Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to the Projects or Holey, Holey, Holey is our Home

Our home is a bit less holey after this weekend's return of home improvement project doings. I was thinking of painting the dinning "room" this weekend, but it was a bit overwhelming to even think about. We ended up working on the entryway instead. We've lived here almost three years and we still haven't finished patching the many holes the previous owners left in the walls. They really loved screws and anchors! The entryway had some really massive screw holes. Now they are pretty much patched and the area is primed. I think I need to touch up one part a bit but by tomorrow evening (hopefully) we will have it all painted in the eggshell version of the same color paint as the kitchen (that's very pale yellow in case you were wondering, and eggshell is a type of paint finish for those unfamiliar).
We also measured the master bedroom for crown molding yesterday. We will be getting a very small design made out of foam. The pieces are long however- 6'6" and thus it costs a bit to ship, but the pieces themselves are just a couple bucks a piece. So it ends up being about half the price is shipping and half is molding. But it should all be significantly less than $100.
It's not easy getting much of anything done with a little baby around. Especially when that little baby gets upset about not getting attention and not being quite able to crawl and sit up yet. I'm sure once she can crawl she'll be upset about not being able to walk, but... However, we have been pretty successful at getting both of the girls to sleep in Jaide's room and even at an hour that allows for some getting things done without kiddos underfoot!
Our friends the Terrys (their girls coined the name "baby Jaide") gave us two small bikes their girls outgrew and Jaide has been riding them just about every day since. We go around our little group of homes and yesterday we went to the park. Bob and I played tennis for a little bit, Jaide rode the bike (often through our court), and Kiree slept in the baby bucket, woke up, and cried.
Here's the long awaited video clip of Jaide's story about "Baby Kid."


Rusty & Kathy said...

i love the clip (even if i can't understand it). :) btw is rosie engaged? or was that just a joke on cindy's blog? this would play nicely into my evil - i mean - wonderful plot to get you and bob to come out here once a year.

Tracy said...

You are always doing home improvement stuff! I never do any. You make me feel like I need to get busy. Jaide is so talkative and cute!

Brenda said...

I didn't get to see your video! I think my browser is doing crazy things.
I still have a million projects that I need to do and haven't gotten around to. Like you said, "It's so much harder with a baby around the legs!".

Jenni said...

Way to go with the DIY projects!! And cute video! Jaide is adorable!