Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Tough Tough to be a Baby!

My poor little girls! We are having rough times with health related issues. Jaide's tick bite, at least seems to have gotten better. It's extremely hard to even find now. The darn stupid tick is still alive in the baby food jar inside a ziplock. That thing will probably live many, many months off it's Jaide feast. But anyway...
Picture: Kiree fell asleep one day when Bob was feeding her
Yesterday Kiree felt warm. She ended up with a fever. We tried a couple of times to take her temperature (I did the armpit way, Bob got her to suck on the thermometer- neither completely accurate) more that once we got temperatures over 100. We used cool washcloths, a coolish bath, and baby tylenol to cool her down. She had a rough night though. She kept waking up and wanted to nurse a lot. She woke up around six this morning and was quite warm again. So I got out more cool washcloths and that seemed to help. Bob got ready and went to his meeting. Miraculously, Jaide went for my suggestion that she go downstairs and play computer games.
Picture: Kiree today in the walker (she really does have two legs) I managed to get Kiree to go back to sleep for a bit over a half hour and I got to sleep some more too- yay!
Kiree's been a bit cranky today, but she hasn't been as hot as she was. We'll see how tonight goes. We think it might be related to teething. I don't think she has any teeth erupted yet, but it seems like something similar happened to Jaide around this time (that ended up in a trip to the ER and just rocking her there with a cool towel- oh and they gave her baby motrin). Then Jaide got her first tooth within about a month.
I forgot to mention in previous posts, but Kiree has been wiggling and squiggling around. She's not crawling yet, but she manages to get around quite a bit of floor with rolls and squirms.
I guess it's tough to be a preschooler too. You hate going to sharing time for some strange reason but you always end up singing the songs all around the house. And you end up falling down a lot. We were cleaning up a bit this evening and Jaide was dancing around being a princess.
Picture: Jaide in her princess dress, not today, but it's the same dress she was wearing today. Apparently she tripped and hit her ear on the edge of her little table. We debated a bit about how big the wound was and whether or not it needed stiches. Bob had put a dora bandaid over it and when we took it off to look at it again it was still bleeding quite a bit. The wound was a little "gaping." So Bob and Jaide went to an urgent care place. The doctor said it didn't need stitches though. I'm glad that Jaide was alright with just Bob taking her since Kiree was very tired.


Tracy said...

Oh, my. I hope everyone gets healthy soon. It's spring time -- not time for the sickies. Wish you well.

Rusty & Kathy said...

i hope your girls start feeling better! that's so crazy that the ugly tick is still alive. how come you guys are keeping it?

Brenda said...

Wow, you have had a lot of happenings with your girls lately! I can't believe you just happened to find a tick! It makes you wonder if we ever miss them... I guess we would get pretty sick though if we did.
Anyway, hope everyone gets feeling better soon!