Monday, November 12, 2007

The Meg Update

We've had two nights at home now and so far things are going well. I feel like a human and not a zombie! I'm cautiously optimistic that I won't have as hard a time with this little one as I did with Jaide. I've got some things going in my favor this time- we're not moving across the country in a few weeks for one. Also, this labor and delivery weren't nearly so traumatic. Bob and I seem to have figured out how to work together to take care of the baby and get some sleep. My wonderful mother in law is here with us and is a huge help! She's vacuumed, cooked, done laundry, played with Jaide... It's been a really great help! Kiree nurses like a champ. It sure does help to have done this before.
I've asked people after they've had their second child if they feel like they're so much less dumb as parents the second time around and if it's easier. Everyone I've asked had said that it was easier with the baby because of the experience from the first, but then you have two to deal with! That is true. I'm trying to not make Jaide feel like I've been taken away by the baby. It's hard though. Jaide is really loving having Grandma to play with. I think she's going to be very sad when Grandma has to go home.

A tale of two labor and deliveries
Well, here's the story of Kiree's birth. I found myself constantly comparing it to Jaide's birth. I think overall this time was better.
Wednesday morning I had a doctor's appointment. I had my 12th ultrasound and Dr. Esposito scheduled my induction for the 13th. I was hoping for earlier. I was thinking of praying for the baby to come on Friday but it turned out I didn't have to. Wednesday afternoon Jaide and I went to the gym. I worked out (and I use the term loosely since I wasn't really exerting myself, it was more about watching cable tv design shows than exercising) and Jaide played at kidspace. I got dressed afterwards and was about to head up to get Jaide when I felt a little plop. I thought my water may have broken but I wasn't sure since not much came out at first. I went and got Jaide and I felt more wet. Good thing I brought the sample adult diaper we got in the mail in my gym bag (okay, for some reason somebody thinks I'm old, like I get mail offers for AARP members. I don't know how that happened). It became obvious to me that my water had broken (gushing and such). My water also broke with Jaide so I had experience. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) my body doesn't seem to care that the water is broken and it doesn't start contractions. It was a good thing at first since I had to drive to Bob's work and get him. We then stopped at home to get a couple of things and to drop Jaide off with a family in our ward. They would also pick up Bob's mom from the airport (she got in at 5pm that evening).
My doctors never told me what they wanted me to do if I went into labor. I guess I was supposed to call them and have them check me out first before I went to the hospital. But I knew my water had broken so we just went to the hospital. They waited for a while to see if I'd start having some contractions but I didn't. They started me on pitocin. I really think with Jaide they just cranked it right away but this time they increased it slowly. I went for about 4 hours before I got my epidural. Bob did a great job of keeping me distracted and rubbing my back and stuff. I didn't like my epidural as much this time. I got the epidural pretty early with Jaide and it was good- I wasn't in much pain but I could still move and tell when I was contracting. This time it hurt like crazy going in (I was having strong contractions by this point and had a couple while they were putting in the epidural). They also made Bob leave. So I was hunched over the nurse while the anesthesiologist did her thing. The pain relief was very good but my legs went almost totally numb. I could only curl my toes under. Then my right hip, back, and right part of my stomach still hurt. I told the nurse and she had me hit the button. I didn't want to since I was so numb and I shouldn't have hit it since it didn't help the pain (I didn't think it would) and it made my legs and toes completely numb.
But about 6 and half hours after the start of pitocin, Kiree came. Bob and the nurse had to hold my legs since I had no feeling what so ever. I didn't feel Kiree coming down the pipe (I had felt Jaide). I got to watch Kiree's birth in the mirror. I got to see Jaide starting to come out but then my doctor pushed the mirror out of the way when he came in. It was really great to spend Kiree's first hour with her. I got to nurse her and she did great right away. That probably would have been helpful with Jaide. I had to stay in the delivery room for a while after they took Kiree. My legs were still totally numb. Bob and the nurse had to hold me up to help me into the wheelchair. I was still fairly numb when they moved me to my room. The nurse had to scrounge up some food for me. Bob got me one of every kind of cookies from the snack room. I hadn't eaten since 11am and Kiree was born at 12:49am on Thursday so I was very hungry. Jaide was born in the morning so I was just in time for breakfast with her.
It took us a while to decide on Kiree's name. I kept changing my mind as to which of three options I liked best. We finally decided Thursday afternoon.

Still smiling during labor. I started a granny square to take my mind off the pain. I missed my last crochet class since it was the night of the 8th.


Tracy said...

I'm so glad you're home and actually getting some sleep. You look great and Kiree is adorable. How great to have family there to help. I hope things continue to go well. Congratulations!

Hules said...

You look great! So glad to hear you are home & doing well. Wish I was at your stage right now! Too bad we can't get all these little girl cousins together!

rusty said...

we're kind of sad you didn't name her ralph, but kiree's good too. we'll have to learn to love it. jk we love kiree.

Jenni said...

You looked so chipper during labor!! Wow!! I'm so glad that things are going well and that you have family to help!

Meg said...

Thanks guys! You don't have too much longer Julia :) I definitely wasn't smiling the whole time but Bob was smart enough not to take my picture when I was in a lot of pain.