Sunday, January 13, 2008

Saturday Excitement

We went shopping at BJ's yesterday and as we were loading up the car we got to witness the tail end of this police chase.
We first saw a bunch of police cars going down Snowden River with their lights and sirens going. Then they all followed the car they were chasing back the other direction and into the parking lot at the shopping center. There was even a police helicopter. They went by fairly close to where we were and then ended up down by Boston Market. Bob and I remarked to one another that he didn't have much chance of escaping from the shopping center. We wondered what had started the chase and were happy to find the above linked article that gave some info.

After we came home and ate dinner (which consisted of random stuff that's been in our freezer for a long time- hey we had to make room for the stuff we'd just bought), Bob ended up getting sick. We think it was food poisoning not from the random not so tasty dinner, but from eating some of the waffle batter with raw egg in it that morning. It was quite similar to the time I got sick one Saturday evening while we were dating (I had eaten some muffin batter that morning). Very, very gross illness.

So Bob laid down on the floor near the bathroom and I organized the basement closet and put away all the Christmas stuff.

Sunday hasn't been nearly as exciting and that's okay.


Jenni said...

We were shopping at BJ around that time too, but must have missed it all - what a crazy thing! I'm sorry Bob got sick - I've had one of those seriously disgusting food poisoning bouts before too and it was awful... Hope he's feeling better.

kathy said...

wow meg, you'd think those kinds of police chase adventures would have ended after moving away from chicago! that's pretty crazy. i think i had a little food poisioning yesterday from eating a bit of raw cookie dough. not fun. i hope bob is feeling better.

Brenda said...

That is so funny because Shaylee and I were also at BJ's and we were wondering what was going on at Boston Market. We were at the very end of it though and when we got out of the store, everything was gone. We did see the helicopter and all the cops though! I am glad to know what it was, I was very curious!
How funny that we didn't see eachother or Jenni!

Tracy said...

I totally do the "grab bag" freezer dinners all the time. So far that hasn't made my family sick. It had to be raw eggs - yuck.

Meg said...

Fortunately Bob was feeling better on Sunday and even ate dinner that night! That is so funny that you guys were at BJs too.