Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a pretty uneventful Memorial Day weekend. Saturday we went back to Six Flags for the first day of the waterpark being open. It was fun, but still a bit too cold to really enjoy outdoor water fun. Bob and I took turns going on some innertube rides (Jaide is still too short for almost all of them). There are a few different water play areas and a wave pool. We would have hung out for a while in those, but Jaide got all shivery and when water splashed on all three of us girls, Kiree screamed. But I think we will be back when it gets hot for some water fun. It should help us now that we don't have a pool membership. After lunch we went on to the other part of the park. I managed to get Kiree, Jaide, and I on one ride that said "no lap children." Kiree can sit up if there's something behind her, so she sat in between Jaide and I. Bob got to go on a few of the big rollercoasters. Jaide and I went on "the donut ride" as she calls it (it's a raft ride that spins around and around). Not too long before we went home, Bob and Jaide went on a ride called Shipwreck Falls. It's like Splashwater Falls at the Six Flags park near Chicago. It's basically a barge that goes up and then down into water, splashing and soaking anyone on the bridge over the splash area. I kind of thought Jaide might not like having wet clothes, but she said she wanted to go on it. After they got off the ride Jaide was not too happy about being all wet and wanted to change. We didn't have extra clothes for her in the diaper bag (in the car, but not with us). We weren't going to come back in once we went to the car at that point. But Jaide didn't want to leave yet. So Jaide ended up wearing one of her old onesies and her old 12mo size coat (all of which we had for Kiree). It was quite funny, so we got a picture when we got home (we forgot the camera).

Bob went to work for a couple of hours on Memorial Day. I took the girls to Lake Elkhorn in the afternoon and Bob met us there. Kiree was a crabby patty for the first park of our walk around the lake but she did eventually fall asleep. I really shouldn't have worn flip flops, I ended up with a bunch of blisters. After our stroll around the lake we let Jaide play at the playground. She wished we could have stayed longer. Kiree ate some baby food and was pretty content to watch the goings on.
These pictures are from a previous trip to Lake Elkhorn a few weeks ago. We saw geese and a turtle that time. We saw a really big bird this time.
We made hamburgers and corn on the cob for dinner and then we did a second coat of paint on the entry way. Jaide "helped." She was using a foam craft brush and it ended up making kind of a mess. Oh well. Kiree sat in her walker and cried until one of her mean parents picked her up. She got back at us though by waking up right when we were going to bed and not going back to sleep right away. Kiree, are you working on tooth #2?


Rusty & Kathy said...

i'm glad you guys had fun on your trip. i can't believe jaide's little onesy (almost) fit her. can't wait for our big trip to six flags next month.

Meg said...

I am very excited about that too! The water rides were pretty fun. We went on the new Tony Hawk water ride and it was pretty fun! One good thing about going on a not super hot day is that there were hardly any lines.

Hules said...

Six flags- so much fun! I can't get over Jaide in that Onesie. That just cracks me up.

Jenny said...

Sounds like fun!

Brenda said...

How fun to go to Six Flags. We want to go, but I think we will wait till it gets a little warmer! (:
Love the last picture of the teeth. Looks like she liked it too.

Tracy said...

Fun trip. I can't believe all you do with a baby. I'd still be on my couch.