Friday, February 15, 2008

The Heat Is On

The guy came and fixed the heat yesterday. It was the fan inside the house that had kaput. $425 later we had heat. But he did also change the filter and clean the coils- so there ya go.

We actually had a very nice day yesterday. Jaide slept until 10am and I managed to get a showere before Kiree woke up (much earlier than 10). I made coffee cake for breakfast since it was a nippy 59 degrees inside the house yesterday morning. I also ended up baking a chocolate meringue pie (too bad I didn't cook the chocolate long enough and it ended up kinda runny). We ran a couple of errands in the morning and didn't miss the repair guy's call in the afternoon.
That evening we went to watch part of Bob's volleyball game and then picked up some Subway for dinner. Kiree slept through volleyball and dinner. She didn't wake up until I was ready to hop into bed.
hmmmmm .. maybe that's why Kiree kept waking up last night. That and nasal congestion. She has learned to hate that blue boogie sucker thing.
Bob left me Valentine's tulips on the stairs.

He also took me out to lunch and watched the kiddos while I exercised on the day before Valentine's day because I was having a rough day. What a guy!


Rusty & Kathy said...

yay for valentine's flowers. that is a really cute idea. i'm glad you guys had such a good day. and that you have heat again. you could have always come and lived with us for a bit if it hadn't been fixed. :)

Tracy said...

My girls loved the flowers on the stairs. Yeah for sleeping in until 10:00.