Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Last leap day I was pregnant with Jaide. The one before that, I don't remember what I was doing. One leap year back in the 90's (96? no I think it was 92) for leap day my mom and siblings and I (and I think a couple of our friends) went to a radio station event at Gurnee Mills mall. Next leap day will be in 2012. Jaide will be 7 going on 8. Pretty crazy!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

On a Roll

Kiree rolled over today! The first time I didn't see her do it, but the second time I did. She went from tummy to back. She had gone from her back to her side before, so maybe that roll direction will be coming soon.

These pictures are from last Sunday. These dresses don't exactly match, but they're both brown and pink.

Monday, February 25, 2008

100th Post

This is my 100th post!

Here are some of the highlights of the last little while-
Two successful trips to the mall! I brought the girls with me and using the little 50 cent ride things as a reward, I got Jaide to cooperate. Kiree cooperated by sleeping in her carseat strapped into the double stroller. I bought some shirts which I really needed and a couple of kid things. Jaide likes getting matching clothes with Kiree. I bought them matching halloween shirts at the Children's Place- only 99 cents each.

I sorted through the baby clothes in Jaide's closet and got the next two seasons of clothes together for Kiree. Some things just might not work since they're in opposite seasons, but I think a lot will. There were some things people sent Jaide that were the wrong season for the size, but they'll work great for Kiree. I added the things I bought ($2.99 Christmas dresses for Kiree next Christmas!) to the queue.

Kiree has started the cute stage of grabbing and playing with toys and her feet (see previous post). I got her a little play mat with hanging toys. She really likes it. Jaide likes to help her play with toys.

Jaide finally had another cooking class last week. We missed the second week because she was sick. Then class was canceled because of bad weather. They had their Valentine's Day party last week- making cupcakes and decorating heart shaped cookies.

Last week Jaide really wanted Kiree to sleep in her room. I thought maybe that would be a good idea since Kiree kept waking me up. We set up the crib in Jaide's room (Kiree has been sleeping in the bassinet in our room) and we gave it a try for one night. It wasn't nearly as fun as Jaide thought it would be. I don't know what exactly she was expecting. Jaide was actually the one to wake up crying- then Kiree woke up too. Jaide ended up sleeping in our room (as she often does) and the third time I went into the other room to feed Kiree I just ended up bringing her back to our room. I asked Jaide if she wanted Kiree to sleep in mommy and daddy's room again and she said yes. So she's back with us again and I don't mind.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Got Feet?

Kiree does

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bag Tagged

Jenny tagged me for this one. Every one has such cute bags, but I'm using the diaper bag as my "purse" right now. This might be a little scary. Enjoy!

My fabulous "I just gave birth to another human being and I all I got was this lousy free diaper bag" diaper bag

What's inside?!
I'm afraid to look

Here's the list:
1 crocheted hat (made by yours truly)
2 pairs of baby socks
1 onesie
1 snap up undershirt
1 bib
1 baby blanket
Some extra Jaide clothes
1 water bottle
1 binky
3 extra diapers
1 diaper changey thing full of diapering gear
1 nail file/buffer
1 antibacterial hand stuff
1 hand lotion
1 moist towelette
several crayons
2 pens
1 lip gloss
1 lip gloss and mascara hook up
my wallet
1 pair of crocheted baby booties (not made by yours truly)
1 el cheapo cell phone
1 car seat locking clip
2 business cards
the girls' immunization records
children's place ad and coupons
1 baby hoodie coat with ears on the hood
1 baby sleeper
several various toys that Jaide put in the bag
("mom, are we taking the diaper bag today?" "Yes" (like every other time we ever go anywhere) "okay, i'm going to bring these toys for kiree") *repeat just about every time we go anywhere*

I'll tag Kathy and Julia :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Where oh where should I cut my hair?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good place to get my hair cut? It's sad to admit it, but I've only gotten my hair cut once here in Maryland and I'd like to find a better place than the national chain I went to shortly after we moved here. I have gotten my hair cut since then but only once! Back in April of 2006 I went to the Paul Mitchell School in Provo while we were there for Kathy's graduation. I don't expect to be in Utah any time soon and my hair is getting way, way too long! I was going to get my hair cut before Kiree was born, but she came before I could get around to it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Heat Is On

The guy came and fixed the heat yesterday. It was the fan inside the house that had kaput. $425 later we had heat. But he did also change the filter and clean the coils- so there ya go.

We actually had a very nice day yesterday. Jaide slept until 10am and I managed to get a showere before Kiree woke up (much earlier than 10). I made coffee cake for breakfast since it was a nippy 59 degrees inside the house yesterday morning. I also ended up baking a chocolate meringue pie (too bad I didn't cook the chocolate long enough and it ended up kinda runny). We ran a couple of errands in the morning and didn't miss the repair guy's call in the afternoon.
That evening we went to watch part of Bob's volleyball game and then picked up some Subway for dinner. Kiree slept through volleyball and dinner. She didn't wake up until I was ready to hop into bed.
hmmmmm .. maybe that's why Kiree kept waking up last night. That and nasal congestion. She has learned to hate that blue boogie sucker thing.
Bob left me Valentine's tulips on the stairs.

