Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Traditions

We don't have a whole lot of family traditions for Christmas yet. We've just kind of done some from each of our families so far. For the past few years I've wanted to watch the old black and white version of A Christmas Carol that we used to watch when I was younger. I finally got to this year. I signed up for netflix again just so I could get that movie. Fortunately it even came before Christmas eve. We let Jaide stay up to watch it with us. She kept asking what was going on every couple of minutes and where the "bad guy" was.

Bob's mom makes tea rings at Christmas to give out and for Christmas breakfast. We've kind of been doing that too (when we've been home). So we gave out several tea rings and some cinnamon rolls to people. Hopefully we weren't giving out viruses too on our rounds.

We acted out the nativity on Christmas Eve like Bob's family does each year (well, with a lot less people). Jaide was Mary and Kiree was an angel.

This year we did not make Christmas enchiladas (we did the last Christmas eve we were home for back in 04) but I think we probably will in the future.

This month, we made cutout sugar cookies, and lots of other sweets. We went last Sunday to see the lights at the temple (it sure was crowded!) We watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie as well as How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I think we pretty much did everything we really wanted to from my list of Christmasy stuff I wrote (and lost).

Our ward even had a Christmas party this year and we got to go to that too. Jaide sang with the primary and ran around a lot with her friends. Kiree tried to run around too but we didn't let her so much because she is much smaller than most of the kids.

Some of our families' traditons are kind of at odds with one another since they're opposite things, like opening presents on Christmas morning wearing pjs vs. getting dressed and looking good for pictures. This year we mostly got dressed before presents. Kiree ended up getting undressed and redressed though since she got sick. I'm not sure what we'll do next year. I did miss seeing our families though.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I don't recommend

Getting a jump start on new year's weight loss the day after Christmas could be a good thing, but I don't recommend getting that jump start by getting sick with the flu. It may be effective, but it is not fun.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas from R Family!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Inspiration for Our Family Christmas Pic

This was Bob's Christmas card back when he was a missionary in Texas. This was the inspiration for our picture this year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Party, Party, Party

This week is just full of parties. I think I'm going to have to detox from all the sugar we've been consuming in the past few days. Yesterday we had a playgroup Christmas party at our house, today we went to a birthday party, preschool party, and the ward Christmas party is tonight. Tomorrow is Bob's work party. I've been making all kinds of goodies for people and events (and eating way to many).
Bob and I have been staying up way to late finishing up Christmas projects too. I'm thinking next week will be better. Everything will be in the mail (except the stuff that hasn't arrived yet, sorry a coupla people, you'll be getting new year's presents or something) and I don't think we have too much planned for next week. Maybe I'll even get back to the gym!

The girls got to stay up and watch the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The I Am Tag

Jenny tagged me a while back

I am: Meg.
I think: a lot.
I want: to be happy.
I have: a sweet family.
I dislike: the mess the girls make when they eat.
I miss: being young.
I fear: messing up.
I feel: okay.
I hear: a clock ticking.
I smell: cookies.
I crave: um, cookies? they're right over there in the kitchen.
I cry: every now and again.
I usually: waste way too much time.
I regret: being so dumb so many times.
I search: for good deals on stuff we 'need'.
I wonder: what will happen in the future.
I love: Bob, Jaide, and Kiree.
I care: about what happens to children.
I always: forget stuff.
I worry: about the girls.
I am not: a fish.
I remember: more than Kathy about our childhoods.
I believe: in Jesus Christ.
I dance: rarely.
I sing: the alto part of Angels We Have Heard on High (so fun!).
I don't always: know what to say (often!).
I argue: nicely?
I write: blog posts in my mind and some even on this blog.
I win: pictionary?
I lose: my patience, temper (sometimes), keys.
I wish: my stuff didn't get up and walk away aided by small people.
I listen: to other people's conversations.
I don't understand: how some people seem to 'do it all'.
I can usually: get stuff done.
I watch: tv shows on the internet.
I need: magic stain and dent resistant wall coverings, flooring would be nice too.
I forget: things people just barely told me.
I am happy: when I can do fun things with my family

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Cutest Picture I Didn't Buy

I took the girls to Target last week to get some holiday pictures. The pictures turned out very well, but the one thing I don't like is that it's very hard to pick out the best ones on their little kiosk with someone hovering over you trying to get you to decide as fast as possible. Now if you know me well, you know I'm not a quick decider, especially when it comes to buying stuff. I wish I would have gotten this picture instead of the one I got as an 8X10. Sadly, a single reprint would be like a third of what I paid for all the many pictures I did buy. Oh well! If I had so many good pictures, I would have to put them all up and our house would be like a shrine to the girls (er, um, moreso than it is now with their stuff all over the place).

I guess I should be glad it all worked out anyway, what with Jaide spilling that last little bit of grapejuice she found in the car on her white skirt and the general crankypantsedness of all three of us.
All in all it wasn't too bad though especially considering it was Kiree's first professional photo shoot. Kiree really loved that tiny little chair. She kept going for it and finally the photographer let her take a photo sitting in it.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Not My Birthday! It's Not Today!

