Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bag Tagged

Jenny tagged me for this one. Every one has such cute bags, but I'm using the diaper bag as my "purse" right now. This might be a little scary. Enjoy!

My fabulous "I just gave birth to another human being and I all I got was this lousy free diaper bag" diaper bag

What's inside?!
I'm afraid to look

Here's the list:
1 crocheted hat (made by yours truly)
2 pairs of baby socks
1 onesie
1 snap up undershirt
1 bib
1 baby blanket
Some extra Jaide clothes
1 water bottle
1 binky
3 extra diapers
1 diaper changey thing full of diapering gear
1 nail file/buffer
1 antibacterial hand stuff
1 hand lotion
1 moist towelette
several crayons
2 pens
1 lip gloss
1 lip gloss and mascara hook up
my wallet
1 pair of crocheted baby booties (not made by yours truly)
1 el cheapo cell phone
1 car seat locking clip
2 business cards
the girls' immunization records
children's place ad and coupons
1 baby hoodie coat with ears on the hood
1 baby sleeper
several various toys that Jaide put in the bag
("mom, are we taking the diaper bag today?" "Yes" (like every other time we ever go anywhere) "okay, i'm going to bring these toys for kiree") *repeat just about every time we go anywhere*

I'll tag Kathy and Julia :)


Tracy said...

Holy cow. You have soooo much. There's no way you could have a regular purse with all that stuff. You're a walking Babies R Us!

kathy said...

i'm impressed! your mary poppins bag of goodies will put my little purse to shame. :) but i accept.