Friday, May 9, 2008

Kiree's Half Birthday!

Yesterday Kiree Kiddo turned 6 months old! She also had her 6 month checkup (two shots and two neon bandaids!). Kiree now weighs 14lbs, 2oz and she's a little over 26 inches long. That puts her at about the 25th percentile for weight and 50th for length. Kiree is still working on pushing up on her hands and knees and trying to get it together to crawl. In spite of not being able to officially "crawl" yet, she still gets around very well by rolling, squirming, and inching along (bottom up, bottom down, front up, front down). She has strong little legs but not quite as strong little arms. No teeth yet, not sitting up on her own yet (she keeps trying to either arch her back and lay down or stand up when we try to help her sit up). We sure do love having a Bumbo with the tray for feeding time. She likes to be in it on the table while we eat dinner, at least as long as she's eating too. She really likes rice crispies. She hasn't quite figured out how to pick them up and successfully get them to her mouth on her own yet.
Mmmm, there's the bag of crispy rice cereal!

Kiree celebrates her 6 month birthday by creating wall art in strained sweet potato.

This expression seems to say, 'I'm proud of my work'


Rusty & Kathy said...

looks like we have another artist in the family :)

Tracy said...

Oh, my. She's so big! I can't believe how active she is. Cutie!