Sunday, March 23, 2008

On the Bright Side...

This is a post about Thursday. Friday was Good Friday, and it was pretty good, but Thursday was something else! So instead of complaining about it, here's looking at the bright side.

Our Trip to the Play Area at the Mall
On the bright side.... least no one tackled me thinking I was trying to abduct that screaming tantrum throwing child.
..I noticed that my wallet had fallen out of my bag shortly after it happened.
..I was physically able to carry a kicking and screaming 3 year old in one hand while dragging a double stroller behind me. least I managed to get us all out of the mall eventually.
..I didn't get arrested or anything.
..I even eventually got Jaide into her carseat.

Plumbing and Hot Water
On the bright side... didn't happen when we were gone.
..we were home, awake, and even on the main floor when it happened.
..Bob was also home and he even knows where the main water shut off is.
..we got the kitchen floor pretty clean sopping up all that water. least I had my Avon delivery in living room and not in the kitchen or entryway like it often is.
..Bob was going to take Friday off any way.
..we didn't have to call a plumber to fix it! I love my Bob the builder- can we fix it? Yes we can!

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