He also took me out to lunch and watched the kiddos while I exercised on the day before Valentine's day because I was having a rough day. What a guy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When it rains...

1. My house falls apart. Apparently anyway!
More water in the basement. But here's the real kick in the pants- last night as the rain/hail/freezing death was going on outside our heating system seemed to go kaput. It smelled like burning (at least we think it was that there wasn't anything actually burning), it said "emergency heat" on the thermostat, and when Bob tried to turn it back on this morning (he turned it off last night) it just buzzed. Whodda thunk a 22 (or 23) year old furnace would go kaput on a cold, nasty day?

2. The state of Maryland shuts down- almost. Are we a bunch of weather wusses or is our government just inept at handling weather response? I don't know. There was no school today (and it's just rain today, not frozen death or anything). Because there was no school today, there was no cooking class for Jaide. The word "canceled" is now a part of her lexicon (its first introduction being when our RS presidency meeting was canceled for snow and Jaide didn't get to go play with her friend Gabe whose house the meeting was at).

Well I think Jaide and I will have our own "cooking class" baking stuff to keep warm. I hate having to deal with repair people! Anyone have any advice? I feel like I have rip off stupid female written all over my face and screaming, distracting (brain power destroying) children.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kiree's 3 Months

This week Kiree hit the big oh-3 months this week. She seems to have a thing about not sleeping well on milestone days. Maybe she wants to ring in the time she was born (12:49am) and just keeps waking up to make sure she doesn't miss it. But at least in subsequent nights she has gotten back to sleeping better. Although she keeps ending up in bed with us- I'm just so tired I nurse her lying in bed. I didn't get any pictures on the big day, but these I took today.
Somebody likes to pull hair!

Look ma! No red eye!

Kiree Kiddo, Kiree Cutie, Cutie Kiddo, Squeak 2, the baby. She's a strong baby- kicking stuff, wriggling all around during tummy time, doing baby pushups and that yoga move where you lift your arms and legs at the same time. She grabs toys, hair, clothes, anything that gets close enough to her hands. She doesn't look exactly like Jaide did but like Jaide says "she has the same eyes!" Yup, so far mommy is the oddball with brown eyes.

Has it only been a week?

It's hard to believe that that last post was about last Sunday. It seems like ages ago. It was a very full weekend (last weekend) and this weekend was fairly full itself.

Last weekend, while everyone was here, someone was giving away the kind of oven that I really, really wanted on Freecycle. They said that it wasn't working quite right and they knew what needed to be fixed. They were going to fix it but then decided that they just wanted to get a new one instead. Supposedly the ovens and the self cleaning feature weren't working. It turns out that the ovens do work (I don't know about the self cleaning). We did spend quite a bit of time (and an entire can of oven cleaner) cleaning it on the front porch before bringing it inside the house so I don't know if that improved its ovening ability.
We owe a big, big thanks to the family people who were out here to visit and who ended up helping us with moving, cleaning, moving, and testing out ovens!

Last weekend was pretty crazy for a lot of reasons which are all a blur at this point (my memory just isn't what it used to be- mommy brains and what not). You'll just have to take my word for it. We did also have a lot of fun playing games and hanging out with our visitors though. And Kiree really liked having extra people around to hold her!

One of the downsides to having a double oven range is that it doesn't have the storage drawer thing at the bottom that the old one had. That is where we kept all the pans, stoneware, and muffin tins. We needed someplace to put that stuff! So this Saturday our project was making a place for it. It just so happens that our kitchen cabinets are full of wasted space- like the space next to the oven. Go ahead and look at that first picture again and compare it to this one. We (mostly Bob) built a little shelfy thing to stick in that spot so we could store stuff there. My main contribution was finding the screws that held the filler piece of wood in place and unscrewing it. Bob was trying to pull and pry it off with a butter knife. The whole thing was way harder than it looks and ended up keeping us up past midnight to finish it.
So that's what we did with the Home Depot card you gave us Mom.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kiree's Blessing

Here are the long awaited pictures of Kiree's blessing outfit.

Good thing I took pictures before we left for church! A leaky poopy diaper led to removal of the tights and onesie by the end of Sacrament meeting.

I did not make the pink shoes.

I also bought the little white shirt Kiree wore under her cardigan.

Sadly, one of the cardigan sleeves was coming undone at the seam by Sunday night. I don't really care at this point.

Here's a better look at the little shirt and the skirt I made.

Jaide and Kiree look like half sisters or something in this picture. They're not.

Here are all the people who came out for the blessing, posing in our fabulous relief society room after church. Someone mentioned the fact that the picture we were taking could end up on a blog.

Too bad you can't get everyone to look good in the same picture all at once.

Friday, February 1, 2008

And Now Here's Something We Hope You'll Really Like

We like to play "Shrek baby" sometimes when getting Kiree dressed.

Here are the pictures I took before Jaide's first cooking class.

This one below was the best one.

Babies having babies...

...made this baby sad.

But babies licking babies is okay apparently.