Sunday, December 9, 2007

Old People Don't Know How to Drive

Saturday afternoon we all went grocery shopping at Food Lion. But before we could get inside we had to park the car. Well, Bob always pulls into one of the aisles that are farthest from either door and those aisles for some strange reason have the handicapped parking spaces.
We pulled into the aisle as a car was starting to pull out of one of the handicapped spaces- a little, red PT cruiser. Well Bob stopped because he saw they were pulling out. But the little old man driving the car apparently wasn't looking back at all while he was backing out. As he got quite close to our car, Bob honked the horn. But that didn't stop little old cruiser man. What did stop him was the front of our car. He stopped for a bit and then pulled forward and left. I think the Food Lion employee who was out getting carts and watching the whole thing was more angry than we were. We parked and I got out and looked at the car, but it was fine. (I think the other car was fine too, but I didn't have much time to notice as they were already gone). The employee asked a couple times if our car was damaged and we told him no.
So then we went in to shop. Bob was pushing the car and Jaide was hindering helping, I think. The cart started veering into a display. I said without thinking, "be careful, we don't want to run into things" then added "unlike certain old people in the parking lot." We shared a good laugh.


Meg said...

This post title is an homage to Cindy who often generalizes about old people in posts about "the old person" on her blog. Cindy, you haven't written one lately, is "the old person" still around?

Brenda said...

Wow! That's great that you can laugh about it!! I think I would have been steaming!! I hope your car is really ok. How weird that he just left!!!

Jenni said...

That's awful!! I can't believe he didn't get out to say sorry or anything! Crazy! Glad your car was ok though.

Cindy said...

The Old Person cancels whenever one of us is sick or it's snowing. And, that's pretty much covered the past two months. So we haven't done anything in a while. (I also have a sneaking suspicion that she's avoiding me because she's upset with me for some reason. Maybe because I didn't read her mind well enough last time we went shopping together. Old People expect you to be psychic.)