Thursday, January 31, 2008

And Today

I'm feeling better today. Here "better" is a word which means not quite back to normal but not so bad that I feel like I'm going to die and partly wishing I would. I don't know who is behind all this sickness around here, but they sure did a bang up job. I've been trying to get stuff done and have succeeded in getting frustrated. Why is it that "good" days tend to coincide with days that my girls both take naps? Must be a coincidence. So I'm not trying so much right now and I'm much less frustrated.
I finished the last part of Kiree's cardigan. I now need to steam and lightly press them and then put them all together. There's a fairly good chance that will get done before Sunday. The first of our family visitors is coming in tonight. Bob's parents are coming. Bob's dad is going to be doing some work Friday and Monday so we're glad that worked out. Somehow we're going to have to get some grocery shopping done between now and Friday evening. We planned a couple of meals out and Jaide "took notes" all over my little weekly notepad.
So that's a lot to do, but wait- there's more! I also need to finish the ward directory asap. I've got it half typed. I also have to do my standard end of the month secretary stuff. OH Joy!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Accomplishments for the week so far

**Warning, whiny post ahead. Read at your own risk!**

Well, I think I've now managed to get everyone in the family sick although I got a head start on that as my own sickness started on Saturday. Just in time for the baby blessing next Sunday. Who knows, maybe I'll be over it by then. Kiree could be a lot worse than she is now so there's something to be grateful for.

I'm one sleeve away from finishing the cardigan (although then I'll also have to assemble and unify all the pieces of it.

Will the house be clean???

My guess- no.

The death count at our house now stands at
2 fish dead
-1 snail (as in we bought a new snail)
and hopefully +a ton of algae dead thanks to above mentioned snail. Jaide named it Dora

Oh and Jaide, poor girl, still alive, but not feeling very well. She was asleep on the kitchen floor just a bit ago. Anyway, she started her preschooler cooking class last week and really enjoyed it but didn't want me to take her picture before we left. I got several shots of her hiding from me.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Flashback Friday Video

I never think to do a flashback post on Friday- until now that is!

Here are two fun video clips from Kathy's reception in Wyoming- December 2006. The first one would make a great "Harry Potter" style picture if I had one of those digital photo frames. The second one is little Jaide "helping" clean up after the reception while holding onto a rose.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8

What is the significance of the title of this post?

A. It's how Jaide counts.
B. It's my bank security code.
C. It's the hours (AM) at which one or both of my children woke me up last night.


If you guessed C, you're correct! It is close to how Jaide counts, but she also throws in high and low numbers in no particular order after about 3 or 4.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bitesize Bloggin's

Jaide's half birthday
was yesterday. I made her half a cake and a few "pup cakes" as she calls them. Jaide was a little confused about the "half" thing. She thought she should be having a party with kids and what not. Maybe in July Jaide, maybe in July.

Dead Fish
On Sunday night we discovered one of our fish had died. We don't know when. He was kind of fuzzy and partially eaten. Ewwww. It was either Crabbe or Goyle (we never did know which was which). Jaide wasn't too sad about it. We flushed him down the toilet. Jaide kept checking the tank after that and declaring, "no dead fish yet!"

Little Thumb Sucker
Kiree likes to suck her thumb. It calms her down anyway. She usually does it when she's crying. Kiree also likes to watch shadows.

I've made a skirt for Kiree for her baby blessing and now I'm working on a cardigan. I haven't even finished the back piece yet and I still have to do two front pieces and two sleeve pieces. Will I finish in time?? *(between the time I started this post and now I've managed to finish the back and start the front left)

TV Free
The last Netflick we got was Ratatouille so we decided to watch it together as a family on Saturday night. We watched it on the computer in our room, so we sorta weren't "watching TV." Jaide asked several times since then to watch something on the computer.

I miss having Bob home on Federal Holidays, at least I do when it's a federal holiday. Also, I miss having him home early (or all day even) when it snows. But only on days when it snows. It'd be great if it were spring already.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Workin' Out

