Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trunk or Treat and Hershey Park

Our camera died sometime during the Trunk or Treat on Friday. At least we got a couple of good pictures before they all ended up looking like this one.

Jaide dressed up as "stinkerbell."
It was raining like crazy that day so we had to do the trunk or treat inside.

Here's Jaide with a big grin and one of me in my huge halloween shirt with Jaide the "stinkerbell"

Since the camera went kaput we didn't get any pictures of our trip to Hershey Park. We almost didn't go because we didn't know if it would be raining (it did in the morning up there but not the afternoon) and then I felt kind of miserable that night. I felt okay in the morning though and we headed up there Saturday afternoon.
We finally got the Harry Potter 7 CDs from the library so we had those to listen to during our drive.
We decided later on that maybe we should have gone to Dutch Wonderland instead since there were more rides there that I could have gone on. I went on three rides with Jaide and Bob. Bob and Jaide went on a few together but it seemed like the lines were pretty long. So I got a lot of reading done while waiting for them. There were some rides I probably could have gone on with Jaide but we didn't want to wait in so many long lines. We did go to the Zoo America part of the park. It was interesting to see some of the animals in the dark and we got to touch a snake and a little alligator. Jaide also got to trick or treat in one part of the park. We didn't go to the factory tour- we'll have to do that on another trip since that part is free any way.
It was fun to get out and go somewhere. Jaide really enjoyed going on rides. We got home a bit late, but at least Jaide slept on the car rides there and back.

I'm full term today! Any time after the 1st the baby can come and that'll be fine with me.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Funny Toddler/Evil Toddler and "I'm Next!"

Jaide is so three years old! She is hilariously funny sometimes and a holy terror other times. I guess it's a good thing toddlers are cute.
Today she was being something else! During sacrament meeting when I was reminding her to be reverent she told me "don't say something to me." Later today the home teachers came over. Jaide was sitting next to me on the couch, but then she decided to grab the little red plastic chair we bought her from Ikea (only $3.99!) and put it on the couch. Then she sat in the red chair. I was fine with that, but I was not fine when she decided to try and stand on the chair and jump on it. I told her not to do it and I put the chair back on the floor. She did it again, so I took the chair and threw it down the stairs to the basement. Then she started crying and the whole shebang. She calmed down somewhat, but kept trying to sneak over to the basement door. Bob got her to play with something and she played really intently for about a minute then threw the thing and ran over to the basement door (like we'd still think she was playing or something?!) Toddler logic is something else.

Jaide is pretty funny though. She keeps trying to show people things when we're talking to them on the phone. If I can hear grandma on the phone I can surely put the phone up to the aquarium to show her my fishies, right?
Jaide enjoys listening to "mus git" (or news-git) usually of her own making (singing, hitting things, and so forth).
She often tells us things like "when i was the mommy..." or "when i was born i was a daddy and you were a kid and i drive the car"
Jaide sometimes hugs my tummy and talks to the baby. Then she looks up at me and tells me what she told the baby.
"we're going to get a big dog!" No we're not. We'd need a bigger house and a bigger yard. "we're going to get a dog on Sunday" "we'll get a big dog and it will help us build a big house"
Everything happens on Sunday apparently (it does sound an awful lot like "someday") And every thing costs "fifty nine dollars" (I guess it's come down in price as everything used to cost $79)

I found out today that another member of the ward pregnancy cohort gave birth on Saturday. She was due the first week in November but the doctors found some reason she needed to be induced right away at her last appointment. It was about 2ish weeks early but everything seemed to have worked out okay. So I'm the next in line.
I've kind of had some feelings like the squeakuel might come early but I'm not sure if that's just because I need to be prepared and not procrastinate or if she might actually come early. I guess we'll see. Tuesday is my next appointment and I'll have a growth scan. I'm excited to find out how big she is now.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A One Hour Tour, A One Hour Tour

We took the labor and delivery tour tonight at the hospital. I think we might have been the only ones that already had a kid. I guess you don't usually take a hospital tour with subsequent kids. I liked that it sounds like at this hospital that they are more about helping you bond with your baby right away than taking the baby off to do all that stuff they have to do. They'll keep you and baby in the L&D for the first hour of life when the baby is alert and then take the baby to be bathed and stuff after that when they're more sleepy.
When Jaide was born they took her fairly quickly and I didn't get to nurse her until much later. So I think this will be much better.
I also turned in my preregistration thingie today. The doctor asked me if I had at my appointment yesterday and when I said no she was all "why not!" Well let's see, insurance change, I was scheduled to take the tour the next day, um, I've been meaning to....
I had another biophysical profile yesterday as well (that's ultrasound #9, I almost lost count). Another 8 out of 8 score. I got to see baby practice breathing, swallowing, and moving around.
I asked the doctor about when they might actually induce me and she told me that they can't schedule it until a week in advance. She said that in my chart it said my due date was the 20th (what the heck! I never heard that one. All the precious early ultrasounds said the 18th!) But looking at the calendar she said it might be the 12th or 13th. I think I'd prefer the 8th or 9th, but I guess we shall see. Next week I'll have another growth check ultrasound and probably get my cervix checked. Maybe I'll just go into labor early, who knows? As long as baby is healthy, that's the important part.

