Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Bitesize Bloggins

Kiree is starting to pull up to standing. Is she going to follow in Jaide's fairly early walking foot steps?

*@#$!& keys!
I still haven't found my keys. Too bad all my various tags and the church keys are on that ring too.

That's how Jaide says Chicago, that or Cog Go. We're getting ready for the big trip to Chicago. There's always so much to do to get ready but I'm still excited to go. Hopefully driving there won't be terrible!

Bob likes to look on zillow.com to see house values. For fun the other day we looked up the house I grew up in in Chicago. I learned that it was built in 1917! I didn't know it was that old. They also have birds eye views on the site. It was fun to look at the house from different angles and see how it's different now.

We bought one of those digital converter things at Target over the weekend. We actually get lots of TV channels now. It looks pretty good too.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Funny next year maybe?

Yesterday we had some friends over for dinner. They shared an amusing anecdote about their almost 2 year old daughter trying to flush their keys down the toilet. The keys were narrowly rescued from going down the hole.
Almost 2 year olds sure are a handful!
The girls played while the adults played a board game and the almost 2 year old followed Jaide and her big sister around, occasionally hitting them on their heads when adults weren't looking. Little sisters!
Fast forward to this afternoon: I can't find my keys! I've looked every where. I still can't find them. Who knows where they are???

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby Skillz

Any time that Kiree crawls, sits, tries to pull up, or goes after a toy Jaide says excitedly, "Kiree's practicing his baby skills!!" (she says 'his' and 'him' about girls and boys get 'her') Kiree has indeed been working on her baby skills.

sitting up/pulling up

looking sooo good!

channeling Harry Potter

hair styling

using a spoon!

under couch recon

crawling while wearing a hat

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jaide's First Talk in Primary

Jaide got to give her first talk in sharing time in Primary this Sunday. The topic was on how the temple blesses my family. We talked about the topic a bit with Jaide and wrote down her talk. We practiced at home (I whispered in Jaide's ear and she said it out loud). She did great in Primary yesterday. She talked into the microphone and wasn't scared at all. She knew exactly where she was supposed to sit and she folded her arms very reverently. Bob, Kiree, and I all came to watch (I helped Jaide). After giving her talk, Jaide got a sticker. We were very proud.

Jaide wanted me to be sure and get a picture of her cute new shoes. What a funny girl!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Tragic Tale of Baby Bird

Last Sunday, when we got home from church, I noticed something weird near the curb. I thought it was a weird frog but then I discovered it was a baby bird. It was still alive. It looked so helpless and small- my mommy feelings made me really want to help it. We couldn't find it's nest so we looked online to find what we should do. At first we put it in a shoe box on a paper towel. The internet said to make a little nest out of a small container and some grass and put it close to the nest (if you couldn't actually get to the nest). We got out the ladder and Bob staple gunned our makeshift nest to one of the lower branches of our tree. We saw a robin hanging around and making funny noises and we kind of thought maybe that was the mom bird. We saw baby bird peeping out of the nest looking for some food. Baby birds sure can open their mouths wide! When baby bird opened his beak his head disappeared and it was nothing but mouth. Too bad we didn't get a picture of that!
We hoped for the best. Sunday evening and Monday morning we saw baby bird peeping out. Then I saw momma robin near the "nest" for awhile. That was when I got this picture. I thought she might be feeding baby bird, but it was hard to tell. She was there for awhile. I didn't see her at the "nest" again after that. However, I did see a bunch of flies buzzing around the "nest" the next day. We were pretty bummed about it. On Saturday we finally got out the ladder again to take down the "nest." Mostly what was there was smelly grass. We don't know exactly what happened to baby bird but we think part of him might have still been in there. We put the contents of the nest in another small cardboard box and buried it in the back yard. "How is baby bird going to get out of the box?" Jaide asked. We talked a little bit about death and how baby bird was gone but his spirit went to Heaven. When Jaide understood she said, "I'm really going to miss baby bird." We talked some more about it after the "funeral" and I said something about the momma bird saying goodbye on Monday. I guess that was kind of a dumb thing to say to Jaide. She got a bit upset and wanted to know why the momma bird said goodbye. Jaide hadn't been too upset about it until that point. We talked some more and then moved on to other things.
Baby Bird, we'll miss you.

