Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trunk or Treat and Hershey Park

Our camera died sometime during the Trunk or Treat on Friday. At least we got a couple of good pictures before they all ended up looking like this one.

Jaide dressed up as "stinkerbell."
It was raining like crazy that day so we had to do the trunk or treat inside.

Here's Jaide with a big grin and one of me in my huge halloween shirt with Jaide the "stinkerbell"

Since the camera went kaput we didn't get any pictures of our trip to Hershey Park. We almost didn't go because we didn't know if it would be raining (it did in the morning up there but not the afternoon) and then I felt kind of miserable that night. I felt okay in the morning though and we headed up there Saturday afternoon.
We finally got the Harry Potter 7 CDs from the library so we had those to listen to during our drive.
We decided later on that maybe we should have gone to Dutch Wonderland instead since there were more rides there that I could have gone on. I went on three rides with Jaide and Bob. Bob and Jaide went on a few together but it seemed like the lines were pretty long. So I got a lot of reading done while waiting for them. There were some rides I probably could have gone on with Jaide but we didn't want to wait in so many long lines. We did go to the Zoo America part of the park. It was interesting to see some of the animals in the dark and we got to touch a snake and a little alligator. Jaide also got to trick or treat in one part of the park. We didn't go to the factory tour- we'll have to do that on another trip since that part is free any way.
It was fun to get out and go somewhere. Jaide really enjoyed going on rides. We got home a bit late, but at least Jaide slept on the car rides there and back.

I'm full term today! Any time after the 1st the baby can come and that'll be fine with me.


kathy said...

i was so happy to see a new post from you today. jaide makes such a cute "stinkerbel" i love the pictures. that's too bad about your camera.
so what do you think of harry 7? are you sad that jkr recently said dumbledore was gay? i thought that was totally unnecessary. but i still liked the 7th book.

Hules said...

Wow, you are so close!!! She's going to be here before you know it!

I agree about Dutch Wonderland being easier to do pregnant vs. Hershey Park. Yet, had you been to Hershey Park before? Because if not, that in itself would be a reason to have gone. I went to Sesame Place 9 months pregnant. I thought I would go into labor driving on all those Pennsylvania bumps in the road.

Glad you had a good time! Best wishes to you as your time gets oh, so close!

Meg said...

Our new camera came today, yay! But my CD player is dead- electronics aren't faring well around here.
We finished Harry 7 on Halloween night. It was really good. That whole Dumbledore comment seems kind thrown out there outta nowhere. I just don't see how you could get that out of the book. Seems pretty silly.
It's hard to believe it's finally November and every day is one of those days I looked at on the calendar and considered what I'd be able to do and if the baby would come. Pretty crazy! I would like to make it to my last crochet class on the 8th though, but any time after that! And I do want to be home before the 15th so I can watch Jaide's ballet class do their little performance.
That was our first trip to Hershey so it was fun to go and check it out, but I think it will be more fun to go when I can ride more rides :)