Friday, January 4, 2008

no beer and no tv make homer something, something

Today is day four of no TV* at our house. Apparently the bishop invites the ward to "fast from the world" every January. We have always missed this invitation, being out of town for Christmas and/or weddings. Well, this time Bob was at church to hear it (we girls were home with Jaide's nasty cold and my just starting cold). So we're trying not to watch TV and not surf the internet (that's the tough part!) but blogging is okay. There will probably be much more blogging for this month :)

Sometimes this seems like a really great thing. We were really on TV overload before. Sometimes this seems like it's going to kill me. Bob wasn't too thrilled about it being January- a good month for football on TV. "How about June or March. No one needs to watch basketball anyway." Warm weather would have been a plus. Jaide has asked me every day several times if she could watch TV. So we've had to be kind of creative. We've done a lot of puzzles (actually two puzzles a lot of times), cleaned up, and gone shopping.

Yesterday we were looking at a grocery store sales ad. Yesterday evening Jaide was looking over it again and circling things with her marker. She told me we needed to buy beer. I thought she said bear, so I asked her. "No, the kind you drink." So we went back and forth for awhile. "We don't drink beer..." "i want to drink beer." I asked her where she got this idea. She didn't really answer. She told me, "let's go to Food Lion, i think they sell beer. we need to buy daddy some beer." Finally I convinced her that beer is not good and she said, "we don't buy beer." I think the thing she thought was beer in the sales ad was actually 2 liter bottles of Coca Cola.

Maybe she had a lesson about the word of wisdom in nursery but got confused? It reminded me a bit of the word of wisdom lesson Bob and I taught back in the day when we were nursery leaders. I had a can with a paper on it with an outline of a body and then cards with different foods and things on them. We asked the kids about the different things and whether they were good or bad to put in the body. Then they put the good things in the can. One of them was beer and after the lesson one little girl said, "can I see the beer?"

Happy Birthday to Jen (Dec 12th), Cindy (Dec 26th), Grandpa R. (Jan 2nd), and Travis (Jan 4). I forgot to say happy birthday to Travis when he accidentally called our house today :)

*We did watch Night at the Museum the other night but only because it was our first Netflicks movie that we got and our plan is to watch as many as we can during our 3 month gift subscription- which we had unfortunately started up the day before we found out about this no TV thing.


atomicblob said...

I think she might have been talking about root beer, which we do drink and looks kind of like Coke. I seem to remember Jaide shortening root beer to beer when we have had it before.

Hules said...

That cracks me up about Jaide asking for beer. Although, if it's root beer like Bob said then it totally makes sense!

I totally hear you on the "Fasting from the world" thing. We did it arduously for 4 whole years in the Cooper ward. I actually really looked forward to it... maybe it's just the missionary in me. The one thing I did miss was secular music & the occasional Strawberry Shortcake video. Somehow we managed without those things though... and I really loved it. Call me crazy!

Meg said...

Stawberry Shortcake! hee hee. Strawberry Shortcake always makes me think of you and your girls now. We have this puzzle of Stawberry Shortcake and it has the boy on it and it made me think of how Paul had to be the boy since he's the only boy in your princess castle.

Hules said...

So true, so true. Last night we played a Polar Express board game. Paul layed down cards two times in a row that made everyone go back 7 spaces. Both girls burst into tears screaming, "Daddy's playing mean." Yes, Paul is Huck in Strawberry Shortcake & Pepito in Madeline. Gotta change a diaper!

Tracy said...

Wow, you are so good not to watch t.v. There's NO way Chris would do this during Super Bowl, plus American Idol is starting. You are an inspiration!