she wanted to get more siblings and she said "girls" How many sisters do you want? "girls" How many girls do you want? "2, 1, 6 girls!" We asked her again later and she gave the same answer. Later she said, "we need to go buy some kids"

Jaide the Little Ballerina

Jaide started her ballet class on Thursday. She was very excited to get to wear her ballet clothes and shoes. She even let me put her hair up in pigtails (they came out as soon as we got home though). It was hard to get a good picture because she kept closing her eyes when the camera flashed. That and she kept dancing around and turning away from the camera. I didn't get to watch her actual class- the parents get sent out- but they will do a presentation for us on the last week. That's November 15th, so hopefully the squeakuel and I will be able to come (and as individuals not inside one another I might add).
Jaide liked her outfit, she said it had "sprinkles" on it (the rhinestones)

Playing by the windows, turning away from mommy just as the picture is taken.

Dancing on the floor, messing up her hair.

This one was taken after class. She was so excited just to be with a bunch of other little girls her ageThey each got an attendance card (they'll get a sticker on it each week they bring it back to class) and a coloring sheet for "homework"

Friday, September 21, 2007


Greetings from the library! And why am I at the library? Well, some super talented Verizon worker was setting up FIOS for our neighbor and managed to disconnect phone service for our entire block of townhouses. So no internet and no phone since yesterday afternoon. I noticed the internet not working way before I noticed the phone. I guess I just thought no telemarketers were trying to call yesterday. But they said it should be taken care of by Monday. Oh joy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

High School

Julia tagged me for this one. I agree with what she said, college was much more fun than high school. I actually went to two different high schools- a Catholic all girls school my freshman year and then a magnet school for the rest.

1. who were your best friends?
I didn't have really good friends from my high school. I hung out with my sister and her friends sometimes and I had good friends at church, like Nancy and good friends that lived very far away like Cindy. I had a good friend at Catholic school named Penny. We had like all our classes together and we sat together because our last names were alphabetically very close.

2. were you in band, orchestra, or choir?
the orchestra!

3. were you a nerd?
It was a magnet school so we were all kinda nerds, but yeah, I think I was kind of a nerd. I spent a lot of time doing homework and I was pretty reserved.

4. can you still sing the fight song?
I honestly don't think we had a fight song. The Maria HS song was kind of fight songish and I kind of remember it. The Whitney Young song was very high and lame.

5. who was your favorite teacher?
I'd say Mrs. Murphy, the orchestra teacher. She was really cool. At Maria I really liked my biology teacher Mrs. Weaver. She had been a nun at one point and she had a brother who was LDS- weird huh?

6. where did you sit during lunch?
I was in "red house" so I often sat there and often I went to the library to do homework during lunch. Senior year all three of us kids had lunch at the same time so we all ate together. It was really fun. I remember we'd often try to scrounge up some change so we could share a bag of M&Ms from the vending machine. I also remember the nasty pasta we ended up with when we put it in tupperware that had been stored in a tight cupboard with smelly pine candles. And the other thing I remember was when we decided we would disband and join other families and all shook hands on it. :)

7. name the school's full name? Maria High School and Whitney M. Young Magnet High School

8. school mascot? a mystic (like a wizard) and a dolphin respectively

9. school colors? blue and gold (Maria), blue and orange (Whitney Young) - like the Bears!

10. rival high school? for Maria I think it was Lourdes HS. The boys schools had nicknames for the girls schools apparently and Maria was the Virgin Islands (I think) and I do remember Lourdes was "four floors of terror" Although I never played against Lourdes until one year at Whitney Young (go figure!) For Whitney Young I think the main rival was Lane Tech, but pretty much every school in Chicago land that thought they were something hated us.

11. did you go to prom?
nope, I sure didn't. I did go to the senior luncheon with my mom.

12. if you could go back and do it again, would you?
nope, I certainly wouldn't. I wouldn't mind having a younger body sometimes though. But I appreciate the confidence that has come with age and experience.

13. what do you remember most about graduation?
I had the wrong color tassel because I didn't get one and they thought they didn't have any more gold ones, but then I found a gold one. It was really long. It was at UIC pavillion.

14. where did you go on your senior Trip?
No senior trip, but when I graduated 8th grade (see, we had k-8 in Chicago) we went to Washington DC and who knew I'd end up living in this area!

