Friday, March 7, 2008

Eat Meat Friday- A Flashback Friday of Sorts

Right now it's Lent. That's the period of time 40 days before Easter where Catholics give something up and do their version of fasting on Fridays (ie no meat, and you're not supposed to eat extra snacks either, although I never heard that one until I went to Catholic school, oh and fish is not considered meat). Growing up in Chicago, I was in the minority as far as religion goes (ethnicity wise in my elementary school as well, but that's another story). Most people were Catholic and while I was baptized in the Catholic church as an infant (I sure was crying and wailing in the pictures!) I've never actually considered myself Catholic. My mom became LDS before I was born and we ended up going to church with her (although my dad said, the kids are gonna be Catholic- there was almost absolutely no follow up) So anyway, during Lent we often had non-meat dinner (before my parents divorced) but we were allowed to eat whatever we wanted. If I had a turkey sandwich at lunch, oftentimes someone would say, "you can't eat that! It's Lent!" And I'd say "I'm not Catholic" I don't know why I liked that- to be different? to be a twit? I don't know. But at times I would make a point of eating meat on Fridays during Lent.
I was reminded of this as I was looking through a grocery store ad the other day and seeing all the fish and fish accouterments featured. I told Bob the story. He asked me if I did that the year I went to Catholic school. I honestly can't remember if I did. I think I didn't eat much meat at lunch that year in general and I sometimes bought my lunch. Maybe I didn't feel the need to draw attention to how I was different there, as it was blatantly obvious all day long.
So there you go. I think I'm going to go get me some meat :)


rosie said...

That is one freaky looking cow.

Rusty & Kathy said...

oh, meg, thanks for the elementary school memories. i don't remember lent being as big a deal at whitney young, but i remember vividly being told i couldn't eat meat at nightingale. (it's hard to imagine a time when i ate meat now!)

Tracy said...

That was fun reading about your childhood. I had no idea you were Catholic!