Sunday, December 2, 2007

A few more pictures

Jaide feeding "baby dog"


Tracy said...

Beautiful pictures. What a nice early Christmas present you received!

kathy said...

i love the pictures. little kiree is so cute. and so is little jaide. :)

Hules said...

There's something so familiar to me about little Kiree's face. Is it because she looks like Jaide? Or does she look like Meg? They are both so adorable.

And by the way, it's so fun that you and I have little baby girls just a week appart. Although, I must say you are ahead of me in already venturing out for a shopping trip. It's fun to see what you're up to since we're in the same boat... so I also appreciated your comment on "shrinking" to buy new clothes. I'm more thinking about how I can't wait to not be sore anymore so I can put on my Gap Jeans again.

Jenni said...

So cute!! Kiree is just precious! My Sophie started "feeding" all her dolls when I was nursing Ben - it's so funny!

Meg said...

Thanks guys! I got an early Christmas and Birthday present. She's a good baby :)
I often think Kiree looks like various family members: that one pic looks like my sister Kathy did as a baby. Sometimes she reminds me of Bob's dad, sometimes my grandmother, sometimes the gerber baby, Jaide too occasionally.
I wore my gap jeans the other day but they made me sore :( And I bought those right after Jaide was born :'(
Yesterday Jaide was taking care of her baby doll and she said we had to share the boppy. I was nursing Kiree and Jaide was like, "can I have the boppy?" Later she asked me for a spit cloth.