Friday, March 28, 2008


5 years ago I was...
1.still in college, but about to graduate.
2.working for Freshman Academy.
3.unsure of what we were going to do.
4.half way through my year of taking coumadin. in a one bedroom apartment in Provo with my Bob.

5 months ago I was...
1.very pregnant.
2.trying to finish up various projects before the baby was born.
3.getting ready for Halloween.
4.wondering how I'd ever be able to go anywhere with two kids.
5.supporting Bob in his job changing-ness.

5 things that worry me...
1.doing dumb things.
2.suffering as a result of dumb things other people do.
3.making my kids suffer because of dumb things I do.
4.dumb things I've done in the past.
5.the criminally insane (or just plain evil).

5 bad habits...
1.emotional eating
2.picking at my skin
3.not listening
4.being short tempered
5.saying dumb things

5 of my favorite places I've lived visited and/or lived...
1.Chicago- both
2.The D.C./Balto area - both
3.Ottawa Canada- visited
4.Wisconsin Dells- visited (but not in many, many years)
5.San Diego- visited but not nearly long enough!

5 of my greatest blessings...
4.the Gospel
5.peace and joy

5 things in my virtual shopping bag/wish list...
1.a room of requirement (like in Harry Potter, that'd be so awesome!)
2.some flattering, well fitting blue jeans
3.something to suck my gut in, or negative belly (anti belly?)
4.quiet time
5.some slipcovers for those sectional couch sections we got off of freecycle.

5 of my favorite things to blog about...
1.the kiddos
4.funny stuff
5.random stuff


Tracy said...

There is nothing wrong with emotional eating. And that's probably why I too would love something to make my gut disappear. That was a fun read.

Brenda said...

That was fun to learn more about you! You are so funny! I wanted to say ditto on many of those things!!

Rusty & Kathy said...

that was fun meg! i had forgotten about some of those things.

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