Sunday, February 10, 2008

Has it only been a week?

It's hard to believe that that last post was about last Sunday. It seems like ages ago. It was a very full weekend (last weekend) and this weekend was fairly full itself.

Last weekend, while everyone was here, someone was giving away the kind of oven that I really, really wanted on Freecycle. They said that it wasn't working quite right and they knew what needed to be fixed. They were going to fix it but then decided that they just wanted to get a new one instead. Supposedly the ovens and the self cleaning feature weren't working. It turns out that the ovens do work (I don't know about the self cleaning). We did spend quite a bit of time (and an entire can of oven cleaner) cleaning it on the front porch before bringing it inside the house so I don't know if that improved its ovening ability.
We owe a big, big thanks to the family people who were out here to visit and who ended up helping us with moving, cleaning, moving, and testing out ovens!

Last weekend was pretty crazy for a lot of reasons which are all a blur at this point (my memory just isn't what it used to be- mommy brains and what not). You'll just have to take my word for it. We did also have a lot of fun playing games and hanging out with our visitors though. And Kiree really liked having extra people around to hold her!

One of the downsides to having a double oven range is that it doesn't have the storage drawer thing at the bottom that the old one had. That is where we kept all the pans, stoneware, and muffin tins. We needed someplace to put that stuff! So this Saturday our project was making a place for it. It just so happens that our kitchen cabinets are full of wasted space- like the space next to the oven. Go ahead and look at that first picture again and compare it to this one. We (mostly Bob) built a little shelfy thing to stick in that spot so we could store stuff there. My main contribution was finding the screws that held the filler piece of wood in place and unscrewing it. Bob was trying to pull and pry it off with a butter knife. The whole thing was way harder than it looks and ended up keeping us up past midnight to finish it.
So that's what we did with the Home Depot card you gave us Mom.

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kathy said...

that's a pretty cool looking oven.