Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Thanks-tacular

Thanksgiving is a special holiday for us. Here's a little bit about that.

Thanksgiving 1999
I was a freshman at BYU. I didn't have any where to go for Thanksgiving so my roommate Cindy invited me to join her and her two older brothers at their Aunt Mary and Uncle Tom's house. I had already met 5 of Cindy's siblings and her parents. This was the first time I'd ever met her brother Bob. I knew he was tall and he had played volleyball. I think I'd also heard some other stories about this Bob guy (mean older brother type stuff- these stories stopped being told to me once I got to know this guy for some reason).
I thought Bob was kind of cute but I wasn't impressed that he didn't seem to want to talk to his grandma (his grandma that reminded me of my little grandma). After dinner we went to Bob and Allen's apartment and played games. I think there was a little flirting going on but after that was pretty much the last I saw of Bob until the next school year.

Thanksgiving 2000
Kathy and I both worked at the MTC cafeteria this Thanksgiving. Bob and Cindy went to St. George so this was a Bobless thanksgiving. I was Cindy's roommate at the Raintree and Bob also lived in the Raintree that year. We were all in the same FHE group and Bob started hanging out with us and we became friends. Four days after Thanksgiving was November 27th (I had to look this one up online) that's Little Grandma's birthday and it's the day Bob and I officially started dating.

Thanksgiving 2001
Bob had just come home from his 6 month internship in Virginia. We had decided to "date other people" while he was gone but neither of us really did. We had brought up the "M" word and thought that we'd pretty much know if we wanted to get married when he got back. Well, we still really liked each other. We went to Bob and Cindy's Uncle Richard's house for Thankgiving. About twoish weeks later on my birthday Bob proposed.

Other Thanksgivings of note-
2003- I was in my first trimester of my pregnancy with Jaide. We made a whole turkey and whatnot. Our only guest for Thanksgiving was my vegetarian sister Kathy. I got really sick of turkey really fast.
2007- first Thanksgiving since I was pregnant with Jaide that I've really been looking forward to eating Thanksgiving food.

Right-Thanksgiving 2005 with the Smiths

Left- Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving present
We hung out at home and had chicken instead of turkey (Bob's not a big turkey fan). We went and had pie with Bob's cousin Mary and her family. Jaide sure loves her second cousins!


Hules said...

I love the bib that fits like a dress! She's so cute! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Oh, and I've had a package for you for a while. I got it all ready right before I went into labor & well, I haven't been to the post office yet!

Meg said...

Thanks Julia! I know how that goes with not quite getting stuff done before the baby comes :)

Jenni said...

Thanksgiving sure does sound like your "Flag Day"!!:) I love your cool Simpson's blog title Meg!! So glad you had a good Thanksgiving - I'm a chicken instead of turkey person too - that whole turkey just seems so intimidating!!

Tracy said...

So cute! I love the Thanksgiving baby. So glad you all are doing well.

Meg said...

Jenni, I'm glad you like my title and know where it came from :) I tried to find a picture of the fortune that said that but haven't been successful so far.