Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Accomplishments for the week so far

**Warning, whiny post ahead. Read at your own risk!**

Well, I think I've now managed to get everyone in the family sick although I got a head start on that as my own sickness started on Saturday. Just in time for the baby blessing next Sunday. Who knows, maybe I'll be over it by then. Kiree could be a lot worse than she is now so there's something to be grateful for.

I'm one sleeve away from finishing the cardigan (although then I'll also have to assemble and unify all the pieces of it.

Will the house be clean???

My guess- no.

The death count at our house now stands at
2 fish dead
-1 snail (as in we bought a new snail)
and hopefully +a ton of algae dead thanks to above mentioned snail. Jaide named it Dora

Oh and Jaide, poor girl, still alive, but not feeling very well. She was asleep on the kitchen floor just a bit ago. Anyway, she started her preschooler cooking class last week and really enjoyed it but didn't want me to take her picture before we left. I got several shots of her hiding from me.


kathy said...

that's not so whiney. i'm sorry you guys are sick. that is no fun, especially a few days before the baby blessing. i hope everyone gets better.

so was it one of the weasley's who kicked the bucket? or the other crabbe/goyle?

Meg said...

One of the Weasleys. I think they're following the books.
*the preceeding may be considered a "spoiler" and should not have been read by anyone not wanting to know what happens at the end of Harry Potter, oops, I shouldn't have said it was Harry Potter, ooops, I shouldn't have said it was the end*

The Mahaffey Family said...

I hope you guys are feeling well soon. We just got over the sickness at our house, and it's not fun at all.