Monday, October 15, 2007

First Day

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Update

I downloaded the pictures off the camera and I realized most of them I already downloaded and the other ones were mostly very random pictures that Jaide took (the wall, her feet, and so forth). Here's one I took of Jaide trying out a very old pair of daddy's glasses.

Our old microwave died. Bob bought a microwave back in '01 when he was out in Virginia on an internship. That little white microwave became our microwave after we got married. It did briefly die one time when we lived in Provo, but then it pulled a Lazarus- quite literally actually. It didn't work for several days and then right before we were going to throw it out, Bob plugged it back in one more time and it worked just fine. I don't remember exactly why it died- but I think it might have been Kathy's fault.

Well, a couple of days ago it didn't quite die, die- it just stopped functioning as a microwave. No cooking, just a huge clock and kitchen timer that would light up inside if you pressed the right buttons. It worked fine except for the whole heating food part. So this weekend we bought a new microwave. It is also a GE (as the little old one was- and hey, 6 years isn't too bad for a microwave). I did some researching online and learned that GE is a pretty good brand. Sharp is also apparently. Emerson is not so good- fires and whatnot. But anyway we like our microwave so far. I like don't want to get it dirty. We'll see how long that lasts.
Here's a picture.

We got several projects completed on Saturday. We hung the towel hooks in the bathroom, a mirror in our room, and a little corner shelf thing also in our room. We're slowly trying to get things organized before the baby comes and things get really crazy. I learned how to make a granny square in my crochet class on Thursday. I'm going to have to miss class this week for the labor and delivery tour at the hospital. Apparently those tours are only offered at extremely inconvenient days and times. Probably they'll all wonder where I am and if I'm having the baby since I forgot to mention it last week (I forgot that the tour was this upcoming week). I will have to learn on my own how to join granny squares together (yay for the internet!). It's kind of funny, all the ladies in my class are older and have kids my age. They always think they're having hot flashes because the room where we meet is warm (or maybe they are and I'm just also hot because I'm pregnant).

The third gal in my "pregnancy cohort" at church had her baby last week. I keep thinking now that I'm next, but there is another gal who's due date is before mine. I don't know yet what day they will induce me but it should be about 4 weeks away now. I'm 35 weeks along today! I think the baby was trying to find a way out last night. Mostly via kicking and punching me. Maybe I had too much sugar? We made caramel apples yesterday- very yummy! It's finally feeling more fall like, although I don't know that I can really wear "fall" clothes being pregnant. I'm still warm! I tried today, but I'm still warm! I made a list of things I wanted to get done before the baby comes and there aren't really too many more things to check off the list. Some of them will have to be done and redone (cleaning). Maybe the baby will come when the list is finished (ha!)

A Place to Comment on the Poll

I see a couple of people have voted in the poll (one of those votes I put in for mom) but I thought it might be good to give people a place to comment on it. So here you go.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Job Bob

Well, today is Bob's last day working for "the Man" directly. Monday he'll be a contractor. It will be a very significant pay raise. But most importantly, we both prayed about this job change and felt like it was the right thing to do.
It's too bad they couldn't wait until after the baby is born- they needed Bob to start Monday. So we'll be switching insurance. We also had to use up our flexible spending account (several boxes of bandaids, otc meds, and four pairs of glasses later...) But one good thing so far, this new insurance will allow me to get my ultrasounds at the doctor's office! And now I'm going to have to have one weekly for the duration so that will be a noticeable convenience.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some Like it Hot Sauce

When I was pregnant with Jaide I really liked sour stuff- lime-aid, lemon salt, and sour patch kids- for example. I also liked bean and cheese burritos from Beto's (but those aren't sour).
This pregnancy I've really wanted spicy food- spicy cheese, hot sauce, salsa, spicy chicken, and so forth. I actually bought a bottle of hot sauce which thing I'd never done before. I added some hot sauce to the medium salsa we have when we had tacos. I pick things to eat based on if they'd be good with hot sauce. I'm not sure what, if anything, this means. Although I have heard of the old wives tale of if you have lots of heartburn you'll have a baby with a head full of hair. It was true last time, maybe it will be true again. Although the heartburn doesn't seem to be related to spicy food. Things like eating chocolate, drinking water, or lying down seem to be the main causes of my heartburn. Maybe the next kid will want salty stuff?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Flashback Sunday

Happy Birthday to Becky! Jaide was excited to talk to you on the phone.

