Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Buy Shoes at Kohl's: A Guide for those with "Sturdy Bases"

Kohl's has a wide variety of very cute shoes on display in their shoe section. They even have handy little digitial tags on them that tell you the price (is it before 1pm, oooooo, early bird special! after 1pm well, now it's just 30% off. Does anyone ever pay full price? If so they're really dumb).
If you are a size larger than 9 (possibly 8), pretty much ignore all that stuff. Here's what you do:
1. Scour the shelves below the displays for any box that reads "10" or whatever your larger sized size may be.
2. Grab any you find and open them up. If they're hideous, throw 'em back. If they're cute then,
3. Stick the boxes in your cart, or failing that, in your long arms. Once you have a full load or have exhausted the supply of non-fugly "your size here" size shoes then
4. Go over to the mens shoes side and find the one seat so you can sit down and try on all the shoes.
5. Take the shoes you like over to a price scanner to help you decide which you should buy (a good price can seal the deal!)
6. Hold tightly to the shoes you're going to purchase and then you can either
7. Leave the others at the lone seat or be a noble person and return them to where you found them (not that that was where they belong anyway!)
8. Go get in that big long line and check out.
9. No thank you, I don't want to save 10% today, I have enough credit cards.
10. Sign signature tablet and don't forget to take your bag.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a pretty uneventful Memorial Day weekend. Saturday we went back to Six Flags for the first day of the waterpark being open. It was fun, but still a bit too cold to really enjoy outdoor water fun. Bob and I took turns going on some innertube rides (Jaide is still too short for almost all of them). There are a few different water play areas and a wave pool. We would have hung out for a while in those, but Jaide got all shivery and when water splashed on all three of us girls, Kiree screamed. But I think we will be back when it gets hot for some water fun. It should help us now that we don't have a pool membership. After lunch we went on to the other part of the park. I managed to get Kiree, Jaide, and I on one ride that said "no lap children." Kiree can sit up if there's something behind her, so she sat in between Jaide and I. Bob got to go on a few of the big rollercoasters. Jaide and I went on "the donut ride" as she calls it (it's a raft ride that spins around and around). Not too long before we went home, Bob and Jaide went on a ride called Shipwreck Falls. It's like Splashwater Falls at the Six Flags park near Chicago. It's basically a barge that goes up and then down into water, splashing and soaking anyone on the bridge over the splash area. I kind of thought Jaide might not like having wet clothes, but she said she wanted to go on it. After they got off the ride Jaide was not too happy about being all wet and wanted to change. We didn't have extra clothes for her in the diaper bag (in the car, but not with us). We weren't going to come back in once we went to the car at that point. But Jaide didn't want to leave yet. So Jaide ended up wearing one of her old onesies and her old 12mo size coat (all of which we had for Kiree). It was quite funny, so we got a picture when we got home (we forgot the camera).

Bob went to work for a couple of hours on Memorial Day. I took the girls to Lake Elkhorn in the afternoon and Bob met us there. Kiree was a crabby patty for the first park of our walk around the lake but she did eventually fall asleep. I really shouldn't have worn flip flops, I ended up with a bunch of blisters. After our stroll around the lake we let Jaide play at the playground. She wished we could have stayed longer. Kiree ate some baby food and was pretty content to watch the goings on.
These pictures are from a previous trip to Lake Elkhorn a few weeks ago. We saw geese and a turtle that time. We saw a really big bird this time.
We made hamburgers and corn on the cob for dinner and then we did a second coat of paint on the entry way. Jaide "helped." She was using a foam craft brush and it ended up making kind of a mess. Oh well. Kiree sat in her walker and cried until one of her mean parents picked her up. She got back at us though by waking up right when we were going to bed and not going back to sleep right away. Kiree, are you working on tooth #2?


I started this blog one year ago today! Pretty crazy.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A New Addition to our Family and That's the Tooth

This evening we discovered a teeny tiny baby snail in our aquarium. So far, just one. We don't know how exactly it came to be there. I guess I need to do a little more research on it. We only have one snail. Jaide named it something starting with "t" and then forgot when I asked her again. We joked about calling it From From Thristy. (From Thirsty is our big snail's name) We don't really know if it is from From Thirsty though. We also noticed that one of the Weasley fish doesn't have any fins. The other guys ate them or something?? He has to wriggle his whole body to swim.
Two days ago I saw a tooth-looking thing on Kiree's gum. Yesterday I could actually feel it. Kiree has her first tooth! We tried to get a picture of it, but were unsuccessful. So now Kiree is an army crawling, sitting up for short periods of time on her own, one tooth baby.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to the Projects or Holey, Holey, Holey is our Home