15. favorite memory?
I did this really funny presentation in AP Composition about Journal of the Plague Year with a boy named Jeffrey. It was a take off a QVC type program selling the book as a "literary sleep aid." The teacher, Mr. English (how appropriate huh?) still remembered it and brought it up to Kathy when she was in his AP Comp class the next year.

16. were you in any clubs?
I was on the volleyball team all four years of HS. On varsity my 3 years at Whitney Young (them Catholic schools sure do have good sports! that is where I got all my skills)
I was in NHS (the most overgrown, highly overrated club at Whitney Young). At Maria I was in the AV/Medcom club because I wanted to do the morning announcements over the TVs (I did once and was kinda freaked out).

17. have you gained some weight since then?
My weight has fluctuated quite a bit in my life time, but I think it would be fair to say yes. Although I am at my heaviest ever right now due to being pregnant. *sigh*

18. who was your senior prom date?
no prom, no date

19. are you planning on going to your 10-year reunion?
Probably not

20. who was your high school sweetheart?
Well, I didn't date any one from my high school. I went on my first date the summer before senior year at the SHI program at Ricks. I liked a boy from that, but little did I know I'd marry Cindy's brother!

21. do you still talk to people from high school?
Do my siblings count? I occasionally talk to them.

22. where did you work in high school?
I didn't work during high school (I applied to Target a couple of times but they never wanted me). I worked at Lincoln Park Zoo (that's the one in Return to Me by the way, filmed the summer I worked there, but no I never got to see any filming) the summer after high school.

23. what were your grades? As and Bs, but our GPA scale was so wacked that my gpa was probably well above a 4.0 (an honors class A was worth 5.0, an AP class A was worth 6.0- sure messed me up when I started college!)

24. what was your dress style?
Style, style, hmmm. I don't think I had too much style. I wore whatever I could find that was clean and not too weird.

25. what year did you graduate? 1999

Monday, September 17, 2007

Kitchen Pictures

I should have put these up a while ago, but I got distracted with the whole Russell wedding thing. I also wanted to take a "finished" picture but I should have done that before we moved all the junk back in *sigh* I think also, I wasn't quite as pleased with the results in the kitchen as with the bathroom. But I should say, the kitchen needs a lot of help, like a remodel really and painting at least made the walls all the same color - yay! Here are some pictures of our fun:

Above Left: The "before" picture, although it was "after" we (here meaning mostly Meg) had done substantial cleaning

So where did all the stuff go? The "temporary kitchen" ie the living/dining room. This picture doesn't quite capture the full insanity of what it ended up like.

Here's what we found when we moved the stove. It could have been worse, that fugly tile could have been all over the kitchen, I think I prefer the laminate they put on top of it. It was even more disgusting before we excavated the layers of spilled food past (um, we think it had been food at one point any way)!

Not too hard to tell where the oven was with that convenient outline.

Bob working hard. You kind of get an overview of the whole tiny kitchen in this one.

Don't you just love our cool Simpson's wrapping paper window treatment? Jaide sure did. "there's marge and lisa and homer and bart and bart and lisa and....."

Bob with the obligatory "sad work face"

What did we ever do before blue painter's tape- oh yeah, masking tape.

Good old white primer, covers a multitude of wall sins.

Hey look, it is yellow!

It's even yellow behind stove as you can see with the stove missing.

Bob even leveled the ugly stove so at least now it's not quite so crooked. Too bad the yellow paint just kind of blends into the almond colored appliances and "butt ugly," old, messed up laminate counter tops. I've gotta do what I can with what I've got. Some day we'll tear it all out and start again! I just need a smart person to come up with an awesome kitchen design! Although monkeys could probably have designed better than this one.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ya Lucky Sniffs! I've Got a Plan!

What lucky family members we have! (the ones out west any way).
We're coming out for Russell's wedding.
Here's the plan.
Dec 19th- we fly to Las Vegas, leaving her about 7pm arriving there about 9 something. We'll spend the night at a hotel there.
Dec 20th- pick up the rental car and drive to Provo. We'll stay with Kathy and Rusty and hopefully get there by dinner time.
Dec 21st- we'll wish Kathy and Rusty a happy anniversary, go up to where ever the pre-Wedding whatnot is happening and then spend the night at mom's house.
Dec 22nd- we'll go to the wedding and reception (if that's what's happening). We'll spend the evening at mom's, Kathy and Rusty hopefully will come up (for the reception?) and we can do the Christmas thing that night at mom's house.
Dec 23rd- we'll go to church and then drive down to St. George, spend the night there.
Dec 24th- we'll drive to Vegas, return the car and depart at 12:30 and get home about 8pm.

