Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Milestones

Kiree is four months old now. She had her checkup on Monday. Kiree weighs 12lbs 8oz and she is doing well.

Yesterday she got her first taste of rice cereal. This picture just about sums up her reaction. She was a little cranky before we started so that probably didn't help. She spit up a very large amount later on (I nursed her after the cereal so I don't know what exactly caused the massive spit up) We'll have to try a little again today and see how it goes.

Today was Jaide's last cooking class. They made dirt cups today.
Jaide isn't very fond of having her hair done (or even combed for that matter) but I told her we had to put it up for class. She had to have it up for ballet when she was in that class, and I decided she had to have it up for cooking class too. Jaide's hair was quite unruly today so I tried "half piggy tails" instead of the usual pony tail. I think we might have found a hairstyle Jaide can live with! She's usually yanking out the hair things as soon as we get to the car but she still has her hair up today, a full 2 hrs after class! Maybe this style doesn't pull her scalp as much?

And now I'm going to stop procrastinating and work on my taxes :(


Meg said...

Kiree did seem to like the cereal a little bit. I think it was just a little too much and daddy who was manning the spoon might have tried to give her a little too much at a time.

kathy said...

i love the pictures. jaide's hair is getting so long! that's funny she was making a frowny face in the last one.

rosie said...

I like that: "manning the spoon." I suppose it's like that sometimes.

Mendy said...

Wanna know what a small world it is? The little girl sitting next to Jaide at the table eating "dirt" is my neighbor girl. She's also in our ward. Too funny. She was always coming over to play with Marlee and telling us about her cooking school. It sounded pretty fun.

Brenda said...

I can't believe she is already eating cereal! Wow, it seems just like the other day that she was born! Those are darling pictures by the way!

Hules said...

What a cute baby! Wow, cereal. I can't imagine starting Jocelyn at that stage yet. I still remember trying to give it to Mickayla at 4 months. She wouldn't give the spoon back.

Meg said...

It is such a small world! The teacher was always getting them confused- maybe since they're both dark haired and cute :)
Kiree seems to be liking the cereal in very small doses. She still loves milk from the source the best of all.
I think with Jaide we gave her a little cereal at around 4 months but didn't really get serious about solid food until 5 or 6 months. I think that worked pretty well.