Our home is a bit less holey after this weekend's return of home improvement project doings. I was thinking of painting the dinning "room" this weekend, but it was a bit overwhelming to even think about. We ended up working on the entryway instead. We've lived here almost three years and we still haven't finished patching the many holes the previous owners left in the walls. They really loved screws and anchors! The entryway had some really massive screw holes. Now they are pretty much patched and the area is primed. I think I need to touch up one part a bit but by tomorrow evening (hopefully) we will have it all painted in the eggshell version of the same color paint as the kitchen (that's very pale yellow in case you were wondering, and eggshell is a type of paint finish for those unfamiliar).
We also measured the master bedroom for crown molding yesterday. We will be getting a very small design made out of foam. The pieces are long however- 6'6" and thus it costs a bit to ship, but the pieces themselves are just a couple bucks a piece. So it ends up being about half the price is shipping and half is molding. But it should all be significantly less than $100.
It's not easy getting much of anything done with a little baby around. Especially when that little baby gets upset about not getting attention and not being quite able to crawl and sit up yet. I'm sure once she can crawl she'll be upset about not being able to walk, but... However, we have been pretty successful at getting both of the girls to sleep in Jaide's room and even at an hour that allows for some getting things done without kiddos underfoot!
Our friends the Terrys (their girls coined the name "baby Jaide") gave us two small bikes their girls outgrew and Jaide has been riding them just about every day since. We go around our little group of homes and yesterday we went to the park. Bob and I played tennis for a little bit, Jaide rode the bike (often through our court), and Kiree slept in the baby bucket, woke up, and cried.
Here's the long awaited video clip of Jaide's story about "Baby Kid."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some More Jaideisms

We had a good Mother's day. Bob made me chocolate muffins for breakfast and made pizza for dinner. I got homemade cards with outlines of the girls' hands and the little one's foot. I also got eight more replacement salad plates to match our china we got when we got married. is a great thing- good thing someone suggested that Bob get me that for Mother's day :) Jaide picked out these very vibrant and lovely flowers for me. She also got to sing with all the primary kids during Sacrament Meeting for the first time! (we were so excited!)

I haven't posted about Jaide in a while, but I've been meaning to. She really cracks us up with some of the fun things she says. She is becoming such a kid with all her funny stories, ideas, songs, and games.

Jaide really likes to play computer games- especially the games on the pbs kids website. One day we were playing and she told me to make a pretend garden. We worked together planting pretend flowers in the living room and then Jaide told me, "click on the red button to print a picture of your garden." Just like in her game!
More Jaidisms--
"can we make a rain snowman?"
Biting into a pear and making a sour face, "it doesn't taste like an apple either!"
To mommy: "you look like a cookie" Is that a good thing or a bad thing? "a BAD thing!"
"i'm going to work' Where do you work? 'in cowumia (Columbia). and you go to was begas (Las Vegas). that's where we live."
Mommy to Jaide: I'm sad you won't help me. "you didn't file paperwork."
Referring to a picture of a mask on her computer game: "why is he sad" I don't know. "maybe because his mom said he couldn't watch any movies."
Foods: e-meal (oatmeal), eggurt (yogurt), hangaburr (hamburger).
other stuff: hostible (hospital), preganet (pregnant), news-get (music), nuffin (nothing) french-raunt (restaurant), helf-flee (healthy), chick way (Chick fil-A)

Here's a video clip of Jaide telling a story about an orphan named "Baby Kid." "his mom kinda died"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Couple Thoughts on Mother's Day

Friday night we put Kiree to bed in Jaide's room and miraculously, she stayed asleep for nine and a half hours! Jaide even managed to stay in her room until it was light outside. Maybe it helped to have the light off in Jaide's room (she always wants it on, but Kiree is used to dark).
Last night we tried it again. Sadly, Kiree woke up right when we were getting ready for bed. I couldn't get her back to sleep in the crib, so she ended up in bed with us. While I was trying to get her to sleep in the crib without waking up Jaide, and getting increasingly frustrated, last year's "Mother's day eve" was brought to my remembrance.

Like last night, last year on the Saturday night before Mother's Day we stayed up kind of late watching some dumb movie. But last year I was pregnant with Kiree and having very bad cramps/contractions. We were planning to announce the pregnancy on Mother's Day, but very late/early that night/morning we were on our way to the emergency room for the second time in as many months and I didn't know how I could still be pregnant (omitted are the gory details of the contents of the ziploc baggie I brought with me to the ER). At the ER the 4th ultrasound of the pregnancy took a very long time, the tech finally said at the end- well, there's still a heartbeat. At around 5am they finally let us go home with a sheet about threatened miscarriage.
Remembering all that, my heart softened and a sweet baby who loves me so much that she just wants to be with me most of the night didn't seem so much of a frustration.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Kiree's Half Birthday!