...but it was Saturday.
So here's the recap of what we did.
We hung out at home in the morning, then I took the girls to the gym after Kiree's nap. Kiree does really well at kidspace these days. They only call me now to change poopy diapers, which she keeps making at the gym for some reason. She was a little sad after I changed her diaper and left again, but her favorite young man, Nick was there to hold her so it was all good.
Sadly, when we got out to the car, my keys were no where to be found. Of course I forgot my cellphone so I actually ended up borrowing another young man's cell phone to call Bob and rescue us. The keys were in the car, hiding under a bag I left in there.
Then I came home with the girls for Kiree nap #2. At some point Bob went and got a haircut at a barber for me. He needed a haircut and so one of his presents to me was not making me cut it for him. Yay! Someone even complemented him on his haircut, which I don't think has ever happened any time I've cut his hair for the record.
We all went to Outback for dinner. Way back in August I got Bob a giftcard to Outback for his birthday. Instead of going to dinner he said, I'll use this to take you out for your birthday. There was a long wait, so we walked over to Target to take a family picture among the Christmas stuff. The sad thing is that it was snowing right into our faces to and from Target.
After dinner (which was very good by the way and Kiree made a big mess of it of course but I didn't have to clean it up!) we drove over to the firestation near church. Every year around Christmas they have an open house with a big train display. Every year we drive by and say, we should go see that but then we don't. We finally went and it was so cool. The girls thought it was really neat. One part had a low glass window so even our shorty could stand and take it all in at eye level. They had a scavenger hunt list of things to find in the display. I think we found them all. They also had a safety room set up with different safety hazards to identify. I liked the "babies" left in hazardous situations and the fake stove left on with food boiling out of it.
After the firehouse, we headed over to church for the very tail end of the nativity display. We had three sets in the display so we came at the end to collect them and to see the other ones. Someone finally sent in a playmobile nativity and some little people. They were right at home on the same table with my marshmellow smores nativity and a huge set made out of popsicle sticks.
Then we headed home to have some birthday triffle made with chocolate cake, pistachio pudding and some chocolate icecream on top. Mmmm, writing that is making me want some more of it.
It was a good day.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Real Haircut- Finally!

I got my haircut today-yay! A pre-Birthday present to myself. Or a present from Bob of taking the kiddos while I got my haircut? Anyway, I got my hair cut! So Tracy I think you get a free haircut by now or something.
Behold the work of the awesome Tatyana at Hair at Michael's in Laurel.

Another angle

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boston in the Faaaaaaaaawl!

(there's a Veggie Tales song called The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything in which they sing about things they don't do because they're pirates who don't do anything. Mostly it's about piratey things, but Larry the Cucumber sings about a bunch of random things like licking a spark plug and how he's never been to Boston in the fall. "And we've never been to Boston in the Faaaaaaaaaaawwl!" is the last line of the song. We'd never been to Boston in the fall either until a couple of days ago. Here is that story)

We went to Boston to visit Bob's sister Emily and her husband Travis (Tramily) for thanksgiving. We flew into Manchester, NH so now we can add that to our map of US states we've been to. When we got off the plane there was a sign with an outline of New Hampshire on it and I pointed it out to Jaide. She got all excited and said, "Like on my puzzle?!" She likes that puzzle of the US she has. But NH and VT are together in one piece on that puzzle. We got to hang out at the airport for a little while since Emily was picking us up straight from work. We were the very last people to pick up our luggage and we got it just before they carted it off to wherever they cart luggage off to. The cool thing about that airport though, besides the fact that it is tiny is that it had not just advertisements, but actual stuff as part of advertisements.
See the giraffe in the background? This picture was on the way home.

There was a dining room set as an advertisement for a furniture store. A few "yankee" boats. And we really enjoyed the comfy chairs set up by another furniture store because you could actually sit in them (the rest of the stuff was roped off. I think the big wooden sculptures were just art, but the Bathfitter Bathtub was definitately an ad.
Tramily have a rather large dog named Bradley. He is quite affectionate and loves to lick people. Jaide was excited about the dog, but also concerned. She ended up spending the first couple of hours perched atop their kitchen countertop. Eventually she overcame her fears and learned to tell the dog "no." Even Kiree eventually learned to tell the dog "no." It has since become one of her favorite words to say.

Someone's been sitting in my bed and they're still there!

So Tuesday morning was the first day and we all took a nap after having some late breakfast. I don't know if Jaide did. She had come down from the counter to the couch with me and I was her human shield from the dog. She was watching Finding Nemo and I napped and woke up and repeated. We have Finding Nemo taped off of TV from a Thanksgiving past, so it seems like a Thanksgiving movie to me. Sadly, I must have memorized every commercial break because when the movie hit those points I thought about the commercial that followed.

Bradley's headless carebear toy. Travis said Bradley was very sad when he accidentally ripped it.

