Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to Buy Shoes at Kohl's: A Guide for those with "Sturdy Bases"

Kohl's has a wide variety of very cute shoes on display in their shoe section. They even have handy little digitial tags on them that tell you the price (is it before 1pm, oooooo, early bird special! after 1pm well, now it's just 30% off. Does anyone ever pay full price? If so they're really dumb).
If you are a size larger than 9 (possibly 8), pretty much ignore all that stuff. Here's what you do:
1. Scour the shelves below the displays for any box that reads "10" or whatever your larger sized size may be.
2. Grab any you find and open them up. If they're hideous, throw 'em back. If they're cute then,
3. Stick the boxes in your cart, or failing that, in your long arms. Once you have a full load or have exhausted the supply of non-fugly "your size here" size shoes then
4. Go over to the mens shoes side and find the one seat so you can sit down and try on all the shoes.
5. Take the shoes you like over to a price scanner to help you decide which you should buy (a good price can seal the deal!)
6. Hold tightly to the shoes you're going to purchase and then you can either
7. Leave the others at the lone seat or be a noble person and return them to where you found them (not that that was where they belong anyway!)
8. Go get in that big long line and check out.
9. No thank you, I don't want to save 10% today, I have enough credit cards.
10. Sign signature tablet and don't forget to take your bag.


Meg said...

This could also be useful for people with very small feet too. I guess they think everyone is a size 6-8. I also recommend not taking small children with you.

Tracy said...

Oh, I need shoes. I love going shoe shopping without the kids, so much easier.

Hules said...

I love what you said about people being dumb if they pay full price. So true! Kohls is such a game! I know if I'm not getting a good deal at Kohls, than I shouldn't buy it, because it will probably go on sale soon. Kohls is actually the only store that I have a separate credit card for. It used to be more worth it than it is now. I liked the Maryland Kohls a lot better than Georgia or Utah Kohls.