Thursday, January 31, 2008

And Today

I'm feeling better today. Here "better" is a word which means not quite back to normal but not so bad that I feel like I'm going to die and partly wishing I would. I don't know who is behind all this sickness around here, but they sure did a bang up job. I've been trying to get stuff done and have succeeded in getting frustrated. Why is it that "good" days tend to coincide with days that my girls both take naps? Must be a coincidence. So I'm not trying so much right now and I'm much less frustrated.
I finished the last part of Kiree's cardigan. I now need to steam and lightly press them and then put them all together. There's a fairly good chance that will get done before Sunday. The first of our family visitors is coming in tonight. Bob's parents are coming. Bob's dad is going to be doing some work Friday and Monday so we're glad that worked out. Somehow we're going to have to get some grocery shopping done between now and Friday evening. We planned a couple of meals out and Jaide "took notes" all over my little weekly notepad.
So that's a lot to do, but wait- there's more! I also need to finish the ward directory asap. I've got it half typed. I also have to do my standard end of the month secretary stuff. OH Joy!


Tracy said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. I have the flu too. I've been in my robe for a few days now. Tomorrow I might try a shower if my head isn't pounding. Hope you get better soon!

Meg said...

I hope you feel better soon too!