Additional notes: I plan to not set a foot north of Salt Lake City or south (or West) of Las Vegas. I don't want to drive any more than is necessary and we won't. We don't know yet what the Squeakuel will be like for this trip and she will be our tiny master basically- so schedule is subject to change at whim of tiny baby (she'll be about 5 weeks old). See the schedule to see when we'll be available to hang out with you. We also don't know what the weather will be like, so pray for good weather!

PS: We bought our plane tickets last night! I figured $218 a pop was pretty darn good considering the alternatives (prices to SLC in the $400's and prices even to Vegas for returns after Christmas in the high $300s). And they're direct flights- hallelujah!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

News for Wednesday

Drs Appt
This morning I had my doctor appointment. It was super fast. But I did ask if they planned to induce me and the doctor said probably about a week before my due date. I'm not sure exactly when that will happen as my "official" due date is a Sunday and Monday before is Veteran's Day Observed. The doctor was fine with the ultrasound I had done last week even though it didn't look at the blood flow, I guess since the baby is measuring normally. I hit my "high" weight today (10ish weeks earlier than with Jaide *sigh*). I seriously considered not looking at the scale any more starting with this appointment, but I decided I'd rather know.

Shopping is a Constant
Despite my recent string of not very fun shopping expeditions I headed back into the fray again today. Jaide was actually pretty good. I've been trying hard to listen to her, pay attention to her, and talk to her in the car. Things have been going pretty well with that. We went to BJs for some food (she really likes going there and I don't even know why, they don't really have toys...) Then we headed over to Walmart because I wanted to buy an aquarium and I thought they'd probably have the best price. I also wanted to get something to add to my little bags of baby shower gifts for various people. I got what I came for there and without too much problem from Jaide. She was excited about the fish tank.
Then we headed over to Petco because Jaide wanted to. I kind of wanted to check out that store too. I'm completely unimpressed with Petsmart and their dirty tanks full of dead and dying fish. Petco had a bathroom so stinky Jaide even said something about it. But the fish seemed better. We'll probably get fish at the place at the mall though. They seem to be the best taken care of.
At Petco they had a few cats that needed to be adopted. Jaide kept asking me if we could get a cat. I told her daddy would not be happy if we got a cat. I certainly didn't want to pay $80 for one (plus a bunch more for all the accessories). We also enjoyed watching two little white mice run in two wheels. They seemed to be trying to impress us. They'd run really fast and then stop and hold on and try to get the wheel to turn them upside down. One actually made it all the way around the wheel.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What I've Been Reading

A lot of people have been blogging about what they've been reading. On our last trip to the library I decided to check out some parenting books. The one we're going to try using is called Parenting the strong-willed child: The Clinically Proven Five-Week Program for Parents of Two- to Six- Year Olds.
It's been interesting to read so far. Jaide is definitely a strong-willed child and has been since before she was born. She can be deceptively quiet and shy around other people, but once she feels comfortable...
So anyway, it's been interesting to read about the pitfalls that parents make when dealing with such kids (I'm so guilty!) but Bob and I are going to try the five week program.
This week we're supposed to practice "attending." That is paying attention to your child interacting with them without asking questions or giving directions. We're supposed to play for 10 minutes twice a day and just kind of narrate what they're doing, sound excited, and imitate them. It's hard. I knew as soon as I read in the book about a lot of people always asking questions or giving directions that that was totally me! I'll have to let you know how it goes.
I tried this morning playing dolls with Jaide. I think some other kind of play would be better because it drives me nuts to play dolls with Jaide. She always wants to make the dolls get stuck on "high mountains" or some other dangerous thing. Today it was sticking them between the couch cushion caves and having them trip over every piece of doll furniture.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Not Christmas!!!"

