Sunday, April 6, 2008


Last weekend we started working on our little back yard garden. Jaide danced around (and did some karate moves or something). Kiree was in the front pack with a blanket over her head. The trees are blooming flowers. The daffodils have been up for a while (they're starting to look sad). The tulips are trying to bloom but some dirty animal is decapitating them. I saw some chewed up pieces.

Jaide started another little class. This one is about science and discovering stuff.

Kiree's a cutie, she had her first baby food peas yesterday and liked them a lot!


Rusty & Kathy said...

fun pictures. i'm so jealous of your nice weather. we have snow today (again). i was wondering if we could see a picture of kiree with her whole cute little face. it always seems like part is cut off, but i'd bet she is a little squirmer. :)

Tracy said...

Jaide looks so cute dancing around. We haven't had nice weather like that in our part of town. I'm still hibernating.