Bob says working out is my new hobby. Perhaps it is. Or perhaps I'm just trying to get the most out of our last $70-something monthly payment to the CA. Our three year membership ends next week and we decided not to renew since I won a free year at Curves. I'm really going to miss kidspace, the outdoor pools in the summer, and watching cable TV while exercising. Something tells me we'll be back in December (when the year at Curves is up).
I like Curves, it just doesn't have the above mentioned things and it isn't open nearly as often. But right now I have two gym memberships and I'm working out quite a bit. I can't take Kiree to kidspace as we didn't bother to get her an ID card (by the time she was 6 wks old it was pretty close to time to cancel). So when I go to the CA gym I can take Jaide, but Bob has to watch Kiree. If I go to Curves, he has to watch both of them.
I did go to Curves and CA both the other day when Bob got home early. One (kinda) good thing about Curves is that you get weighed and measured each month. The initial weigh in was very sad. The girl measured me around my coat! But the other day (without my coat) was much better. I lost 9.5 pounds (my coat's not that heavy!). I also lost inches in every measurement and 1.7% body fat. So yay for me!
Someone did ask me if I was pregnant at the CA the other day though. My tummy is still a bit thick. I guess you don't snap back quite so well with the 2nd kid (or I don't at least). After Jaide was born, I lost a lot of weight really fast. Basically that was because we couldn't figure out how to eat without Jaide screaming her tiny lungs out. Somehow I eventually did figure it out and along with the stress of moving to a new place and being stuck at home all day alone with a baby I ended up gaining quite a bit of weight back. This time around I'm happy to be losing weight slowly and hopefully keeping it off.

So what do the pictures have to do with workin' out? Well they're pregnancy pictures my friend and fellow reliefsocietista Michelle took the day before I went into the hospital to have Kiree. She did a really good job. That was me at the heaviest weight I've ever been. I think I need to pack up my maternity shirts!

That Jaide's a cutie!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday Excitement

We went shopping at BJ's yesterday and as we were loading up the car we got to witness the tail end of this police chase.
We first saw a bunch of police cars going down Snowden River with their lights and sirens going. Then they all followed the car they were chasing back the other direction and into the parking lot at the shopping center. There was even a police helicopter. They went by fairly close to where we were and then ended up down by Boston Market. Bob and I remarked to one another that he didn't have much chance of escaping from the shopping center. We wondered what had started the chase and were happy to find the above linked article that gave some info.

After we came home and ate dinner (which consisted of random stuff that's been in our freezer for a long time- hey we had to make room for the stuff we'd just bought), Bob ended up getting sick. We think it was food poisoning not from the random not so tasty dinner, but from eating some of the waffle batter with raw egg in it that morning. It was quite similar to the time I got sick one Saturday evening while we were dating (I had eaten some muffin batter that morning). Very, very gross illness.

So Bob laid down on the floor near the bathroom and I organized the basement closet and put away all the Christmas stuff.

Sunday hasn't been nearly as exciting and that's okay.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Kiree's 2 Months

Kiree hit the 2 month mark on Tuesday. She had her 2 month check up on Wednesday. Kiree is 11 pounds 2.6oz and 23 inches long. She's at the 75% for weight. Bob was surprised she didn't weigh more than she did. I don't remember how much Jaide weighed at 2 months but I'm sure it was less. I think she was at about 50% at her 2 month check up (and she was like 2 1/2 months old at the time).
The nurse practitioner (who's been seeing Jaide since her 2 month visit) asked if Kiree looked just like Jaide did because she's very pretty like Jaide. I think Kiree does look like Jaide, except she has thinner, lighter hair (kinda red too) and much fairer skin. Jaide was cute like a baby doll and Kiree is cute like a real baby.
They weren't too worried about Kiree's spitting up (yup, it's still going strong) but I kind of figured that would be the case since she's gaining weight just fine.
Kiree got her shots and it was very sad. I think I know why they make the mom hold the baby's upper end- it's so the nurse doesn't have to see the extremely sad, crying, tiny baby face when she's giving the shots.

So here's a little bit about Kiree these days.
She likes to be on her tummy and she often falls asleep when we give her tummy time.
She has started to smile and she smiles a lot when we talk to her.
If we put her in bed awake but tired, Kiree will usually fall asleep (unlike a certain big sister!)
I think she has really cute little feet.
Kiree is starting to like bath time even though it is usually with her sometimes overly affectionate/playful big sister.
Kiree likes to chew on her hands and fingers.
She is starting to grab things like mommy's hair (or her own-if it were long enough).

It seems like it's harder to take good pictures of Kiree than it was with Jaide, but I think that is because now there are two of them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's Happening Now

Time for another update. We're still plugging along with the no TV thing (except for one more netflick) and Jaide has gone from asking five or six times to watch TV to only one or two.

erday I decided it was time to bust out the dress up outfits I bought from Avon for no particular reason when they went on sale. We got the Tinkerbell one for Jaide for Halloween when they first came out. Jaide was excited to dress up like Dora and a pirate. She asked me later if I had any more toys for kids her size, standing by the closet I had pulled the dress ups out of.

The Dora wig was a big hit.

Guess who put the wig
on her?