Happy Father's Day to Bob

Bob is a really great Daddy! He is wonderful with the kids. Whether it is carrying around a cranky baby, changing diapers, playing "daddy is a jungle gym" or just making the girls laugh he is really great. And he's handsome too ;)
We love you Bob!
-love "your girls"

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Maryland Science Center is Magic

Saturday afternoon we were talking on the phone with Grammy, telling her about what we had done earlier in the day. I was trying to get Jaide to tell her about our visit to the museum. She said something like this, "an we went to the new zeeum and saw lot of crazy stuff and magic!" I'm not sure exactly what stuff Jaide thought was magic but it could have been this

or this

We didn't see most of the museum, it was just a 2 hour visit (2 hr street parking, $1 an hour, a lot better than I thought it would be!). But we can go back again and again since we bought a year membership online. I bought it mostly so we could get into the museums in Chicago for free, yay for reciprocal museums! It makes me wish we were going more places this summer. That and our season passes to Six Flags that are good at their other parks. But the cool thing about the museum membership is that I can bring any three people (and kids under 3 are free). Anyone want to come with us to the Science Center?
Bob and I had to go on the bed of nails first before Jaide would do it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Mmmmmm, Doh-nuts

Apparently today is Donut Day and also apparently they are giving free donuts away at Krispy Kreme. Use this information wisely.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jaide's First Visit to the Dentist

Jaide had her first visit to the dentist today. She was very excited to go, but not so excited about actually being there. They tried to take x-rays of her back teeth and it didn't end up happening. But she really liked the toy she got at the end (and the toothbrush and toothpaste). She got to watch Blues Clues during her checkup. Later she told me, "maybe sometime we can get Blues Clues movie!"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Broken Toy Safari

I've been wanting to go through Jaide's toys and get rid of the junk for a while now. I came up with an idea to get Jaide to help and to make it more fun. We went on a "Broken Toy Safari." I told Jaide about it over the weekend. I explained what a safari was and what we would do on our safari. On Monday morning, we put on our safari hats and got a basket and a tote bag to collect our broken toys. We went through the basement and then the main floor. I tried to sort toys and put stuff away a little bit as we went. The main floor got a little (just a little) more messed up as we went through. We took a little drink break and emptied our containers into a box. Jaide wanted to dump the whole thing "in the dumpster" (I'm not sure what dumpster, we don't have a dumpster. But anyway...) Then we finished up upstairs. There aren't very many toys up there so it was easy.
Last night I went through the box to see what I could fix, what needed to be thrown away and to ask Bob about about some things. Bob did not want to part with his "broken" dog stuffed animal! Jaide was a little bit overzealous about finding broken things and she did retrieve one thing from the box saying, "I still want to play with this!" So we did keep a couple of things.
But Jaide is excited to do a safari again. I was thinking of doing a book safari to get all the books back in a bookcase, or a stuffed animal safari to get them all together. I thought it would be a good way to help Jaide learn to sort similar items.
Jaide was so excited about it that we went outside after our toy safari and did a trash safari around our cul-de-sac.

It Was Me

On Sunday morning a member of the bishopric called to ask Bob and I to come meet with him before church. I told Bob, "I wonder which one of us is getting a calling?" It was me. I'm the new enrichment counselor in our Relief Society. We don't have a new secretary yet, so I'm still kind of doing that too. I really enjoy working with the sisters in our presidency. They are really great. We're going to miss Laura but she is moving on in the world (her husband is finished with dental school now). And Kiree is going to miss her little buddy Eli (Laura's baby boy who is a month older than Kiree).