Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Is this evil?

Or just really funny?
The other day I got another one of those annoying young men that come to your door and try to sell you magazines so they can win points in some moronic contest. It's for a trip and for college and for charity, blah, blah. This one told me it was so he could win a trip and money for college for books and beer. Yeah, that's really winning me over there.
Last year the first one that came by said that if I bought from him that would stop more from coming. And I didn't buy from him and more did come. Isn't that extortion or something? Well, anywho, yesterday another one came by but I didn't answer the door. (I figure it was one of them because of the annoying way they knocked and then immediately rang the doorbell). And then I got an idea. Why should I be sitting in my house being quiet and not answering my door when I could be having some fun.
I thought, wouldn't it be funny to go upstairs, open the window and drop something on said annoying solicitors? Water in the cold would be cruel. Hmm, maybe I could find a recipe online for fake bird poop! Now, I haven't actually done that yet. I told Bob and he laughed but then he said that was mean. But he laughed first!
Well, I probably won't have any of them come by today in this weather any way. We'll have to see what happens.


Jenni said...

Meg!! You are so funny!! I can't imagine you actually dropping something on an unsuspecting sales-guy!! You are just too sweet! But if you do, the fake bird poop would be funny...;)

rosie said...

Bob and I must be related; I had the same response.

kathy said...

i laughed, too. but it would be really mean. i'd just very obviously be home but not answer the door. :)

Hules said...

What a great idea! An egg, or hmm, a dirty diaper.... I'm so mean... but really why choose an occupation that just bugs people all day long. Missionaries are exceptions of course.

Oh, Meg, I finally shipped your baby present yesterday. (I had it all packaged & ready to ship & then went into labor that day instead.) They said it should get there in 3 days. I'm sure Kiree will be adorable in it. ...and


Meg said...

Thanks Julia! I'll keep an eye out for it.
Yeah, I don't know that I'd actually do this, especially since it would probably mess up my Christmas lights to open up the window ;)

Anonymous said...

Technically it would be assault.