Tramily bought a high chair for Kiree to use (and for their own baby to use in a few months) and it was really nice. I'm a big fan of the 5-point harness- much harder to escape from! Bradley loved the highchair too since if he hung out underneath it when Kiree was eating, he got to eat a lot of stuff that fell down from it. He got so much yummy food that he started getting picky. "A cheerio? Nah! I'll wait for something really good."
Wednesday everyone was home, so we took the train into the city and went to the Children's Museum. Our Science Center passes got us in for free- woo hoo! Of course, we forgot our camera. But some of the highlights included a huge climbing structure, a bubble making room, a room with golf ball ramps to run golf balls down, an Arthur exhibit, giant chess, a little kiddo playroom, a digital floor dodgeball game, and a boat/float room. We were all pretty tired by the time we left. Both kiddos fell asleep as we walked back to the train. We got to cross over a bridge over the water of Boston Tea Party fame. We went past a huge Macy's store with an enormous tree on it's ledge. Kiree slept most of the way home on the train. At one point she just sat up straight, opened her eyes, and said something loudly. Then she was awake. It was kind of funny.

The piano was a big hit, sometimes literally. Sorry for all the little fingerprints all over your piano Emily!

Thursday we got up and got to work. We cleaned up a bit (we sure have messy children!) and made some food. We brought our turkey roaster and some cranberries. We made cranberry meringue pie and kept messing up. We made one the right way (straining out the skins) but in the end we decided we like it better with them in. It's more tart that way. Thanksgiving dinner was really good. A bunch of other people ended up coming over and we played games. I think we played games every day we were there.

Jaide grabbed the camera and took random pictures of the TV and of her little buddy that came over on Thanksgiving.

Friday morning we just kind of hung out. Then in the afternoon we went shopping. We were going to go to the zoo, but it was raining. We went to Target and looked around but nobody bought anything. Then we went to the Christmas Tree Store. That was kind of a fun store. We did buy a few things there. We came home and the girls managed to make more messes right before it was time to go.
Travis took us back to the airport. When we got to the counter the lady said, "going to Baltimore?" Yup, it's that small of an airport. I really do love short flights! It was weird to get on an airplane and get off like an hour later and it was also weird to fly somewhere and have it be the same time zone. I also love Southwest because since there were empty seats, I got to put Kiree in her baby bucket in her own seat. She slept during the flight and I got to read, yay!

We had a fun trip and we hope Tramily enjoyed having us there. Hopefully we can go back again for the baby blessing this spring.

Monday, December 1, 2008

One of Both

I'm going to have a niece and a nephew next year! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

And happy 88th birthday Little Grandma!
This is our 9th Thanksgiving spent together. It would be 10th if we hadn't skipped 2000. Also 9 years ago today we decided to start dating. Pretty crazy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Want That

Here's something cute I found while I was looking at the official Fisher Price Little People website. It's an ornament of the little barn that I used to play with at my Grandma's house. It was the coolest ever. Apparently this is a Hallmark Ornament so maybe I can find one on sale after Christmas :)
There are other views and the description here. It even moos.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


The Smithsonian American History Museum is reopening tomorrow! I've been sad that the last two times we've gone down to DC it's been closed for renovations. Here's the story on CNN.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Baby

We celebrated Kiree's 1st birthday while we were in California (9 days ago now). It was a multi-day celebration. I made cupcakes and we sang happy birthday to Kiree at her great grandparents house the night before her birthday.

The before and the aftermath of birthday cupcake

Poor Jaide was so tired that she slept through it.
Kiree's Grandma made her a beautiful quilt. Now Jaide and Kiree both have their own beautiful blankies and don't have to fight over Jaide's when they play blankie related games.
I went for the frosting balls look, but my "decorating bag" had issues and I only got six done the right way. The others got "improvised"
On Kiree's birthday, Jaide had a cupcake in the morning at Bob's Aunt Roseanne's house (birthday cake in the morning is a birthday tradition at their house and Jaide hadn't had any yet). We headed south a little later than I had hoped (Kiree's nap was pushed way back) and went to the Six Flags park. So this year we went to a Six Flags park on both of the girls birthdays. We could have gone for Bob's as well, but we didn't. If we were going to be in California for mine this December we could have gone, but we won't be.
After the park, we drove on to Bob's Uncle John's house. We had yummy tacos for dinner and Kiree impressed every one with how much she ate. She likes taco meat. We had cupcakes again with icecream this time and sang happy birthday again to Kiree. I believe I helped Kiree blow out her duckie candle both times. Jaide would have but she was asleep or too far away to do it.

Kiree enjoying her blankie on Sunday night at Uncle John and Aunt Pat's home.

Kiree at One Year:
You still love Mommy, Jaide, Daddy, underpants, Dora the Explorer books, juice, and whatever food is not currently on your plate.
You have a smile that lights up a room.
You've got a little baby mullet thing going on and reddish hair.
We can't quite tell what color your eyes are. They look brown in the middle and blue on the outside.
You walk and stand up with out holding on to anything.
You throw things in the trash can and then look at them sitting inside the trashcan.
You love to climb up the stairs.
You love to put things in and out of containers, put lids on and off, climb up and down on things (like your highchair).
You play and laugh with your big sister and love (almost) every minute of it.
We sure do love you Kiree Kiddo!