Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lousy Smarch Weather!

We haven't had too much excitement around here since we fixed the spectacular plumbing failure. But March has been a somewhat interesting month. Here's a little bit about some of the "kooky projects" I've had going this month.

For some reason we decided to try to not buy anything made in China this month. If nothing else, we'd save a lot of money we thought. It was fairly challenging. We had wanted to play tennis for our date without the kids, but I needed to buy a racket and balls and at Walmart at least, every single last one was made in China. We wound up just going to Coldstone Creamery instead. But I did have more luck (at Walmart even) buying stuff for Easter. I got Kiree two pacifiers with a clippie (made in Austria), Jaide got a color wonder set (made in the USA) and some tinkerbell stickers (printed in Canada- whatever that means). Instead of buying a bunch of gross Easter candy that I would eat way too much of, I decided to get a bar of good chocolate (made in Germany). Saturday night I made some rice krispy treats in egg shapes and filled some plastic Easter eggs I already had with some mini marshmallows and almonds.
I even managed to find a decent looking spiral notebook that was made in the USA for my recently started "kooky project" I'm doing a food journal in hopes that recording everything I eat will cause me to eat less. I think it's working so far. I don't want to have to write down tons of little stupid things, so I just don't mindlessly eat. The tricky part so far has been dinners where we tend to make extra. We'll see if it pays off the next time I get measured.
It's hard to get a good family picture!
Speaking of getting measured, I did get measured this month (skipped February though). I was down a little over 10lbs from where I had started but only 1lb down from January. I think I need some more cardio in my life! My arm muscle was actually an inch bigger- I was not impressed.
The other thing I started doing was putting stickers up on the calendar each day that I read my scriptures on my own. Bob and I read every night, but it's been hard for me to get personal study in. We'll see if that helps.

Quick cute story: Jaide is a little Harry Potter fan. We have this little foam witch hat and she stuck it on my head and said, "You're giffandore" Then she "sorted" Kiree as well.


Hules said...

Happy Easter! Love the photos. It's been cold here too. Oh, hey, could you email me the current Avon catalogs asap. I'd like to put an order in on your site by April 1st. I'm all out of stuff- we couldn't move liquids.

Jenni said...

Wow, I'll bet the not buying things made in China is difficult! I just looked at a few things and realized they were all made in China - even my hair blow dryer! crazy. The sorting hat part made me laugh - very cute!!

Rusty & Kathy said...

meg, i love the pictures and the cute Easter dresses. i thought about being good like you and writing down what i've been eating, but it's kind of tough... i snack too much at work. good luck with doing that! see you in three months!