Sunday, October 21, 2007

Funny Toddler/Evil Toddler and "I'm Next!"

Jaide is so three years old! She is hilariously funny sometimes and a holy terror other times. I guess it's a good thing toddlers are cute.
Today she was being something else! During sacrament meeting when I was reminding her to be reverent she told me "don't say something to me." Later today the home teachers came over. Jaide was sitting next to me on the couch, but then she decided to grab the little red plastic chair we bought her from Ikea (only $3.99!) and put it on the couch. Then she sat in the red chair. I was fine with that, but I was not fine when she decided to try and stand on the chair and jump on it. I told her not to do it and I put the chair back on the floor. She did it again, so I took the chair and threw it down the stairs to the basement. Then she started crying and the whole shebang. She calmed down somewhat, but kept trying to sneak over to the basement door. Bob got her to play with something and she played really intently for about a minute then threw the thing and ran over to the basement door (like we'd still think she was playing or something?!) Toddler logic is something else.

Jaide is pretty funny though. She keeps trying to show people things when we're talking to them on the phone. If I can hear grandma on the phone I can surely put the phone up to the aquarium to show her my fishies, right?
Jaide enjoys listening to "mus git" (or news-git) usually of her own making (singing, hitting things, and so forth).
She often tells us things like "when i was the mommy..." or "when i was born i was a daddy and you were a kid and i drive the car"
Jaide sometimes hugs my tummy and talks to the baby. Then she looks up at me and tells me what she told the baby.
"we're going to get a big dog!" No we're not. We'd need a bigger house and a bigger yard. "we're going to get a dog on Sunday" "we'll get a big dog and it will help us build a big house"
Everything happens on Sunday apparently (it does sound an awful lot like "someday") And every thing costs "fifty nine dollars" (I guess it's come down in price as everything used to cost $79)

I found out today that another member of the ward pregnancy cohort gave birth on Saturday. She was due the first week in November but the doctors found some reason she needed to be induced right away at her last appointment. It was about 2ish weeks early but everything seemed to have worked out okay. So I'm the next in line.
I've kind of had some feelings like the squeakuel might come early but I'm not sure if that's just because I need to be prepared and not procrastinate or if she might actually come early. I guess we'll see. Tuesday is my next appointment and I'll have a growth scan. I'm excited to find out how big she is now.


Tracy said...

It's amazing how they can be so cute and so frustrating at the same time! I hope everything goes well with the new baby!

kathy said...

that jaide is so silly. i love reading her little comments. we are excited for you guys to come and visit us in a couple of months. maybe the squeakuel will come early, so that she'll be a bit bigger when it's time to travel.

Hules said...

Wow, you really are next! I can't believe your baby counter is so soon! And, I just received the package you sent me for the baby. We LOVE it! The little blue outfit is so adorable! Can't wait to see it on her. So glad they're making "blue" cute & girly these days. Thank You SO much! I'll be sending off your package soon too. Is there anything specifically you still need for your baby?

Jenni said...

I really think 3 is so much harder than 2 - I am in the midst of the 3's still with my Ben and he can be a "holy terror" sometimes too (I love that phrase)! Best of luck with your baby preparations!

Meg said...

Hi Julia,
I thought of you when I saw that outfit. I can't think of anything we really need.

Jenni- I didn't know your little guy was 3 too. I totally agree with you!

Cindy said...

I had a dream that your baby had already been born. I asked if you were going to name her Cornucopia like I wanted, but you said that you were naming her Latasha. I said, "Latasha? Are you serious?" And you assured me that you were.

Since the baby hasn't been born yet, there's time for you to change your mind. Don't call her Latasha. (You may laugh, but my dream about who would win So You Think You Can Dance last summer proved to be accurate. So I've got to look out for the baby's best interests.)

And just to be clear, I don't actually want you to call her Cornucopia.