Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When the internet goes down, nobody's happy!

Okay, maybe that's not completely true, but now that Jaide likes to play the games on she also gets mad when the internet goes down. I was internetless most of today and it wasn't fun! But hooray for Bob! He fixed it! Woo hoo!

We've had a lot of time these past couple of days to make our own kind of adventures which is to say, time has been going by s...l....o....o...o.....w........l..........y and I'm having a hard time finding activities with which to fill it. The kiddos seem to default to crying and/or whining. Here's some of what I've come up with lately- besides crying and whining.

The weather has been good so we've been going outside more, backyard, front porch, the park... I've even got an ouchy sunburn to prove it!

Driving, driving, driving, hooray! Driving is the best way to get a cranky pants baby to take a nap! At least that's been my experience. Today we went for a drive to see what we could see. Like the little guys in a game of Civilization we headed off our map of the known world and into the dark beyond. We drove down this road off to a kind of woodsy area. We ended up on this little tiny dead end road that had these really cool, really old houses in various stages of destruction. I wondered if there were any cool historic artifacts in the debris.

Jaide has her little class on Weds mornings and today she told me I could leave (I always ask if she wants me to leave or stay). "You should buy some bananas" she told me. I went to Kohls and they didn't have any bananas, so I didn't buy any. But I did buy a pair of pants and two cute shirts. The extra large shirts I bought a little while back are starting to look kinda big and ugly on me. Yay for cute size large shirts!

And yay for losing 15 pounds since December! Slow and steady wins the race right? I don't want to go back now that I'm under 1(X)0* (I'd pronounce that one ex-tee if you were wondering). And that's why I'm trying not to turn to my old go to- food for help with dealing with the stresses of the looooooooooong days.

*number omitted to keep everyone else from feeling too good about themselves at my expense.


Jenni said...

You are doing so great with your weight loss goals!! (Seriously though I bet that number isn't shocking - you look awesome Meg!!) I used to go for long car rides all the time with my Nina - it was the only way to get some peace some days!

Meg said...

Aww, thanks Jenni! I'm glad I'm not the only one driving around to get little ones to fall asleep ;)

kathy said...

meg, congrats on losing 15 pounds! that is amazing. i'm sorry your internet was down. it's good it's fixed again.