Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Plesants

Jaide has this cute habit of making "r" sound like "l" in many words. Jaide is at a very cute age for Christmas. She has been very, very excited about it. It was really fun to see her open her "plesants" (and Kiree's and helping us with ours as well). Jaide is such a sweetie. She absolutely loved everything she got and was so excited about it. She spent time playing with each thing. Jaide had asked Santa for a piano and he brought her a keyboard. She was so excited about it she tried to carry it upstairs to show daddy.Bob tries on his Christmas present sleep pants
Kiree on the other hand was not so into the Christmas thing. She cried. But we did get some cute pictures of her sleeping. Jaide's 1st Christmas sleeper didn't look too big on her although Jaide was five months old her first Christmas. The hat did look big though I'll have to admit.Kiree poses with her presents the day after Christmas.
Grandpa C. apparently had a "senior moment" and forgot Kiree's name. Too bad he sent her a personalized blanket animal thing. Well, it is one letter off of Jaide's middle name.
Know anybody named Ellyn?
It was quite pleasant to be home for Christmas. It's like I got five extra days of January before January starts.

Gotta love that baby mohawk!


Rusty & Kathy said...

that is hilarious about dad. i don't even know what else to say about that. but i love the pictures and i'm glad jaide liked her piano. kiree was so cute in her little Christmas outfit, too.

kathy said...

oh, you should be proud meg.... i only voted on your poll once! :)

The Mahaffey Family said...

That's great! I've got a personilzed blanket for Ashlyn from my dad with the name "Shannon" on it! That was the name he was voting for, but it didn't win!