Monday, February 25, 2008

100th Post

This is my 100th post!

Here are some of the highlights of the last little while-
Two successful trips to the mall! I brought the girls with me and using the little 50 cent ride things as a reward, I got Jaide to cooperate. Kiree cooperated by sleeping in her carseat strapped into the double stroller. I bought some shirts which I really needed and a couple of kid things. Jaide likes getting matching clothes with Kiree. I bought them matching halloween shirts at the Children's Place- only 99 cents each.

I sorted through the baby clothes in Jaide's closet and got the next two seasons of clothes together for Kiree. Some things just might not work since they're in opposite seasons, but I think a lot will. There were some things people sent Jaide that were the wrong season for the size, but they'll work great for Kiree. I added the things I bought ($2.99 Christmas dresses for Kiree next Christmas!) to the queue.

Kiree has started the cute stage of grabbing and playing with toys and her feet (see previous post). I got her a little play mat with hanging toys. She really likes it. Jaide likes to help her play with toys.

Jaide finally had another cooking class last week. We missed the second week because she was sick. Then class was canceled because of bad weather. They had their Valentine's Day party last week- making cupcakes and decorating heart shaped cookies.

Last week Jaide really wanted Kiree to sleep in her room. I thought maybe that would be a good idea since Kiree kept waking me up. We set up the crib in Jaide's room (Kiree has been sleeping in the bassinet in our room) and we gave it a try for one night. It wasn't nearly as fun as Jaide thought it would be. I don't know what exactly she was expecting. Jaide was actually the one to wake up crying- then Kiree woke up too. Jaide ended up sleeping in our room (as she often does) and the third time I went into the other room to feed Kiree I just ended up bringing her back to our room. I asked Jaide if she wanted Kiree to sleep in mommy and daddy's room again and she said yes. So she's back with us again and I don't mind.


kathy said...

congrats on 100 posts! i love the updates and the feet pictures. and the story about how jaide's little sleep over didn't turn out quite like she wanted it. some day she'll just have to get used to sharing a room. :)

Tracy said...

How funny, I think Jaide was hoping for a fun sister slumber party. It'll happen when they're older and they chat all night. I love those Children Place sales. Who can pass up 99 cent shirts?Congrats on your 100 posts!

rosie said...

So does Kiree-copia grab onto bad things like hair, or just good things like feet?

Meg said...

Kiree mostly grabs good things, but really she grabs anything she can get her hands on.
We got your package yesterday- thank you very much! Jaide opened all of the presents for us. :)