Here's Kiree's real hair after a bath it got all cute and curly.
Friday night I got a horrible night's sleep since my cold went into overdrive. Wonderful Bob took the girls downstairs and let me sleep in until noon (waking up occasionally when Bob brought Kiree in to nurse).
I eventually got up and did some stuff.
That night I even dragged myself along with the rest out to Kohl's. Bob needed some pants and I needed to return some stuff. I didn't want him to have to take too long doing it all himself. I ended up finding this nice outdoor nativity set marked down from $160 to about $30. I kind of wanted an outdoor nativity so we bought it. The box didn't fit into the trunk with the double stroller in there so we had to open it up. The Styrofoam in the box was weak and it ended up shedding little pellets everywhere. Everything got a little wet since it was sprinkling outside so we set the nativity up inside the house to dry. Jaide really wanted to play with it. We kept telling her not to. She dropped baby Jesus, but he was okay. However, he lost his head when someone knocked Joseph on top of him. Jaide was inconsolable. She just kept crying and crying. We kept telling her we weren't mad and it was okay. Finally Bob asked her if she wanted to fix it right now. The crying turned off like a switch. She wanted to fix it right away. She went with Bob to find the super glue. They got his head back on him and Jaide finally left the set alone!

Jaide seems to be mostly over her cold. I'm feeling a lot better. Kiree seems to be in the thick of it. Poor baby! What a way to spend your two month birthday.

Friday, January 4, 2008

no beer and no tv make homer something, something

Today is day four of no TV* at our house. Apparently the bishop invites the ward to "fast from the world" every January. We have always missed this invitation, being out of town for Christmas and/or weddings. Well, this time Bob was at church to hear it (we girls were home with Jaide's nasty cold and my just starting cold). So we're trying not to watch TV and not surf the internet (that's the tough part!) but blogging is okay. There will probably be much more blogging for this month :)

Sometimes this seems like a really great thing. We were really on TV overload before. Sometimes this seems like it's going to kill me. Bob wasn't too thrilled about it being January- a good month for football on TV. "How about June or March. No one needs to watch basketball anyway." Warm weather would have been a plus. Jaide has asked me every day several times if she could watch TV. So we've had to be kind of creative. We've done a lot of puzzles (actually two puzzles a lot of times), cleaned up, and gone shopping.

Yesterday we were looking at a grocery store sales ad. Yesterday evening Jaide was looking over it again and circling things with her marker. She told me we needed to buy beer. I thought she said bear, so I asked her. "No, the kind you drink." So we went back and forth for awhile. "We don't drink beer..." "i want to drink beer." I asked her where she got this idea. She didn't really answer. She told me, "let's go to Food Lion, i think they sell beer. we need to buy daddy some beer." Finally I convinced her that beer is not good and she said, "we don't buy beer." I think the thing she thought was beer in the sales ad was actually 2 liter bottles of Coca Cola.

Maybe she had a lesson about the word of wisdom in nursery but got confused? It reminded me a bit of the word of wisdom lesson Bob and I taught back in the day when we were nursery leaders. I had a can with a paper on it with an outline of a body and then cards with different foods and things on them. We asked the kids about the different things and whether they were good or bad to put in the body. Then they put the good things in the can. One of them was beer and after the lesson one little girl said, "can I see the beer?"

Happy Birthday to Jen (Dec 12th), Cindy (Dec 26th), Grandpa R. (Jan 2nd), and Travis (Jan 4). I forgot to say happy birthday to Travis when he accidentally called our house today :)

*We did watch Night at the Museum the other night but only because it was our first Netflicks movie that we got and our plan is to watch as many as we can during our 3 month gift subscription- which we had unfortunately started up the day before we found out about this no TV thing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Quickly, 2007: A Year in Review

I started a post review of the year but got quite bogged down in lengthiness. So here's attempt #2.
2007: The Year that Was

Major themes: travel (Utah, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Canada), baby (a whole pregnancy all in one year), medical issues, weddings, projects, new job
Joining our family: Travis, Kiree, and Jen
Accomplishments: going to the temple weekly in August (mostly), September, and October; completing many, many projects before Kiree's arrival (including finishing painting our room, painting the bathroom, kitchen, outside trim and doors, and the railings); crochet and ballet; a much smoother delivery for baby number 2 and much better first 7 weeks- Thank you Thank you Mom R!; surviving pre-Christmas travel.

We were very blessed this year! We were able to spend some time with far away family members more than once this year. We got to go to some fun places. We got a new used 2nd car and a new, better paying job. Although there were several challenges that came up during my pregnancy we were blessed by the power of prayer. Thank you so much to the family and friends who prayed for us! We're so grateful the Lord answered our prayers in the way we had hoped He would. I'm also very grateful for the peace I received during the very difficult times. Kiree is a sweetheart and we all love her very much.

Happy New Year everyone! Bring on 2008! I've already got a list of stuff to do :)