Yesterday Kiree Kiddo turned 6 months old! She also had her 6 month checkup (two shots and two neon bandaids!). Kiree now weighs 14lbs, 2oz and she's a little over 26 inches long. That puts her at about the 25th percentile for weight and 50th for length. Kiree is still working on pushing up on her hands and knees and trying to get it together to crawl. In spite of not being able to officially "crawl" yet, she still gets around very well by rolling, squirming, and inching along (bottom up, bottom down, front up, front down). She has strong little legs but not quite as strong little arms. No teeth yet, not sitting up on her own yet (she keeps trying to either arch her back and lay down or stand up when we try to help her sit up). We sure do love having a Bumbo with the tray for feeding time. She likes to be in it on the table while we eat dinner, at least as long as she's eating too. She really likes rice crispies. She hasn't quite figured out how to pick them up and successfully get them to her mouth on her own yet.
Mmmm, there's the bag of crispy rice cereal!

Kiree celebrates her 6 month birthday by creating wall art in strained sweet potato.

This expression seems to say, 'I'm proud of my work'

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I thought I'd comment on some of the things I've read, seen, and/or participated in lately.
Supersize Me- the documentary. We watched this and it was quite interesting. If you feel like you eat too much fast food and don't want to any more- this movie just might do the trick. This movie isn't just about McDonald's, it's about the whole obesity epidemic. I would recommend this movie. Random thoughts: If my high school's phys ed classes had been like the one they show at the school in Naperville, IL I might not have minded the mandatory 4 years of PE that is required in just one state in the union- my good old Illinois. I couldn't believe that McDonald's french fries left sitting out for 10 weeks showed no visible signs of spoilage whatsoever! (that was in the special features on the DVD, the big mac took a while to get all gross too, but not 10 weeks). The poor guy who made this film went from 185lbs and very healthy to 210lbs and having way high cholesterol and liver problems, not to mention being lethargic and kinda depressed. It said in the epilogue (is that what you call it on a movie when they write follow up stuff on the screen at the end?) that it took him 14 months to get back to his original weight after just one month of eating nothing but McDonald's. Also, McDonald's refers to people who eat there frequently as "heavy users." Scary stuff.

I'm still working my way through Miss Manner's big old book. It's not quite as fun as the little book since I'm not as interested in every part of it (it covers just about every bit of manners/etiquette there is) but I did learn the correct way to set a table.

This past Saturday we went to our local Six Flags park- Six Flags America (not to be confused with Great America, the Six Flags park of my youth in good old Chicagoland). It is definitely not as "Great" as Great America (at least compared to how I remember it, I haven't been in several years). But I think the big draw was the low low season pass price and the fact that the season passes can get you into any of the other Six Flags parks. This will come in handy when we travel to Chicago this summer! Bob said there seemed to be a lot of NJ plates in the parking lot. There is a Six Flags park up there and hmmm, let me take a wild guess- perhaps the season passes there are more expensive?? (yup, quick internet search confirms).
After reading up a bit online at some helpful sites (trip advisor is a good one!) I had fairly low expectations for our trip. But I think we had a pretty good time. I got to go on a real rollercoaster for the first time since, well, probably since our honeymoon! I went on the superman rollercoaster and the wooden rollercoaster (I don't remember what it was called). Bob went on a couple of different coasters, and a water ride. He had the bad luck to be waiting in line at two different rides only to have them close down while he was waiting. That is one thing people complained about about this park- the rides close down frequently, some aren't open at all (absolutely true! I guess we don't care as much since we'll probably be back and when you're a parent it's not really about you having fun at the amusement park- although I don't know if Bob got that memo). Jaide absolutely loved the little kid part of the park. She didn't care about the peeling paint or dankness of the play area or even the fact that several of the rides often had no one there to operate them. I did hear later on from some young manger guy that they were quite understaffed that day "it's prom season and a lot of people called in sick." Dirty teenagers! But I guess that what you've got to deal with- who else are you going to get to operate rides. I was a bit disappointed that the only ride Kiree could go on was the carousel and then she had to be in my lap on the sleigh thing that doesn't move. The train ride would have been another one but it was closed. On a positive note, the longest line I waited in all day was the line to get our season passes processed. It wasn't very crowded. It would have been nice to be able to go on more rides together (or any with just Bob) but hey maybe we'll get to in Chicago- hint hint!
One of the perks of getting a season pass is that we also got a book of coupons some of which are good for getting friends into the park for free. Double super bonus- there is one coupon for getting a friend in with you that's good at ANY of the parks!! The rest are all just for our local one. So, if you want to come to the park with us ;) We also got a season parking pass and it's good at other parks too :D

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's sooo TRUE!

Here's an article I read on msn today about a study confirming what all we first borns already knew, parents are tougher on the first born kid!
I'm trying not to be that way with Jaide and Kiree, but right now Kiree is a baby so it's kind of hard. I've got to remember to cut Jaide a break now and then. It doesn't help though that Jaide is such a strong willed kid though and Kiree seems to be a lot more laid back.