Is what I said when I read Bob's Dad's email. Bob's brother Russell is engaged and they're planning to get married "around Christmas." And I was dead serious this year about not going anywhere at Christmas time. I guess we shall see. I still might not. Here are my issues:
1. We'll have a 6 week oldish baby and they're not fun to travel with
2. Said baby will make standing outside in the cold for pictures somewhat impossible
3. I said I wasn't going anywhere for Christmas time!
4. Northern Utah is often colder than here
5. Travel around Christmas is expensive and it's always expensive to Utah
6. Traveling with Jaide isn't super fun either.
7. Bob might not have very much time off.
8. I'm going to be busy- but I guess that really depends when exactly they get married.
9. I don't want to still look pregnant in everybody's pictures.
10. Did I mention I said I wasn't going anywhere this year? (yeah kinda like last year and the year before)

Okay, so that's my rant. But here are some suggestions for Russell and Jen.
1. Wait till April, it's such nicer weather and there will be pretty flowers. Russell, you know how cold it was at Kathy's wedding! And it's much easier to find an apartment in April than in December. Just ask Kathy about her first "freezer" apartment.
2. A brand new baby will distract attention away from the bride, who should definitely be the center of attention on her wedding day. A couple of months old baby will not be as much of a novelty since family members might meet her before then.
3. Or you could get married some place warm, like Hawaii, or California, or Florida. Even St. George will probably be warmer. Bob and I think Las Vegas would actually be great. Cheap airfare, cheap hotels, and that temple is beautiful. The most beautiful Celestial room I've ever seen and I've been to quite a few temples now.
4. If you must get married in December, at least wait till after Christmas. Christmas is a Tuesday this year, just look at all those days after Christmas.

So there you have it. Congratulations though Russell and Jen! I think Kathy has been praying you guys would get engaged so we would have to come out to Utah and get to see her (at least she has been asking me about you all). But I think Kathy and Rosie will probably want to kill you if the squeakuel and I stay home and just Bob and Jaide go for your wedding.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Seventh Ultrasound

Today I had my seventh ultrasound with this munchkin. There's a good chance it won't be the last either since I went to the place my insurance wants me to go instead of to the place the doctor wanted me to go. They weren't able to look at the blood flow at this place (who knew? not me that's for sure) but they checked the growth. The squeakuel is measuring at 30 weeks 1 day (according to official due date I'm 29 weeks, 4 days) and she's a bit over 3 pounds. And yes, she is in fact head down. It was kind of cool to actually feel her flip over on Monday. Bob and Jaide got to come in for the last 10 minutes (basically after the ultrasound exam was done the tech just did some more to show them stuff).
The tech was nice enough to print off a picture just for Jaide. Jaide was somewhat excited about it. At dinner tonight, she was holding the picture and looking at it. We asked her if that was her baby sister. She said, "yes, it's baby sister." Then she said, "it's our baby." Then she changed her mind and said, "it's a baby tiger!" Then she told me I had a baby tiger inside of me. She told me the same thing tonight when I was helping her go to sleep. "you have a baby tiger inside you and I'm a tiger and daddy is a tiger. Rrrraaarrr!"

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Idiotic Parenting

click for link to article

I read this article online a while back about outsmarting your toddler. One of the suggestions was to act like an idiot to get them to help you. I've tried it twice now and it really works.
I got Jaide to help me clean the toilet the other day. In fact she didn't want to give me a turn with the toilet scrubby guy.
Today she decided to throw all the pillows off of my bed and she said something like 'we gotta wash em.' So I asked her to take the sheets off too. She did. But then later I wanted to put new sheets on and I wanted her to help me. She didn't want to help me so I pulled out the idiot card again. I put the pillowcase on my head and Jaide came a running to help me.
Now if only I could figure out how to diffuse an irrational, screaming fit.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Turn, turn, turn

I think the baby might have flipped into the "blast-off" position last night. (i.e. head down)
It was quite odd. For a while it felt like she was sideways and trying to stretch out my pelvis or something. The good thing though was that she was off my leg vein (yay!) and so my leg wasn't hurting even though it was the end of the day. Then there was more movement and then I could feel kicks up at the top of my belly. Then I needed a tums. But I think she's in a more comfortable (for me at least! and maybe her too) position now. I'm 29 weeks now.

Also- Happy Birthday wishes to my BIL Allen (yesterday), my sister Kathy (today), and my SIL Amber (the 2nd*)!

*this originally said tomorrow as in the 5th but doh! her birthday is the 2nd. I knew it was at the end of the Kathy/Allen birthday bloc, just didn't get the right end.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Get Well Wishes!