Five years ago today I had a huge DVT (that's a bad blood clot) in my left leg. It was five years ago today that I finally went to the doctor after a conference weekend of increasing pain and swelling. My leg was so swollen and purple that even Bob could tell it was swollen and discolored. Oct 7, 2002 was a Monday morning. I waited until the BYU health center was open and we went there. I had been in so much pain the night before that it woke me up from sleep. Only one other thing ever did that- when I needed root canal. But this was worse than that. So anyway, we went to the health center and they kept asking me if I had injured my leg or taken a long trip. No and no. They decided I needed to go to the emergency room. One cheerful nurse told me I was one of the few real emergencies they get. Oh joy! They let Bob take me to the emergency room as long as he was sure to get a wheel chair and wheel it to the car and wheel me into the hospital. He had to wheel me to the car from the health center as well. Little did I know my feet wouldn't touch the ground again for a few days. I went from wheel chair to exam table and they did an ultrasound on my leg. Yes, it is a blood clot. I was relieved because I wasn't just imagining horrible pain and leg swelling (funny how women are so unsure of stuff like this, we've got issues!) There was a real reason behind it and hopefully relief!
After the ultrasound they decided to wheel me to the actual emergency room exam room on the table from the ultrasound part. I felt a little funny, but whatever. They didn't want me to move because they didn't want any of the blood clot to break off and go to my lungs and kill me or something. Fortunately they found some drugs strong enough to ease my pain and then the pulmonary doctor and radiologist had a disagreement over how to go about treating me. Luckily the radiologist won and they decided to be more aggressive than they might have been. It was a good thing since the clot was even bigger than they had thought it was. They ended up busting up my clot with heparin straight to my leg. I think they also physically busted it up somewhat (I was a bit out of it). They also ended up ballooning my vein to "unsquish" it but that didn't quite do what they hoped it would, so I now have two metal stents in that vein to keep it wide open. All of that happened over about 3 days.
It wasn't very fun being in the hospital. I spent those first couple days in "intermediate care." I had to stay at a certain angle in bed (I couldn't sit up to eat or lie completely flat to sleep). I couldn't get out of bed (I've done a bed pan and I've done the wilderness, peeing in the wilderness wins hands down!) They had me on a liquid diet. So every day during that time I got strained cream of mushroom soup, or as I called it "cream of nothing." I "woke up" while they were putting the stents in my vein and they had to give me more drugs. I think the thing I hated most was feeling like I had no control whatsoever over what was happening to me. I still hate feeling that way. Luckily it doesn't happen too often.
After the clot was all gone I got to spend a couple days in a regular hospital room. The first night they gave me my liquid dinner again and I wrote on my tray paper "when can I eat real food?" The nurse saw it and said, oh you should have gotten a regular dinner today. But then of course the kitchen was closed.
I got to learn how to give myself a shot, although I didn't end up taking too many of those at that point. I ended up taking coumadin for a whole year afterwards. Don't try getting private health insurance when you're taking coumadin. Fortunately, I ended up getting a job with health insurance. A little over nine months after I stopped taking coumadin, Jaide was born. I got to take lots and lots of shots during those nine months. And that's why I'm taking shots now, to prevent blood clots.
I'm glad that I found out about my blood clotting disorder before I had kids since it can cause big problems in pregnancy. It definitely wasn't fun at the time but we do laugh about some of the experiences now (I was pretty funny when I was drugged up and I got them to print out pictures of my blood clot). But when I do meet other people who have similar clotting problems in their family history I tell them, you don't want to get a blood clot! Taking shots hurts a lot less than getting a blood clot! I think a blood clot might actually hurt worse than giving birth (now I did get an epidural, but I also was pumped full of pitocin for a while before I got the epidural- but that's a whole 'nother story).

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Working all day then dinner and dancing

Today we continued our tradition of listening to Saturday session of Conference at home on the internet and doing stuff around the house. We're nearing the end of our projects to complete before baby comes master plan. This morning we worked on the railings in the front of the house. We got those done today as well as cleaning, sanding, and painting the outside of the back door and the door frame. Rust and mildew were our enemies. Tilex sure does work great on mildew, even outside in our swampy back yard!
Bob went to Priesthood session of conference at church and got there early enough for the pizza beforehand. Jaide and I decided to have pizza too for our girls night out. We went to Pizza Hut. Jaide was a good girl. She stayed in her seat most of the time and kept her running commentary about all the other patrons to a normal tone of voice. There was music playing at the restaurant so every now and again Jaide had to get out of her seat and dance. At least she stayed close to our table. Jaide made one little friend who came over to our table after Jaide motioned for her to come over. Shortly after we got there (and before the dancing) another family, frustrated with their own little boy, told him to look at Jaide and see how good that little girl was behaving. Jaide waved at them and told me, "that family is talking about me."