Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some More Jaideisms

We had a good Mother's day. Bob made me chocolate muffins for breakfast and made pizza for dinner. I got homemade cards with outlines of the girls' hands and the little one's foot. I also got eight more replacement salad plates to match our china we got when we got married. is a great thing- good thing someone suggested that Bob get me that for Mother's day :) Jaide picked out these very vibrant and lovely flowers for me. She also got to sing with all the primary kids during Sacrament Meeting for the first time! (we were so excited!)

I haven't posted about Jaide in a while, but I've been meaning to. She really cracks us up with some of the fun things she says. She is becoming such a kid with all her funny stories, ideas, songs, and games.

Jaide really likes to play computer games- especially the games on the pbs kids website. One day we were playing and she told me to make a pretend garden. We worked together planting pretend flowers in the living room and then Jaide told me, "click on the red button to print a picture of your garden." Just like in her game!
More Jaidisms--
"can we make a rain snowman?"
Biting into a pear and making a sour face, "it doesn't taste like an apple either!"
To mommy: "you look like a cookie" Is that a good thing or a bad thing? "a BAD thing!"
"i'm going to work' Where do you work? 'in cowumia (Columbia). and you go to was begas (Las Vegas). that's where we live."
Mommy to Jaide: I'm sad you won't help me. "you didn't file paperwork."
Referring to a picture of a mask on her computer game: "why is he sad" I don't know. "maybe because his mom said he couldn't watch any movies."
Foods: e-meal (oatmeal), eggurt (yogurt), hangaburr (hamburger).
other stuff: hostible (hospital), preganet (pregnant), news-get (music), nuffin (nothing) french-raunt (restaurant), helf-flee (healthy), chick way (Chick fil-A)

Here's a video clip of Jaide telling a story about an orphan named "Baby Kid." "his mom kinda died"


Tracy said...

I love the "you didn't file your paper work" Those are such pretty flowers! Glad you had a great day.

Rusty & Kathy said...

meg, we loved the post. i am excited to see the video clip. do we need to file the paperwork to see it?