Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kiree's Blessing

Here are the long awaited pictures of Kiree's blessing outfit.

Good thing I took pictures before we left for church! A leaky poopy diaper led to removal of the tights and onesie by the end of Sacrament meeting.

I did not make the pink shoes.

I also bought the little white shirt Kiree wore under her cardigan.

Sadly, one of the cardigan sleeves was coming undone at the seam by Sunday night. I don't really care at this point.

Here's a better look at the little shirt and the skirt I made.

Jaide and Kiree look like half sisters or something in this picture. They're not.

Here are all the people who came out for the blessing, posing in our fabulous relief society room after church. Someone mentioned the fact that the picture we were taking could end up on a blog.

Too bad you can't get everyone to look good in the same picture all at once.


Meg said...

As for the actual blessing: it seemed pretty short to me. I don't know if Bob cut it short because Kiree was crying or what. I do remember one thing mentioned was that she would have a good sense of humor. The only thing I remember from Jaide's baby blessing was that she would marry in the temple. That was not mentioned in Kiree's blessing.

Rusty & Kathy said...

i love kiree's little outfit. you did a great job on that! she and jaide are so cute. that's good that she will have a good sense of humor. she'll fit in with her family. :)

Tracy said...

You talented woman you! That is adorable! Very cute pictures and dress.

Jenni said...

Her blessing outfit is so cute!! Good job!! It looks like you had a great family turn out for the blessing - how neat!!