I thought about coming up with some kind of title playing off of appendix, but I couldn't come up with a good one.
Here's to my little sister Kathy who had to get her appendix out, I hope you recover quickly and feel better really soon!
When Rusty (my bil) called to let me know Kathy was in the hospital I thought I was going to have some kind of attack because for one, it was him that called and not Kathy and he kind of started out with this long thing about how Kathy got really sick. I was really glad that he didn't add 'and she died' but I was worried he would!
It reminded me of a certain other man- one to whom I'm married- who apparently left annoyingly short and mostly content free messages for people when I was in the hospital with a blood clot nearly five years ago. I think Kathy wanted to strangle him when she got a message that was something like 'Meg's in the hospital. She had a blood clot. She's doing better now.' It might have been even worse, I don't exactly remember and the one who was behind it conveniently doesn't remember either.

I've been tagged

Tracy tagged me on this one. You can go see her answers, they're pretty funny.
Here goes:
A. List 7 habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag 7 people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.
1. I'm often quite lazy (procrastination!) but sometimes quite gung-ho.
2. I'm a lot more sensitive than I like to let on.
3. I enjoy non-fiction books on topics of interest- home repair is a big one right now.
4. I grew up in the inner-city of Chicago and have witnessed two drive-by shootings (thankfully no one was hit in either one!)
5. I spent half of college as a pre-med major and I made it all the way through the first o-chem class. Man I hate Chemistry.
6. I would have all of my teeth (including all four wisdom teeth) except I had to get one of my regular molars pulled and now there's an implant instead- so I basically have 32 teeth- one is just fake. I even have fillings in a couple of my wisdom teeth.
7. When I was a little kid I had a friend who moved a short distance away. She was still in girl scouts with me until one day she told me her mom said she couldn't go to girl scouts any more because she had Catechism. I never called her or wanted to play with her again because I thought Catechism was some kind of disease. And I was baptized Catholic as a baby, I guess my Godparents really dropped the ball on that one ;)

Okay, I decided I'm going to tag those of you who don't have a blog yet- you can either answer in my comments or go start a blog. It's really easy to do actually.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Quick Takes

Here are some brief highlights (or lowlights in some cases) of the week.

Family Temple Day
We decided to do our weekly temple trip on Friday morning. My procrastinating self didn't set up a babysitting swap or babysitting (I didn't really know until Thursday afternoon that Bob wanted to go Friday morning) but anyway... We ended up all going down to the temple. We stole that idea from my friend Angela. Bob and I swapped templing and Jaide watching duties. I took Jaide for a walk around the temple, to the vistors center, and into the foyer at the temple. Jaide was very excited to see a bride and a groom coming out of the temple. Jaide really associates temples with weddings. She kept saying we were going to get married or that she wanted to get married. When it was time to go Jaide didn't want to leave because she didn't get to dance at anyone's wedding reception.

Did you know there's a cool scale replica of the Nauvoo temple at the DC temple visitor center? It's made entirely out of legos. It has a lego Joseph Smith and a lego President Hinkley on its steps.

Shop till it's not fun anymore
I can't remember what exactly I had wanted to say about shopping the other day, but I did so much of it this week it became not very fun. The thing that really made it not fun was Jaide's fit throwing. That and being big, tired, and the fact that my last trip took forever. Our last shopping trip was to the new Lowe's store. I had a coupon card for $10 a $50 purchase. Stupid me (wait, Jaide would say 'don't say tupid') Okay, unsmart me went to the self checkout since no one was there and all the manned checkouts had lines but of course then my coupon wouldn't work. After much waiting, they finally just re-rang my stuff up at a regular cash register and then the card still wouldn't work for them so they had to manually price adjust one of the items I bought.

All day long in the kitchen
We've spent all day long in the kitchen today. This long weekend is for painting the kitchen. Unfortunately, most of the work involved in this project has nothing to do with painting. I was so tired and frustrated with Jaide on Friday afternoon that I didn't really get any prep work done in the kitchen. So this morning we had lots and lots of stuff to move out of the kitchen. I also cleaned off all of the counter tops and the stove. We even moved the fridge and the stove. What a lovely mess we found. We have cleaned under the fridge before, but the stove area was N-A-S-T-Y! We've been taking some pictures but I spared everyone the most disgusting parts. It smelled about as good as it looked too. Hopefully painting will be started and completed on Monday.

We haven't quite decided when exactly to celebrate our anniversary of buying/moving into our house. We closed in mid-July, took possession at the end of August but didn't actually move in until Sept 25th. But I was thinking today that maybe we should just celebrate Labor Day since it's a federal holiday and it's also when we very first moved to Maryland. So happy 2nd anniversary to homeownership and happy 3rd anniversary to living in Maryland. We'll be celebrating in paint. Maybe you can enjoy some BBQ or something for us.