Monday, May 5, 2008

It's sooo TRUE!

Here's an article I read on msn today about a study confirming what all we first borns already knew, parents are tougher on the first born kid!
I'm trying not to be that way with Jaide and Kiree, but right now Kiree is a baby so it's kind of hard. I've got to remember to cut Jaide a break now and then. It doesn't help though that Jaide is such a strong willed kid though and Kiree seems to be a lot more laid back.


Jenni said...

Oh I know for sure parents mellow out with younger kids - I'm a youngest child myself.:) I think the first kind of paves the way and the parents are still figuring things out... It is kind of too bad though and reading that makes me want to cut my oldest more slack!

Dad said...

From the article I gather that the first borns turn out better because the parents were tougher with them. Wouldn't it make more sense to be just as hard or harder with the younger children, instead of trying to be more relaxed with the older ones?